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The WineBar Voicemail lol

So sorry angels! I hadn’t listened to the voicemail yet and then I had to transcribe it but in between it I had to finalize the release I had for A Virgin Romance series with Natalie yesterday so it was really really busy!

Anyways, this is the transcript of WineBar’s message that he left me. I haven’t responded to him by phone or text yet so I dunno. Anyways here goes:

“Hey baby, it’s WineBar. I’m in town till next Thursday and wanted to see if you wanted to come over and spend the night with me on Monday. I got some stuff to take care of over the weekend but Monday I’m free for you. I think you’d like spending the night – like the way we used to do it back in the day. Don’t wear no granny panties though – I haven’t seen that ass in a long time. I should be free on Monday around 10 pm and then I’m all yours. Hit me back. Take care.”

So I’m pretty sure all WineBar wants is sex. And don’t get me wrong. Sex is great. But that’s so not what I’m all about – just heading over to some dude’s house to get him off when he can’t even bother to call me or do anything. And if he really fucking cared he wouldn’t be available just one day. Also, where the fuck was the Merry Christmas? Or Happy New Year? No seasons greetings at all.

So yeah, I don’t think that message is even worth my time to respond.

What is worth my time is the gorgeous covers that our cover designer put together for the project with Natalie and me. Check them out!


Haha these covers would have never worked on Amazon! But I don’t have to worry about that because I have my own store! Anyways, I’m so over WineBar and his shit that it feels so much relief. Also, I have the flu. So….ick.

75 thoughts on “The WineBar Voicemail lol

  1. I hope you feel better soon. As for WineBar, you are too good for him and should not even waste your time responding to any of his messages. By the way, the covers are super hot.

    1. He didn’t even want the day, 10:00 pm? What the hell does he think that message is? She is WAY too good for that kind of treatment

  2. No it’s not worth your time he’s just gonna leave again he’s not worth it you are worth more than that

  3. Now those are covers you can sink your teeth into.

  4. “WineBum”

    1. Not “HotBum” like your new cover Alexis!

  5. I’m just getting over the flu myself. Being sick is never fun and only makes things feel way worse. As for Winebar, maybe u shud call him and tell him to wait for u and never show up. Lol! So he knows what disappointment feels like. Just a thought lol

  6. I agree with the above comments. WineBar is completely insensitive, self-absorbed, and emotionally unavailable with his message to you. It’s a booty call! I mean, please…meet at 10pm? Sheesh!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. Definitely not worth your time, just a convenient booty call. I wouldn’t even answer back.

  7. Yeah im getting over the flu and thats never fun. Everything just feels so blaaahh! So forget Winebar, if he really cared he wud’nt be asking for a booty call. You shud respond and then not show up. A lil Karma is always nice. Sometimes things pop up and plans change suddenly lol

  8. Okay, let’s see if I have this situation right. First off, he calls you on Friday to let you know that he’s already in town??? Then he lets you know that he is sooooo busy through Friday night, and all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday until 10 pm??????? Then he confirms that it’s a bootie call to reminisce?????? OMG & WTF! He should be called Wineballs. You’re so right,it’s not worth a call back. You are so worth more than what he is offering.
    PS. That cover is biteable.

  9. Yeah im getting over the flu and thats never fun. Everything just feels so blaaahh! So forget Winebar, if he really cared he wud’nt be asking for a booty call. You shud respond and then not show up. A lil Karma is always nice. Sometimes things pop up and plans change suddenly lol

  10. The only answer I’d give him would be …”run out of skanks have you”?
    Seriously, just ignore him…you are worth so much more than a booty call….you have IT guy ?
    Loving the covers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Yeah Winebar who? He really does have some nerve/balls. I would tell him yes you’ll be there, then not show up. Then the next day text him and say something came up, so sorry. And now I’m sick with the flu. I agree with the other angels — no to the booty call girl!!

  12. Wow… I am so disappointed in him. What the hell happened to him? Its been too long for him to just use you are a booty call. If he had wined and dined you, he probably would have gotten what he wanted… but what the hell is a 10pm date called? Yep we know.

    1. well said.

