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That Was The Most Boring SuperBowl Ever!

Hey Angels!

Sunday was the most boring superbowl game I’ve ever watched! We took Natalie to a sports bar where Hot Dentist invited Lana to come over and while they had a good time and the people were cool and the drinks were flowing it was the slowest, dumbest game I’ve ever seen!
I understand sports and I know how football works but by the third quarter I was just more interested in talking to people than actually watching the game.
Truth be told…the last several days just caught up to us. So by Sunday night we were all really tired.
Monday we did a lot of writing. I didn’t get a chance to post on the blog because we didn’t have our morning business meeting with all the authors but we did that today and finally got back on track.
So here’s what’s on the horizon for this week!

We are gonna have one to two launches each day! We are introducing a new author! Novels are coming out as well as books in series!
The winner of the giveaway that’s on the ticker is being announced tomorrow! And a new giveaway is occuring! The DLA giveaway is happening tomorrow (the monthly giveaway!)

And we have trailers! Lots and lots of trailers!!

Just a taste of what’s coming! Hang on!

4 thoughts on “That Was The Most Boring SuperBowl Ever!

  1. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan so I just watched for the half time show and the commercials. But what I really want to know is, did you ever post about Lana and the hot dentist? Did I somehow miss that post?

  2. I didn’t even turn the game on and figure I didn’t miss a thing. I have only seen one person have a positive thing to say about the game and that was when Adam Levine took his shirt off 🙂

    Oh well, I would rather read than watch football anyway.

    Missed hearing from ya’ll but I know after all of your adventures in the last few days you had to be exhausted.

  3. My house and extended family (military backgrounds) haven’t watched pro football ever since kneeling first started. To each their own I guess. Besides we find college football to be more interesting and exciting.

  4. Hot Dentist? Waahhhat?! I’m still waiting to know what she whispered in Gym Dude/Rat’s ear!???

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