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There’s A Party In Lana’s Pants (Part 2)

I LOOOOOVE this title because Lana is like omg no what are you saying and she’s blushing.
So I have some big news!
But first. Professor.
I’ve been holding out on this story for long enough. Here are the gory details.
So I had a car pick me up and take me to the North Beach bar where I was gonna meet him. I was shooting at 1000% Angels. I had my hair done. I was dressed to kill. I had makeup and perfume set up perfectly.
And Professor is already waiting for me outside and I’m like okay he’s on time so this is a good sign.
We order cocktails and he’s telling me funny stories.
“What’s the best part about being a writer?” he asks me.
“My readers and fans,” I tell him without thinking.
“How many are there?”
“Over 10,000 easy,” I say and he’s like omg and is super impressed. I show him some of my titles and he gets a kick out of the covers.
“You’re not intimidated by the fact that I write smut for a living?” I ask him and he just shakes his head.
“You know what you want in the bedroom so that makes it better for me,” he says with a grin lol
“You’re pretty presumptuous aren’t you?” is all I can ask but inside I’m like gosh wow he actually has no problem with my career choice.
We finish dinner and he tells me all about him. He’s never married. No kids. Went to school and moved out here. He holds my hand as we walk down Columbus Avenue and I’m really really feeling him.
We walk and talk forever and I steer him in one direction after another until we’re back in front of my place. we must have been walking and talking forever. I’d say close to an hour.
“This is my place,” I tell him.
He just looks at me.
“You want me to come up?” he asks.

And I’ll tell the next bit tomorrow!

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Oh also I have some big news. Ever since the store started I’ve been looking for authors who might wanna join me. Usually I start with people that got kicked off Amazon. If you have any suggestions let me know but I have some authors lined up that will sell through here too but we’re just working out the contracts and stuff right now. Which means more reading stuff for you.

Also, I am gonna be expanding the fun and games section soon. You are gonna LOVE what I put on there. Because this is Naughty Angel Publishing – where the dirty lil angels come to play!!!!!!

40 thoughts on “There’s A Party In Lana’s Pants (Part 2)

  1. Chance Carter

    1. Yes. I agree with Anneliese. Chance Carter.

    2. Yes, Chance Carter was also my first thought Anneliese.

    3. Juliana Conners

  2. Oh please don’t say that he wears women’s underwear too. Lol. I guess I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

    1. That’s what I was thinking when she said he was kinda like freeway. I’ll be checking tomorrow to see if we’re right Tiffany

  3. Alice Ward, and this list goes on. A few have actually started their own stores.

    1. Ashton Blackthorne too

  4. Jackson Kane

  5. Kira Blakely
    Emily Bishop

  6. Kira Blakely, Jackson Kane, Rye Hart, Alice ward, Chance Carter to name a few who have had their books and pages taken off of Amazon. Chance Carter decided to not write books anymore but maybe you can ask to sell the books he has written on your website.

    1. I agree with Margaret on all her suggestions. 🙂

    2. Excellent !ist Margaret.

    3. Excellent list, Margaret. Too back Chance isn’t writing any more.

    4. I agree with EVERYONE that’s been named, but especially Jackson Kane, Kira Blakely, Alice Ward & Chance Carter!!

    5. OOh I like those other authors but I never read Alice Ward, what did she write?

  7. We need something all indie writers can use. Be similar to amazon but not quick to pull content before talking to the writers. Is that what your doing with your store.

    1. There is a site like this that should be launching next year. It’s called Eden Books. The founders got the idea for it after one of K. Webster’s books got banned from Amazon. As a reader and someone who’s fumbling her way through her first book, I’m pretty excited about this.

      1. I could do without Amazon and someone called Jeff Besos or would that be beASS. Lol.

  8. Eddie Cleveland

    1. Debbie I totally agree with you about Eddie Cleveland.. Awesome writer.

    2. Yes! Eddie! He’s a fav of mine! Kira Blakely too. Alice Ward.

  9. Kira Blakely, Emily Bishop, Rye Hart, Jo Raven. I know there’s more, but these are the ones that come readily to mind.

  10. Eva Luxe

  11. Deanna & Margaret H. have great lists! These are a bunch of authors I read too!

  12. Kira blakeley, Alice ward, Ashton blackthorn have all been bumped from Amazon. Just like you and lana. I am sure there are more.

  13. How about Chance Carter, Jackson Kane and Eddie Cleveland

  14. Your date sounds like it was fun! Excellent! Yes, the previous lists are all good suggestions and authors I’ve read.

  15. Chance Carter was accused of doing unethical things dealing with readers and Amazon. That is why he decided along with his wife to quit writing. Said it wasn’t worth it.

    1. Chance Carter and Carter Blake. Both were kicked off Amazon and would be great additions to your team.

  16. Tia Siren

  17. Jackson Kane, Eddie Cleveland, amongst others need a new place to sale their books cause they’re excellent writers.

  18. Chance Carter, Carter Blake, Jackson Kane, Eddie Cleveland, Alice Ward, Gage Grayson, there have been so many authors dumped from amazon, and amazingly a lot of well liked and very missed ones.

  19. I agree with the writers everyone has been listing.

  20. Chance Carter, Vivien Vale, Daphne Dawn & Natalie Knight, and Gage Grayson! I miss their books so much. Thanks for doing this Alexis and Lana!

  21. I miss Vivien Vale’s books and I don’t have them all yet!
    Do you think some of these authors will keep writing Alexis? I hope so. I’m so glad you and Lana are working on new books.

  22. Nicole Elliot, Jo Raven, Dawn Stanton, Chance Carter…..think they got kicked by Amazon (I know Jo and Chance did for sure!) Someone who is always getting into trouble with Amazon but who still seems to be holding on for dear life is Scott Hildreth…now he would be an interesting edition to the Naughty Angel team!

  23. Cleo Peitche

  24. Chance Carter, please!!!

  25. Alex Anders got kicked off Amazon as well for MFM books and doesn’t know what to do.

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