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The store is back!

So basically from Thursday onwards to over the weekend you probably (if you came to the store) got a message like “this store no longer exists” lol

Sorry I don’t mean to laugh. But yeah we posted a message on Dirty Lil Angels that basically said the store was going in for an upgrade and there would be several days where it would be down.
So if you saw the message on DLA, hopefully you didn’t have a heart attack – just boredom like me.
But if you didn’t see the message, then please note that going forward we will post all important messages and announcements in DLA so that people know what’s happening.

The address to DLA is of course:

So this basically came about because IT Guy came by and we had a long talk (Lana me and him) and he basically said that the site was down to go down again because literally too many people were requesting processes and doing things on it.

Basically…he and Lana started talking technical stuff and I just looked at his face and arms and his crotch after a certain point.

By the time Lana and he decided the best course of action was that we migrate the site from one type of server to another, I was really horny.

So Lana was like “alexis you’re in charge of messaging” and all I could think of (I had already had three glasses of wine because we were celebrating releasing Sarah vs. Stepfather) was massages. Not messages.

Anyways so IT Guy went to his apartment to begin the process and I snuck out of our apartment and went to his to blow him. One thing led to another and I am trying to put his cock in my mouth and he’s like “wait alexis let me finish this real quick or else it’s going to take over 7 days.”

So I dunno about you but when a guy says no to me…I get hornier.

Now I’m paying at him and kissing his neck and then he does something crazy.

He just picks me up. Like a doll. And I’m just in shock because the dude picked me up. He walks me over to the kitchen counter and deposits me gently.

“stay,” he commands. “daddy has to go finish some work.”

He might as well have melted my panties off.

Afterwards he got done setting everything up and he comes back and picks me up again and this time takes me to his bed and lays me down and then proceeds to literally own my body and use it for his pleasure. I’m just in so much surreal bliss-ville that I’m caught up in the waves.

Afterwards Lana asked me if I had done the messaging and I said I posted in DLA. She asked if I sent an email to my newsletter and I was like oops no. But it was too late because the store was already offline. She asked if I told Nat and Daph and I was like uhmm…no I forgot.

So she was a bit annoyed but it passed. So I’m sorry Angels. I thought I’d be able to email afterwards but if you don’t have a working website its usually pretty risky to send emails. Also all our email accounts went down.

So what’s changed on the store?

It should be waaaay more robust on the backend now. Which means we’ll be able to offer more bells and whistles. Things that you’ll all like. I know that we release a book a day now. So we’ll be able to increase that frequency as we get more authors. We were having to cap gift cards. Now we can let anyone who wants a gift card get one. Other fun programs are coming too that will help you save!

The site should be working as per normal. If you find something that needs fixing let us know. If you’re the first person and it’s an issue we didn’t know about, you scored yourself a nice lil reward babe!

That’s all for me! Talk soon Angels!

Oh if you haven’t checked out the latest Girls Vs. Love installment check it out today!



Ok love you angels!

17 thoughts on “The store is back!

  1. So glad you were able to help (ahem) IT guy get the site changed up. I missed the blogs.

  2. I am also happy to have the website up and running. Great JOB!

  3. Welcome back 🙂 I kept checking every day and was thrilled when all of sudden there it was. I’m not spoiled or anything but I do love visiting the store and reading the blog and finding out what’s going on. I guess I’m just naturally nosey :o)

    1. Me also

  4. “Stay. Daddy has to go finish some work.”

    It’s really not easy to fall out of an armchair, but that statement had me laughing so hard the floor just rose up and grabbed me.

    Besides, real life geeks are soooo much sexier than fantasy billionaires.

  5. So glad the bookstore is back. I’m wondering why, after all these upgrades, do I still have to sit and stare at the spinning dohickey between each book section, waiting for books to load section at a time? I guess it’s just an irk of mine in this instant everything world.

    1. Let me take a look. I’ll ask Lana to take a look into it.

  6. Oops I seem to have purchased half the shop this Eve :/

  7. Happy you’re feeling better. Glad the store and blog are back up and running. IT guys sounds too great🤗Enjoy him. Happy days, happy days!

  8. Are messages working on here? I sent both you and Lana messages through the message option in DLA but it doesn’t even show if they’ve been read or not. Not sure if I did something wrong?

    1. I saw them! I totally didn’t realize you had sent them though! Sorry!

  9. IT guy with picking you up and being all dominant 😲🤤😍

  10. Glad the site is back. Also, OMG, IT Guy sounds like a total keeper! I think I might like these real-life stories of yours even better than your fiction. 🙂

  11. IT guy is scoring some major points with just that statement alone & literally picking you up….um yes please anything you say *fanning self*

    Also didn’t know if it was worth a mention but after reading Daphne’s lastest blog post, I need to be subscribed to her newsletter as well, lol.
    I thought maybe you could add the links to subscribe to each authors newsletter on the “Our Authors” page.

    1. That’s a great idea. I’ll put it on there!

  12. Hey I just finished reading MaxBid five and found out that there is a another MaxBid book. When will it be available?? I am so needing to finish this series. What decision does everyone come to? Is there an HEA?? Please tell me he final installation will be available soon. Like tomorrow.

    1. I am writing the next ones and releasing it SOOOOON!

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