  13. Wham Bam No Thank you Man…
    Def booty call- No respect. Dont answer.I agree with you.

  14. It’s a booty call. Don’t even bother.
    Now those covers… ?

  15. He is such a jerk. You can do better.

    1. She definitely has done better bwahahaha

  16. First of all, I hope you feel better. Nothing is worse than feeling sick and having to deal with an emotionally distant man on top of it. Regarding that man who thinks so highly of himself, but doesn’t seem to care about your feelings at all, please do not let him ruin your life any more. He has played with your emotions over the past year even knowing how you felt about him. I was rooting for you two to get together. But…the vibe I got from his surprise visit to you last year was his way of checking out how invested each of you were in your relationship. I felt you were much more invested than him. His stalking of you on facebook with the memorable comments about the wedding dress…wow! (I can’t remember if that was before your surprise visit or not) Then you went to visit him as a surprise and it felt as if you couldn’t wait to see him. He was so rude, as if he had already moved on prior to your surprise visit, based on the comment as you were leaving. What an ass! Who would say something like that after spending the weekend as you did? The video chat drama followed by the silence on the 20th and now this voicemail clearly shows he’s a player. He wants his cake and eat it too. Who’s to say he hasn’t had a relationship with the woman in the video chat prior to meeting you and she never left. Or they got back together after he returned full time. You did everything right. He just doesn’t know what a good thing he had with you and he will regret it when he realizes what he lost. I don’t say this to add additional hurt…I’ve been there so I know exactly how you’re feeling. Move on and be happy. He doesn’t deserve another thought.

  17. I agree, don’t bother. He isn’t worth your time or energy if that’s how he contacts you. No call when he gets in town, no I want to make time to see you and talk while I’m in town and I really missed you. Plus you are right, no explanation of what happened during the holidays. By the way, Love the cover.

  18. Glad you are done with whineybar(what an asshat!), he’s so Not worth your time, or expensive lingerie. On a better note, the new cover is smokin!!!
    Feel better soon chica, being down with the flu sucks…and not in the good way.

  19. I agree with everyone else. Winebar is kind of an ass. No I miss you. Just hey come over monday, do me, then I will be busy and gone in a few days. That’s totally BS. I’d say don’t respond, pretty sure he knows where you live, so unless he actually shows up and has some explanation/apologies/anything besides a hey let’s fuck attitude. Then leave him in the past. I know it’s hard. Sometimes the most distant ones are the ones that we chase and the only thing we get out of it all, is hurt.

  20. Oh ‘I can fit you in for sex at 10pm’ Fuck that – don’t even waste your time responding – that message completely exposed his true colors – An A Grade Dick!!!!!!

  21. Ugh!!! So sorry you have the flu. I had it the week before Christmas. I couldn’t even enjoy the holidays.
    You are so much better off without Winebar. And you are right…his viuce mail isn’t even worth responding too. What an ass!!

  22. Gorgeous covers!
    WOW!, yeah, total booty call. I wouldn’t reply to that either.

  23. I agree with the other comments. Winebar is not worth your time at all. If he truly wanted to spend time with you, he would make a whole lot of time for you. I don’t think he even deserves a phone call. The book cover are out of this world.

  24. Definitely a booty call and not worth your time. Where are the flowers or chocolate delivered to your house? How about dinner and a show first? How about sorry I blew you off here is some jewelry delivered to your place with flowers to apologize for being a jerk. Call him back and say sorry I’m seeing some one new and by the way the sex is better and let him stew on that.

  25. Too bad you can’t send him your flu germs!

    1. TRUTH!

  26. I hope Winebar and Mr. HAND-some were very happy together that night. What a jerk-off is Mr. “I’ll be here through Thursday but can see you on Monday”. I agree, that is one message not worth responding to.
    Oh, I love the covers for the new books 🙂

  27. Alexis, I hope you get over the flu soon!!

    I’m with you and the other Angels. WineBar isn’t worth your time. I wonder if he’s been reading the blog and our comments to forget him.

    You deserve more than a booty call from him! He’s too busy over the weekend, and can’t even buy you dinner?

    What are you going to do? Ghosting him sounds like a good idea. But how is your heart?

  28. If he were a book looking for * ratings on Amazon:
    -1* he didn’t call you by your name
    -1* he didn’t ask about what you’ve been up to
    -1* he gave no options (when or where) for meeting up
    -1* he assumes sex with him was better than you get elsewhere

    So the db gets at least one star just because…

  29. First off,I hope you are feeling better. Drink lots of tea with honey. Now to Winebar…what in the actual fuck!! Is this the same Winebar because it doesn’t even sound like the same guy! I mean you know i was so totally rooting for you guys to work out, he just sounded like the one..what the hell happened! He moved and did a complete 360 and now sounds like a total douch,he isn’t even worth your time. You are a strong woman and only you know what your heart wants but it sounds to me like you already made up your mind. Go enjoy a new relationship and have fun,life is to short and you only live it once! Winebar will realize he was an asshole and what he lost and be kicking himself in the nuts!! And love the covers!!

  30. Def don’t respond, see how he reacts or if he tries to call or text again. Then tell him how you feel and that you’re not into that type of relationship. You have too many men to choose from where you live let alone worry about whenever winebar is available. Good luck!

