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Tell me if you like this

Hey Angels, you’ll notice that Fun & Games is gone because I wanted to try something new. Daphne and I came up with this. Take a look at the section called Sinful Selections. We’re still building it out but let me know if you like the concept…its like a choose your own adventure.


Warning, if you hit the end of the story, that means we’re still adding more to it and it’ll keep coming back to the last page read. Anyways, let me know!

15 thoughts on “Tell me if you like this

  1. Definitely think this is a better idea. I have only once clicked on Fun & Games since you added it to the site. So I know I won’t miss it, but looking forward to reading Sinful Selctions.

  2. OMG, that was so much fun! Gotta keep that going cause I have to see Ashley “slice and dice Peter” and get with Henderson.

  3. This is really fun! Having a voice in how crazy our heroine is….cool! Can’t wait for more story!

    1. Just added more!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to be free and in charge of your own destiny and able to make changes and experiment at will? You are doing great!

  5. That was so much fun, Alexis! What a brilliant idea!

  6. LOVED IT!So much fun,I never even went to fun and games. So this is much better!

  7. I would like to say the new Sinful Selections feature is a most wonderful idea. As a kid I’ve read a few books where the choice is yours as far as the story progresses and I’ve absolutely loved them. Keep up the good work Alexis, Lana and Daphne!

  8. Sweet,,,,, kewl idea

  9. Love it!!

  10. So much better than the puzzle! ??

  11. Love the new direction!! I REALLY stunk at the puzzles ?? can’t wait for more choices.

  12. Great idea. It’s kind of fun to see where the story is going with my choices 🙂 Still miss the fun and games but this is great too.

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