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The Second Part Of The Story About Professor

So we’re going up the elevator to my apartment. Oh yeah, I’m continuing the Professor story from yesterday because it got too long and I was like hmm giant wall of text. Sometimes I don’t realize and I write and write and write and all of a suddem whamo I have a giant wall of text and people are like uhmm no I’m not gonna take time to read all that. Seriously its hard to go with. Anyways, so we’re going up the elevator.
Professor turns to me and I’m like okay he’s gonna kiss me.
So he kisses me.
He’s got nice lips. It’s a soft kiss. He kisses me again and this time its more forceful.
Oh, there was someone else in the elevator. Like some dude on his phone. I don’t think he looked up from it.

Anyways, we go up to my apartment and he’s kinda grabby so I’m like okay this might be fun lets see where this goes.
“Do you want some wine?” I ask and he’s like yeah.
But then he’s like, “I also want to do something a bit…odd.”

So you guys remember Freeway. I’m not in the mood for odd right now. I mean tie me up, stuff my panties in my mouth, and spank me and I’m cool. Blindfold me and put your dick in my mouth I’ll get behind. Have sex on the couch and then turn on ESPN even and I’m okay with that. Seriously.

But odd?

That just makes me think something is not right.

Warning bells are going through my head. What could be going on?

He says the following words.

“I want to lick your feet.”


“I want to lick your toes and your foot and your ankle,” he says.

“Well, I mean do you want to fuck me too?” I ask.

“Maybe not on the first date,” he says. “I’m kind of old fashioned.”

“But you wanna lick my feet instead?” I ask, arching my eyebrows.

“Yeah, it really turns me on,” he says.

Now you wouldn’t think this looking at the dude. He seems clean cut. No tattoos. Probably calls his mom at least once every few days. Goes to the gym. Plays sports.

And licks feet.

So then I said….

Yeah I’ll go through what I said later. Right now I’m gonna talk about Featured Deals. Because Men of the House is now on sale for $1.99.

If you haven’t read this book, I think you need to. This set standards for dirtiness. It literally revolutionized how dirty a book could be. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, wait till you get to the kitchen scene with the cup. And the stepdad and stepbrother. Don’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

Talk to you soon Angels. I have a BIG surprise for you!

35 thoughts on “The Second Part Of The Story About Professor

  1. Oh, wow… that’s NOT how I envisaged the evening to progress, LOL. You always manage to surprise me, Alexis!

  2. OMG, don’t walk, RUN. He sounds like he wants to get his jollies and the heck with what your needs are. I don’t this he’s what you deserve, you need someone to take your needs into consideration not just him get turned on and leave you to your own devices. You deserve much better.

  3. I have no words. His fetish isn’t my fetish but if it turns him on I say go for it…. but if it turns him on why no sex afterwards?

  4. This is starting to sound like the beginning of a book about fetishes ?? he can start at the feet as long as he keeps going and going and going till he hits your goal ?

    That is a bit odd ?

  5. OMG, I’m not sure if that should be classified as stranger than the woman’s underwear or equally as strange. ?
    You seem to be a magnet for the unusual. Don’t fret cause your will find your one true smut king, to give you all your dirty desires.

  6. I just…
    you are killing me with this story!

  7. Can’t believe how the evening went. Don’t know how I’d respond to something like that. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  8. WOW!! Oooh okay. No words.

  9. Men have complimented me on my feet. They’ve even been called SEXY feet lol! (All while getting a pedicure of course). But when I read the comment by Larosa about you finding your Smut King. The person that came to mind was…..WineBar ??‍♀️

  10. I think I would have laughed my ass off, kicked off my shoes and said, “Knock your socks off!” You pick the strangest men, or do they pick you? And why is that?


  12. Ok I can’t….I don’t even….what….omg.
    I get the whole not wanting sex on the first date (not really but to each their own).
    What happened to all the push you against the wall grab your ass and kiss you til you can’t stand guys? Maybe even some boob action too.
    Ok I’ve heard of foot fetish (again to each their own, no judgment here) but your ankles too? ?
    Can’t wait to here what your reaction was. ?

  13. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for rest lol. Having just got back into the dating pool at 60 it’s been very interesting to say the least. I’m glad to see you back online as I’ve read so many of your books and look forward to reading more

  14. OMG!!! I busted out laughing!! The Foot Licker! ???
    This blog makes my day.

    1. Ya I don’t know if I should keep calling him Professor or Footman! LOL

  15. OMGosh! Whatever happened to hardly being able to keep your hands off of each other, struggling to get into your apt clothed and panting? Never thought of trying to keep shoes on! To each their own kink I suppose. Just don’t even think about missing afterwards, lol. Can’t wait to read what you said and did

  16. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….hahahahahahahahahaha….