  31. OK. I was so much for WB, but this has got to stop. I’d suggest that since he’s treated you like crap, it’s time to give up on him and not even reply to his message. He ghosted you, damn grl, it’s definitely time to return all the love [so to speak] that he’s been giving to you. Do NOT reopen the wounds he’s already inflicted upon you. I suggest that you just delete his message and pretend you never got his text at all. If he should deign to call you, act like you never got a message to begin with. Play dumb if he asks you why you never replied. You got this, just be strong.
    Get better soon and lots of luv atcha

  32. I would text Winebar and tell him you are so sorry but you already have a date, but maybe if he gave you more notice, like a month or more in advance, when he is going to be in town, you might be able to pencil him but even then you can’t guarantee anything as your are a busy woman with a business to run and not much time off for booty calls.

  33. Winebar is all about himself I wouldn’t even give him the time I’d day. It does sound like just bootycall he’s so arrogant to think that he’s all that and you’ll drop every thing just to be with him. Alexis your worth so much more than that just don’t answer his text he’ll get the message he such an ass.

  34. Book covers are HOT!!! I agree with the other angels winebar doesn’t even deserve a response what a disappointment he is UGH!!!

  35. I totally agree with all of the above, though I might text back and tell him to loose my number. Booty call on his time at 10pm on a Monday , wtf. His other booty calls just aren’t available at that time. Ugh. Pass .
    Book cover spectacular!

  36. I agree, don’t bother with him at all, in any way! As a matter of fact I would block him from my phone and delete all info about him from my phone as well. That is all the time I would ever waste on him again. Harsh I know, but deserved I think.

  37. Remember back when he was trying to dictate what you were writing he knew little to nada about writing, but insisted on telling you what you could send. That was a red flag then and there. It had to be all about all about. him, and what he wants. Make a date, and send pictures of yourself with a hunk.

  38. Just an old-fashioned booty call. What a cad.

  39. Tell him to call Merry Palmer and her five friends. They can get him off.

    1. I am totally with all the other angels… I was a total WineBar fan… No Longer. He does not deserve you. It’s hard but, forget him. He has become a total douch…. a self loving ass. Please… don’t even bother to reply. He’ll get the hint.

  40. I would so love to respond, “so hey babe, I’m not available at 10 but you could over here at 11 and go down on me. But I need an early night so you’de have to leave after.” Tah.

  41. What nerve! F****** booty call. You don’t need that or him. Don’t even bother with a response- he totally doesn’t deserve it, you’re right about that. Besides I’m sure you could just call IT guy or gym bros for that. Plus IT guy is way more honorable. Feel better- the flu sucks. ?

  42. You are so much more than a (rude at that) bootycall! That’s all that was. It wasn’t let’s spend the day together, I miss your company. Don’t even respond at this point. There are a ton o fish in this here ocean!

  43. Good for you, Alexis! He’s all yours after 10pm? Whose is he before that? Obviously,he is just looking for sex. Ignore him! You deserve better!

  44. Babe,
    I agree, all he’ After is a quickie booty call.
    The flu sucks.

  45. Don’t wear your GRANNY PANTIES…
    Who the H€LL has WineBarbeen FUCKIN’, Cuz it sure as Shit ain’t this Angel that Always brings her S€X¥ to the Game!
    Seriously, it’s BAD enough to insult Alexis with a NO frills, NO Cuddles & Chills BootyCall! Like she’s just some kinda JunkYard Snack, instead of the Full-Meal-Deal we ALL know she is…
    Get a MoveOn WhinnyBar, you’ve GONE way to far OVER the line this time!
    Ghost HIS @$$… Cuz Everybody knows there’s plenty of Cocks in the Sea!
    Saddle Up & RIDE, My Fellow Angle!

  46. Happy New Year Alexis… I too agree, WineBar is not worth your time and you are indeed way too good for him, you deserve someone who wants nothing but to spend all his time with you and then some and he should realize that and since he doesn’t, oh well….

  47. I hope you feel better soon. Let Winebar fend for himself. You aren’t just a booty call unless it is you deciding that is what you want.

  48. On the Winebar topic…..if you want to reply….ask him nicely to lose your number! What an a-hole!

  49. Sorry but as much as I rooted for the two of you to make a go of it….. ??‍♀️!?!
    That just smacks of a booty call, your ‘booty’ his ‘call’ ?!
    No ‘I missed you’ in there either, just a ‘come entertain me’! Like he’s doing you the favour – poor misguided fool obviously thinks you’re having a dry spell ?!!!
    Little does he know ?!

