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The Liz K. Lorde Author Interview

Alright Angels!
The author interview for Liz Lorde is below!
We’ve explained what happens here. Before any author joins our crew, Alexis hazes the shit out of them with her interview. I went through it. Paige went through it. Natalie went through it. Lana goes through it daily. And now its Liz.
Although, to be fair, Liz was a great sport and able to stay on message much better than any of us. Although there were a few noticeable slip ups. Brought a chuckle to everyone.

Alexis: Hey Liz! You’re on the line with Paige, Daphne, Natalie and Lana. How are you today, babe?
Liz: Good, Alexis. How are you?
Alexis: I’m meh. You know. It’s a Monday.
Liz: Well, I’m sure I can find a way to cheer you up, dear.
Alexis: Well, tell us a bit about yourself, Liz.
Liz: Sure. I’m 33 years old. I live in Florida. I’m not married….hmm what else would you like to know?
Lana: When did you first start to write?
Liz: I published my first book on December of 2015. I haven’t really stopped since then.
Alexis: And you still publish on Amazon?
Liz: Yes I do. But I don’t write fast enough for Amazon at times. Also I like to write darker books. More romantic suspense and crime.
Alexis: Have you ever committed a crime?
Liz: When I was a little girl I once took some candy from a grocery store and began to eat it before we got to the cash register.
Alexis: So you write sorta dirty I see?
Liz: I love a good sex scene. I think the sex is an emotional payoff for the characters during their twists and turns in the story.
Alexis: Is this all from experience?
Liz: Some of it.
Alexis: Has anyone ever held your arms back as they fucked you doggiestyle on a bed? So you were just hanging as they thrusted?
Liz: Oh wow. No. No they haven’t.
Lana: What about choked you during sex? Like right as you’re about to cum?
Liz: Erotic asphyxiation? No, they haven’t.
Natalie: Have you ever had a guy cum into a glass and then mix it in with something and drink it? Letting some of it fall out of your mouth? And he sees you and gets hard again?
Liz: Nope.
Daphne: What about two guys? Have two guys ever done you at the same time?
Liz: Oh. Yeah. All the time.
Alexis: (Falling out of her chair) Wait. What?
Liz: Yeah. I have two boyfriends.
Alexis: They know about each other?
Liz: Yeah. We’ve been together for 6 months now. We have sex maybe two or three times a week.
Alexis: Do they throw you around like a rag doll?
Liz: I guess. But they’re very sweet actually.
Daphne: So when we wrote Triple Threat…you actually had that experience?
Liz: Well, not with three guys. I want to use a sex toy while I’m with them to simulate three. But with a real third man, I think they’d get jealous.
Alexis: Wait…they’re not jealous about each other but for a third guy they would be?
Liz: Yeah. Go figure.
Alexis: Wow. Ok. So you’re gonna fit right in, Liz.
Liz: Thanks!
Lana: Oh Liz! Do you usually write menage?
Liz: Actually, I prefer MF.
Alexis: (laughing) Well, let’s see if we can’t change that!

Liz has a new book out today on the store! And check out her book with me from yesterday!


3 thoughts on “The Liz K. Lorde Author Interview

  1. I am mildly confused. Liz says she is single, and that she has 2 boyfriends. Awesome either way.

    1. Think she just said she wasn’t married…nothing about being single

  2. Hi Liz,
    Are you a full time author and if so, what did you do before deciding to write full time?

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