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The 7th Press Conference with Alexis Angel

The events of this press conference take place after the portion recorded in the newsletter. Go back and read that first if you haven’t already!!!!

Alexis: Okay, so at this point I’ll take questions about WineBar.
Larosa: Alexis! Where is WineBar?
Alexis: Right now he’s in New York City.
Kristie: Why aren’t you there?
Alexis: Well, I saw him in NYC maybe like three weeks ago. Sorry I had like a store to put together. It’s actually harder than I thought even if it was built for me.
Michelle: Alexis! Alexis! What is the romantic status of you and WineBar?
Alexis: If I were to answer this on Facebook, I’d select the “It’s Complicated” option.
(General whispering and murmuring)
Melissa: Alexis are you seeing other people?
Alexis: The last time we spoke which was in September, WineBar and I decided that we would see other people because I was unable to move back to New York City and he wasn’t able to come back to San Francisco. However we still care about each other.
(Loud commotion)
Gina: Alexis! Alexis!
Alexis: Yes, Gina. Go ahead
Gina: So you guys are seeing other people? You’ve moved on?
Alexis: No. WineBar is coming back to San Francisco for the holidays on December 20. We are going to decide our status then. But in the meantime he and I have decided that if love finds us elsewhere we won’t shut the door on it.
(Chaos breaks out)
Alexis: Please guys. One more question.
Leticia: Alexis! Pick me!
Alexis: Yes, Leticia.
Leticia: So what are the odds? What are the chances?
Alexis: You know, for a while I was really busy just trying to get back above water since Amazon shut my account down. I’d say that the chances of us getting back together, with everything he’s going through and everything I am are at a solid 50%.

(People getting up and shouting questions as security takes Alexis off the podium)

17 thoughts on “The 7th Press Conference with Alexis Angel

  1. I’m still crossing my fingers for you two ??From what you shared with us you two are too good together to not be. It’s not just in romance books, LOVE finds a way.

  2. After reading all the questions and answers, all I will say is I hope both of you find the happiness you are looking for, even if it’s not together. Best wishes.

    1. I second that Ramona

  3. If you and WineBar are meant to be together, it will happen.

  4. (Blushing) thanks for choosing one of my questions. Hugs

  5. Just be with whomever makes you happiest,whether it’s winebar or someone else. Just put yourself first!

  6. When you find the right person who just gets you in every way, just hold on tight because the distance works it self out.

  7. Wishing you both the very best this holiday season. They say Christmas is full of miracles and I’m hoping you have lots of them!

  8. I hope everything works put for Winebar and you, Alexis. From your previous blogs and newsletters, I feel like Winebar and you are each others true love. From what I gathered, you sound like my parents did when they were alive before my mom died.

  9. Thank you, Alexis. You share your life with us like we have a right to it, and I know some things aren’t easy to share. As a hopeless romantic, I hope things work out with you and Winebar, but ultimately, I just want you to be happy!

  10. I’m hoping you both find what you’re looking for and if it’s together then it was meant to be if not then the universe has something else for you both. You’ve been through a lot and time will take care of that.

  11. May God Bless you both. Time has a way of taking care of everything. If it’s meant to be then so be it. Only you know what’s in your heart and neither time or space can separate love.

  12. I’m keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, and am hoping for your happily every after with your soulmate!

  13. Winebar has set the bar pretty high, being your soulmate and all. I’m keeping good thoughts and positive vibes for you both!

  14. From everything you have ever written about him you guys seem perfect together. I want you guys together lol

  15. Um. I don’t wanna be a Debbie downer, in any way. Maybe it’s the Mom in me! But.
    Am I the only one who thinks that Winebar was kinda selfish and several times pretty childish? (Making plans to go away together, no show, no call) etc? I dunno. I just honestly don’t see a true soulmate doing that to their person ya know? I know the sex was off the charts, based on what we’ve been told but, just like in books, there has to be more than just really great, awesome matter how good. Lol. I’m.sure I’m gonna be the unpopular commenter here..but again…I guess it’s the Mom in me! Xoxo I’m glad you and Lana are back. Just don’t kill yourselves trying to get a bazillion books out a year. Like I said in another blogpost I’d rather see 3-4 good books a year from each of you, than to try what you did last time, and burn out or something. I’d rather you be happy, loving what you do, and healthy! Xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Mama Lisa lol!

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