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The First of Many Surprises

So remember when I was talking about hey Lana and I have a surprise for you?
Well I didn’t forget.

Several weeks ago I approached a dear friend of mine. I’ve collaborated with her on some books and so has Lana.

A lot of back and forth later, I’m pleased to introduce bestselling authoresses Daphne Dawn and Natalie Knight entering the Naughty Angel Publishing fold. They’ll be featuring their books exclusively on our site. In the future they’ll go wide, but we’ll do it together as a team.

Daphne and Natalie have started with The Billionaire Hangover series and will over the course of the next few weeks start uploading more books for your enjoyment as well as writing new books as well.

Check out the Buy Books page!

I’m excited! You should be too! More surprises are coming!

Check out the Buy Books page.


6 thoughts on “The First of Many Surprises

  1. Yay, I’m really looking forward to finding some new authors through you lovely ladies! I can’t wait to check them out!

  2. This is great news!!! I hope all of my great authors do the same thing. I have noticed a lot of authors that Amazon kinda screwed over are opening their own websites or joining with others and I think it’s great. I wish all of ya’ll the best of luck and look forward to hearing much more about this 🙂

  3. Used to be an avid reader of the Natalie Knight newsletter, so pleased that she’s joined you.
    Looking forward to the future with all of you.

  4. I’ve already read some of theirs, so glad they joined you.

  5. Yay!! You guys are totally rocking it. ??

  6. Looking forward to see what all you guys cone up with xx

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