  17. Girl you keep me laughing!!! I swear when I have had the crappiest day, I come to you blog and you make me laugh! I can not believe these men that find you!!!! Holy Shit balls these guys are crazy funny ? Girl don’t stop till you find your man❤️

    1. I’m sorry you had a bad day! But hopefully this made it better!

  18. Well at least he warned you? I dunno all that goes through my mind is reciprocation and yuck. Do you still kiss afterward?
    I’ll never forget the time I was waiting for the subway at Grand Central and a complete stranger asked to lick and kiss my feet telling me how beautiful they were. Don’t get me wrong between the cute pedi, and strapy sandals size 5 I’m sure they looked adorable, but I thanked him and declined.
    Gotta see where the rest of your evening went!

  19. I don’t know about the licking, but I sure as hell wouldn’t let him kiss me on/in the mouth before he brushed his teeth and gargled with mouth wash, but maybe I am weird I don’t mind having a guy go down on me and then kiss me again and vise versa me going down on a guy(and this actually turns me on) who is willing to kiss me afterwards!!!! I guess I would be thinking, OK so how many germs could/are actually on my feet? But maybe that could change down the road who knows…*shrugs shoulders*….
    Anyways let us know what happens we always love to hear from you and Lana and always, you ladies always make me laugh!!!

  20. OMG, I totally don’t get guys with a foot fetish. I unfortunately had a guy who tried to put my toes in his mouth and I freaked out on him as much as I could. We were at a party and when I say we, I mean me and my husband. I was talking to a group of girlfriends and I had been in my heels for hours. All of us girls sat down on a bench and I took my shoes off. This guy comes over and starts talking to us and before you know it, he kneels down on one knee and grabs my foot and starts to raise it to his mouth before words could come out of my mouth. Needless to say we all yelled at him and I said look you just don’t come up to someone and put their foot in your mouth, plus I’m married and my husband wouldn’t appreciate you touching me in anyway. He didn’t even care that I was married but I think that three women against one was too much. Later when I told my husband he was so mad he wanted to find him. Thank goodness the guy had already left, I was hoping that maybe he had drank to much, but even if I had just gotten out of the shower I wouldn’t want someone’s mouth on my feet. Okay ankle maybe especially if it was the start to something more.

  21. Ummmm… a man with a foot fetish…..?
    If it’s done right and you have an open mind it’s enjoyable as any other fetish is. Don’t dismiss it before legitimately giving it an open shot for two reasons. 1) you may really enjoy it 2) it may be enjoyable enough for a plot in upcoming books.

    And don’t let the clean cut boy next door fool ya, dated two preachers sons & they were hell on wheels.

  22. OMG!!! I really have no other words right now. Thank you for brightening my night. I love reading your blogs. Missed you guys so much.

  23. I agree with Kim, don’t let a clean cut guy fool you my dear, they can be really “dirty”! My hubby was a Baptist school kid, looks nice and clean cut but he’s just a dirty dude underneath!?The foot fetish may take some getting used to(not my thing) but the ankle can be a highly erroginous zone! My hubby likes to start at the ankle and slowly move his way up if you know what I mean! I get tingles as soon as his lips touch my ankle! Good luck, can’t wait to hear where this story finishes!

  24. Well, he did ask first, so he’s polite about his fetish. And, while toe sucking might not make it to my personal top ten, he didn’t try for anal rimming. Or maybe that comes later, after he works his way up?

  25. Ok…WTH..what is it with you and strange men? Ok I only know of these guy and Freeway but Geez. I’m sure there has to be somebody out there with everything you want. Try a online dating thing. But put EVERYTHING you want and need in a man. Good luck and can’t wait to hear the rest!

  26. Wow…Not what I was expecting lol
    Feet kinda gross me out so feet toe licking ugh no way totally like no god damn way!!!!
    The big question is did you go there and did you enjoy???

    1. Same. I hate feet! My own included lol
      Just grosses me out big-time! Ugh.

  27. I knew a handsome clean cut guy with a foot fetish back in the 1980’s when I was still a spring chicken. A dozen or so of us girlfriends used to go to this club in Los Angeles and there was this hot guy, a regular. He bought our panty hoses off us for $20 each and fondled and kissed our feet for like half an hour. No one had ever had sex with him, he just went home and took care of business with the panty hose.
    If you couldn’t handle Freeway’s lady lingerie wearing ass, I’m guessing you kicked the Professor to the curb too.

    1. Thats so crazy! Good thing you weren’t ticklish!

  28. Ok people… in defense of feet… Feet are MUCH cleaner than hands and I’m betting most of you love a good finger suck occasionally. Feet have been in shoes, fingers touch everything everywhere, wipe asses and who the hell knows if he washed his hands after? Fingers touch doors that others may not have been so clean, touched. So I would opt for a toe over a finger anyday and still kiss him afterwards. UNLESS the foot stinks… well then that is a different story all together.

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