  50. So I’m not gonna write to u on how u shouldn’t call him cuz uve read enuf of that I’m just point a fact. Douchebar only wants u when it’s a convenient booty call for him! I told u that’s all he ever did to u was only when it was convenient for him! So fuck him toodeloo goodbye motherfucker. Be strong girl u have much better taste now especially when it’s rite down the hall! And since ur not going to answer him be sure u blow him off when he shows up to, cuz I know u have more important things and people to do! I would go as far as to say it seeing someone to get rid of him faster!!!!

  51. If u do text him text him this

    “New phone who dis?”

    that will get rid of him quick enuf

  52. Girl for what he did he’s so not worth your time and space. Your so much more than some guy’s convenient booty call, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he does call again.

  53. Tell him “Sorry, got a hot date with the gym bros.” ;p

  54. Seems like your a convenient booty call! I the he is somebody that you used to know!

  55. So sorry you’re sick and hope you feel better soon Alexis. And LOVE the covers!!! As for Douchebar (thanks Lips, I love it), so glad you’re not going to waste your very valuable time with him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up with a single rose cuz he knows it worked before. Don’t fall for it if he does.

  56. I’m so very sorry that your not feeling your greatest at all at the moment and I sure am so very hopeful that you get to feeling much better very soon. As for WineBar: if he keeps acting like he’s been then I wouldn’t even bother with him at all. Everyone’s absolutely right: your way too good for the likes of him especially since he doesn’t even give you the time of day anymore, and you do have allot of men to choose from and they all treat you allot better too! Good luck girl!!! I mean, no seasons greetings or dinner invite or anything like that, just a sex invite! WTF is up with that???

  57. OMG is he for real? That was a straight up booty call…who’s he doing Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Yeah don’t even bother with a answer!
    I hope your feeling better..I’ve been sick too and just got to read this. Oh I’m so angry at WB…he’s a first rate DICK!

  58. He disrespected you right there with the VM. He’s looking for a booty call and nothing else. From the way you described your relationship I at least thought he was a friend, but he just let you know that you’re not important to him. Just leave him hanging. It’s time to cut bait .

  59. TOTAL BOOTY CALL! I mean if u had no other prospects maybe consider but it seems like u are beyond WB.
    So WB gets left behind, maybe he will someday figure it out after he reads these blogs. If not, his loss and maybe IT guys gain.

  60. Tell him you deserve better and you are done, then cut him out of your life.
    Block his alleycat ass on all manner of social media, cell phone and email!! In fact he has more cheek than an alleycat.
    He doesn’t deserve your time or energy.

  61. WB is so rude and insensitive! Can only fit you in at 10pm! Don’t reply just ignore him and block his calls, e-mails, etc to stop him upsetting you any further. Enjoy your freedom from his control and have fun with IT Guy and Gym bros. Get well soon. Love the covers!

  62. Definitely a booty call.. You could confirm so called date and not go.. and since you have the flu…perfect out! Not like u need one. Or just ignore WB completely! You just focus on you and what makes YOU happy!
    ? Those covers though, yumm!!

  63. so sorry you have the flu I had that along with bronchitis and felt so bad as far as WB tell him to go f&$k himself u don’t have the time for him

  64. Hope you feel better soon. I think when you sent that email about Winebar’s voicemail, everyone wanted to see what he said. I tried to get to it but I couldn’t. I guess that’s when the server crashed lol. Dump his a$$. He wants you to be ready at his beck and call and late at night. It’s a booty call. All of his booty calls can’t be there for him so he wants you. If he really cared, he would try and spend as much time as he could with you. I know it hurts but its better to dump him now. Go with IT guy because I think you have feelings for him because of the jealousy thing at the bar. Go slow. He seems like he’s a nice guy. He could have hooked up with those girls in the bar but he didn’t so that tells me something.

  65. Yep sounds like a booty call to me. He doesn’t even want to take you out. By saying for you to come over after 10 pm and wanting to see your ass in non granny panties makes him sound like he just wants to use your body. You are worth much more than just a fuck and don’t ever forget it!

  66. Did you ever call or text him back? If not did he try to get a hold of you? So curious. I was a huge fan of Winebar and still admit the thought of his talent below the belt is still a turn on, but hate the way he treats you. I would just use him for sex and nothing more.

  67. Who ever did the cover pics for you are super hot even from behind. Now there’s a couple who’s numbers I’d happily receive. They are YUMMY

  68. Isn’t the best way to get over a man (read douche canoe) is to get under another one- or Two?!? That box is checked. ✔️✔️
    I’m sure WindBag has left a mark on your heart. I think all of us Angels were invested in this relationship and wanted what made you happy. He is clearly not doing that any longer. The fact that he referred to your very personal and initimate connections that way makes me wonder where his head and heart were at in this relationship. Anything he says is now totally suspect. We can go round and round trying to gain insight to the meaning in all of his actions OR we can end this chapter with Lesson Learned and now moving forward and FREE.

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