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The Deed

Hey Angels!

The last time we left we were talking about Braveheart and how we was coming over to us to fuck us. Lana and I had like wickedness and lust in our eyes and I mean I think basically it was all so pent up that we were both trembling.

We both look up at Braveheart and he’s got his shirt off and pretty soon his cock is out and I don’t waste any time. I take it in my tiny little hands and I start to stroke it looking up at him and blinking.

Lana starts pawing at me and I give his cock a few preparatory sucks and then turn over to her.

Lana and I start making out. I can hear Daphne on the couch yelling out and moaning as the dudes are thrusting into her.

It doesn’t take long for me to get undressed. Or Lana. (We were wearing a surprisingly small number of clothes in retrospect lol) and Lana is squirming and wrapping her legs around me as we keep sucking and licking each other.

I can see that Braveheart is enjoying the two of us so we give him more of a show. I make a point to suck and lick Lana’s pussy while he holds her hands down and she licks his cock. Lana cums all over my mouth and then I go up to kiss her.

Braveheart and Lana both lick my pussy and I cum maybe three times and I’m like omg this is what I was talking about. Where has this delightful, dirty sex been the last few months. How could I do without my sweet releases lol.

I can see Daphne getting fucked by both dudes now and I’m impressed. She’s taking their cocks and is having the time of her life. She must have had a real strong itch lol.

Braveheart wants some service at this point so Lana and I begin to suck his cock together. We break off every few minutes to make out as we’re licking his cock – just like we learned from watching porn as we grew up. Braveheart is all like “yeah that’s so good oh man” and whatever. I’m not really listening to him I’m more enjoying the act of performing oral sex with my best friend by my side.

And then I’m like wondering who of us is gonna fuck him first and what the other person could do in the meantime when Black Shirt Dude is like oh my god I’m going to cum.

And White Shirt Dude, as he’s fucking Daphne looks over at us and he’s like whoa.

And then Braveheart says something but I’m not gonna tell you today. I’m gonna tell you tomorrow lol!

Stay horny Angels!


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  1. Oh my gosh, I bet every window and mirror was fogged up with all the steam in that room 🙂

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