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The Author Interview For Hannah Dane – Erotic Romance Novel Author

Hello Angels!
The author interview for Hannah Dane is below!
You know the deal. Before an author joins our store, Alexis sits them down and acts like…Alexis. It’s wild, it’s wicked…it’s the shit we all love and adore her for, right?
Seriously, talk about hostile work environment haha
But Hannah was a fantastic sport through all of it. I’m glad she’s joining us on this part of her author journey and if she put up with this, then I guess she’s gonna do well here, huh?
Well, here’s how it went.

Alexis: Hey Hannah! You’re on the line with Paige, Daphne, Natalie, Liz and Lana. How are you today, babe?

Hannah: I’m excited.
Daphne: Well, that’s about to change.
Hannah: Oh? Why?
Alexis: Because we’re gonna haze you babe.
Hannah: Oh. Yeah. Lana told me about this. She said you were going to ask lots of super uncomfortable questions.
Alexis: (casting side eye to Lana) She did?
Hannah: Yeah. And let me just tell you if three hot dudes were going to fuck me, I’d want them to cum into a cup so I could drink it.
Alexis and Lana and Liz and Daphne and Natalie: (silence)
Hannah: You know I really love writing menage and MMF and even MM. I want to write more MF because the MF I want to write is going to be dirty. Like defiled dirty. Like so dirty that you’ll need a shower.
Lana: Sounds like you’ll fit right in.
Hannah: Oh you guys are all tame compared to me I think. Trust me girls, you all sound like you’re having lots of sex in real life. Well, I’m married and so let me just say that it gets even better once you’re married.
Alexis: How long have you been married?
Hannah: 5 years now.
Alexis: So the whole thing about the three dudes….
Hannah: Oh yeah, my husband would be one of them.
Natalie: He’s okay sharing you?
Hannah: On special occassions when we go to the right sort of parties.
Natalie: Wow. That’s amazing. A guy who is okay with sharing.
Hannah: He’s not always okay sharing. Just when the circumstances are just right. He’d be upset if I went on a date or something. But I’d never do that.
Liz: I can understand that. It’s just sex.
Alexis: So what’s the craziest thing you guys have done together?
Hannah: Oh that’s a hard one. There are so many to choose.
Alexis: There’s got to be one experience that stands out among all the rest…we are trying to haze you after all.
Hannah: How’s that working out for you?
Alexis: The interview is going great. The hazing…I think you’re hazing us.
Hannah: So while my husband and I were dating we went to a sex club.
All the girls: Oooooh!
Hannah: I remember being blindfolded and tied to a bar on the ceiling as guys we had picked out came over and fucked me.
All the girls: (silence)
Hannah: Also my husband’s friend came over once and she was cute. We had too much wine the three of us and ended up having a wild night together.
Alexis: Hey so you live in Vegas?
Hannah: Yep.
Alexis: I think the next time we do a company get together or offsite that’s where we’re having it.

Hope you enjoyed it Angels.

Hannah’s book is here if you want to check it out!


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6 thoughts on “The Author Interview For Hannah Dane – Erotic Romance Novel Author

  1. I think Hannah just upped the game.

  2. Oh yeah, Hannah fits right in.

  3. I think you guys are sprinklers separated at birth. The similarities are too great to argue.

  4. The word is septuplets. I hate my tablet sometimes.😎

  5. Welcome Hannah, I know you’re gonna fit right in. Oh my gosh, I don’t know how ya’ll do it but everyone of you fit together like hands and gloves. I have Hannah’s book and, in fact, I’m reading it now. So far she definitely has 5 thumbs up from me. I swear I have read this book somewhere but it’s not on my list of books I own so I had to have it 🙂

  6. Welcome Hannah, I see you are going to give the ladies a run for their money lol

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