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The Fourth, Part One!

Hope you had a fabulous 4th of July babes!

So I think my ass was the star of the holiday and lol what a set of stories I have to tell you!!

As you know, IT Guy and I had a rooftop party to attend. But that wasn’t until the evening and I really wanted to get some drinks first and just enjoy the day u know?

K so we started off making some drinks from the minibar (IT Guy had straight vodka, but I opted for a screwdriver) and we’re out on our balcony and he’s wearing his robe but I took mine off during some of the kissing and such that we were up to, and I had put on this really sexy black thong. Lacy La Perla, u know it!!!

Well I have to go underwear shopping anyway lol and that’s another story…

But IT Guy starts sliding down my panties and they


They like slide down my thighs and bc my legs were spread they just like slipped down below and the wind was there to like carry them juuuust a little further lol

So the restaurant below where everyone is having breakfast has my panties up on the glass… I start giggling and think oh that’s no big deal, like the wind will blow them away.

Like at the point I thought the biggest issue here was that I accidentally took Lana’s bag. Really organized, nothing like mine but uhm

Those were her panties.

I called her later and asked her why she didn’t take more and she was like duh shopping but I was a girl in a hurry for some sexiness with IT Guy and no I haven’t gone panty shopping lol

So I forgot about the panty drop until we go down to breakfast and I see that they are STILL up there…

Gosh. Well no one knows they’re mine, I figure and we just try and enjoy breakfast. 

And we do. IT Guy and I have like no concept of time, we just clear out a restaurant and don’t even realize it but we kept talking (and only part of that is because I drank like 40 cups of coffee!!!) until they were totally closed for lunch.

I heard the hostess and the chef talking and they were like, “let’s not make them leave, they’re such a cute couple,” and when I told IT Guy his smile was like panty melting. Except I didn’t have any panties on LOL so you know what was melting ;))))
I was finally done and I wanted to get in the pool. Lana has a swimsuit that is like the exact pink of the store haha so I was like oooh this fits me. We head to a rooftop pool that’s just a few blocks away from the party for the 4th and decide to get a drink or too there since they have an amazing pool bar. 

But the bartender there made us last call drinks – even though it was like lunch – because they were actually closing for the 4th.

We’re like oooookay but they let us stay up there and I thought that was great.

Well since no one was there, I decided as cute as the swimsuit was, this was our chance to skinny dip of course.

This pool was so amazing and like I have no idea just how long we were up there, but IT Guy and I looked out at the city and kissed and laughed and it was so magical.

We jumped out of the water and headed back down the stairs and saw this really busy bar. We love a good crowd and my hair looked the good kind of just been in the pool so I put on new mascara and we went to the bar. 

“Oh wow,” I pointed up and smiled at IT Guy. “They have like an aquarium here with like a glass bottom.”

IT Guy busts out laughing after like a second.

And then I realize.

The bartended smiles real big at me.

“That’s our rooftop pool.”

I have a good laugh and I notice some people across the bar like pointing at us and I raise my glass and everyone’s like “woooooo!” And I laugh it off.

“I have even more,” IT Guy leans in, “plans for that ass later.” 

I totally shiver babes.

But like lol this blog post is sooper long so I’ll tell u about the rest of our night in tomorrow’s post.

Don’t forget to grab Oops! Professor, newly added to Angel Access!

7 thoughts on “The Fourth, Part One!

  1. Way to go Alexis

  2. Nice! Love your adventures. Can’t wait for the rest. I’m sure it only gets better! LOL!!

    1. Haha thanks!!! It’s like these things are always happening to me lol

  3. Only you😂

  4. Damn girl!! I wish I had your luck with men! Does IT guy have a brother?? 😁

  5. You go girl. You had me laughing so much. Glad you and IT Guy had a great 4th together.

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