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The 8th Ever Alexis Angel Press Conference

Alexis: Welcome to the 8th ever Alexis Angel press conference. I’ll make a statement and then take questions from the audience.

(Crowd murmurs)

Alexis: So a lot of questions have come up recently about Doggie Winebar. I’ve deflected the questions till now because it was a story in and of itself. That ends today. The dog is currently residing with my mother.

Crowd: Alexis! Alexis!

Alexis: Let me finish. The dog is with my mother after I took it to see my mom and dad and he was running around all over the backyard and my parents suddenly got a newfound affection for the animal.

Ramona: Animal?

Alexis: The week before, Brewster ate not one but two La Perla thongs. He chewed a bra. It’s not that I was mad at him. But I was a bit frustrated. I mean, do you know how much La Perla costs? Way more than Purina. So a pet therapist told me that perhaps Brewster was getting frustrated because he was enclosed in my apartment all day. I don’t know what it is but when I took him to my parent’s house, there was no chewing of clothes. Plus my parents liked him and actually loved him. So now I visit every time I’m there and they’re super happy because you know, they don’t have grandchildren yet. That’s my statement. I’ll take questions now.

Leah: Alexis!

Alexis: Yes, Leah.

Leah: What’s the deal with you and IT Guy. Is he a fling? A real thing.

Alexis: IT Guy and I are friends. We had the sex. It was good. He had me in like six different positions over two hours and made me cum like a few times.

Leah: So then what’s the problem?

Alexis: As respectful as he is before sex, he’s not much of a cuddler.

Ramona: Well, that’s normal for some guys.

Alexis: He got up and left and started to work on his laptop as I lay there.

(Crowd is silent)

Stephanie: What about the two guys from the gym? Are you considering doing them both at the same time.

Alexis: Yes.

(Crowd murmurs)

Sarah: Where would they put your dicks?

Alexis: Hopefully inside of me at the same time?

Ingrid: Have you figured out a plan yet to get them to?

Alexis: No. Short of going to a bar and hiking up my skirt and shaking my ass.

Daphne: Will you just do the thing where you’re saying you’re doing research?

Nancy: I think you should listen to Daphne. She writes about multiple men.

Alexis: Thank you all for your questions. We’ll do this again sometime!

Crowd: Alexis! Alexis! Alexis!

(Security comes and escorts Alexis out)

4 thoughts on “The 8th Ever Alexis Angel Press Conference

  1. I agree with Daphne invite them both to a bar for drinks and talk about researching the book

  2. Alexis,
    Thanx for taking one of my questions!
    I’m still hoping for a Cap on the Schnoz Incident with the Professor… Unfinished business just bothers Me, without a resolution, especially when it was Sooo very funny & he called afterwards! Inquiring Minds 🙂

    About the Guy Rats!
    If you’re looking to have a Ménage, Don’t initiate a conversation in a Bar!
    Especially, If you’re wanting to seduce them into it, Cuz, you don’t want them getting COOLED Off before you get home, a hotel (Now that you’ve got a roommate), or one of their homes! Uck… Talk about awkward!
    ‘Ummm, I really don’t think I wanna do this now that I Think I about it!’
    No… You want to have a seamless transition from Convo to HOT, S€X¥ Times! AND, if that’s not happening… You want the Exit! RIGHT Now! Without having to pay a check or finish drinks, meals, or whatever….
    I mean, Seriously, this conversation is either going to get HOT or wither & die… Either way, do you want that in a Public setting!
    Just my Take on it, for what it’s worth… 2¢ LOL!

  3. Okay, I hope I’m not a killjoy but I think somewhere a little more private might be a better place to broach the subject of the three of you doing a little “research” for you next book. That way if either of them feels so uncomfortable about the idea then all of you are less likely going to be embarrassed and any, or all, of you can chalk it up to experience and go on from there. Good luck.

  4. Once again u deflected the questions about whatbar?!? Thx for answers of the dog ?

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