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The Naughty Angel Pledge!

So we do a lot of deals on our store. We also release a lot of books.

I know at times it may be difficult to be like okay which book do I buy. And you may want a book and then you buy it and then see that it goes on sale. So I’m here today to make a pledge to you because we always want our books to be affordable and easy to read.

If you buy a book and then within 10 days find that there is a deal going on that would have allowed you to buy the book cheaper, simply send a message through the website or send Lana, me, or Daphne a message. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a way to make you whole so you’ll be able to continue to buy books.

This way you never have to worry again about whether you should wait for an email about a sale. Because if you get an email about a sale for a book you bought, and it was within 10 days (we’re not gonna be like oh no it was 11 days so can’t do anything, so don’t worry) we will help remedy that situation. Because Angels, you mean a lot to us. And we want you to have the most affordable and enjoyable reading experience.

In other news, have you checked out the giveaway in Dirty Lil’ Angels?

Or…have you seen Lana’s new Mile High Harem release? It’s HOT HOT HOT!!

And in personal news, IT Guy asked me today if I would like to be his girlfriend. While Gym Rat and Gym Bro said yes to getting a drink together this Sunday (I still want them both) so I am torn as to what to say. I told IT Guy I’d get back to him. I’m gonna talk more about it in Dirty Lil’ Angels.

Anyways, I’ve been quiet all day because I’ve been writing and doing Christmas shopping for Lana and other friends as well as family. I refuse to do it last minute this year. Hope your guys’ holidays are merry!

Love you lots Angels. Talk soon.

6 thoughts on “The Naughty Angel Pledge!

  1. YOU GALS ARE THE BEST!! We love you too! Thank you for thinking of us, always ??

  2. Wow, now that isn’t the type of service we would get from any other eretailer! You ladies are incredible! Good luck with the decision making process with all of your “guys”!

  3. That’s what I love about ya’ll. You are here for the readers and it’s not the bottom buck for you. I love reading the books ya’ll put out and try to hold back on my budget so I can get the series you come out with as well as single books. Just got Lana’s latest Mile High Harem Series and looking forward to the O-Connection you are doing with Daphne.

  4. You are wat too generous and all round fabulous womenn❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Just out of interest….has he “who must not be named” been in touch? Interested since he seemed to be pushing for commitment when he first went to Miami

  5. In my situation, your generosity helps me alot!(and it’s greatly appreciated). We moved into our new place on the seventh, got broken into on the eighth, bedroom window shot at on the ninth, and they tried to break in again on the tenth. Bought an alarm system for the house so no extra money for books☹️. Fuckers also took my wine!!(and my husband’s coffee pot??‍♀️). I so need my wine and my books right now ?

    1. Oh my gosh sweetie 🙁 Please stay safe!

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