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The Room Upstairs

Hello there Angels,

I guess I pulled an Alexis Angel yesterday leaving everyone on a cliffhanger. First off, speaking of Alexis and Lana, raise your hand if you got slightly turned on a little bit when she was explaining her story about how her and Lana and IT Guy started to have their threesome which devolved into just her and Lana. I mean those two have been through so much together that having sex seems like just the perfect thing for them to do haha. And, the things that each of them said that the other did to them really made me kind of hot just thinking about it.

So all during that time I have these images of these perfect goddesses licking and sucking each other and Alexis’ ex-dude is getting his dick sucked. I don’t know. Lets just say I gave my vibrator an intense workout and ended up all sweaty.

So that all leads me to being uncontrollably horny that night in the club. And Alexis says she saw me get up and begin to walk away as I gave those dudes a naughty grin. I don’t really even remember that to be honest. It’s like each of my nerves all over my body was tingling and my head was all dizzy from lust. Lust that was caused by my colleagues, mind you.

So this club is pretty crowded, and I was just looking for a quiet spot. I remember that. And the dudes get up off their chair and they follow me. We’re on the dance floor and both of their bodies are pressed up against me even though I want to go somewhere private. But I can feel their cocks straining against me, one dude is rubbing it along my ass crack and all of a sudden I’m very glad I wore something very thin so I could feel every inch of him.

I’m acting like a total slut at this point in the middle of the dance floor, but thankfully so is everyone else. It’s also pretty dark but still I know that if I do something really wild people are going to stop and watch.

I think Alexis realized this too because she and Lana come up to the three of us and she puts her hands around me and asks if I’m wanting to go somewhere with more privacy with my guys.

All of a sudden this night is now all about me. I nod and Alexis uses her executive voice and look (the kind that she uses during business meetings when she’s acting like the woman in charge) and asks one of my guys if he knows a place we can go. He doesn’t, but the other dude says we can go upstairs to the manager’s office. The manager is his brother and that’s how they got the VIP table in the first place – because of family connections.

I nod and Alexis and Lana nod too. The guys ask where they’re going and Lana is all serious when she says that they’re coming to make sure I’m okay. I know they’re doing it so I’m safe but we all know what’s going to happen upstairs. And the fact that they might be watching me makes me…excited.

I’ll have more tomorrow, Angels!


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  1. Oh my gosh, you ladies really know how to rev up our engines with just enough info so you know we can’t resist coming back, I love it 🙂

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