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Excerpt From Tryst of the Titans

Just a small excerpt from Tryst of the Titans:

Oh, my fucking god.

I find him so attractive as I gaze at him.

Handsome doesn’t even begin to describe him. The office crackles with sparks, I swear, it’s tangible. It’s running through my body as he focuses on me. His green eyes reflecting me. Are those golden specks there? I want to move closer and inspect it. I’m starstruck, turning me dumb.

“Christina, let me ask you a question,” he asks, his eyes full of mirth. It’s his turn to chuckle. “Am I so handsome that you’re rendered speechless?”

I gasp. This bastard has ego problems.

“What’s to laugh about?” I ask him, pouting.

“I like it when you’re blushing,” he tells me. There’s a glint in his eyes, transforming him into a predator.

“I don’t blush!” I retort out loud. Hmp. I don’t blush. Never. Blushing is so not alpha female.

“Yes, you did. Lying is so not a good trait. I can get a mirror for you. Oh, there’s a huge mirror behind you. See for yourself. Or maybe, you can look in my eyes and check your reflection,” he rasps out. It sends tingles through my body.

“I’d rather not,” I turn around and pretend to check my phone for the time to cover my embarrassment. I can’t believe that I’m like a fucking teenager in front of him. He’s making me speechless and my thoughts incoherent. I don’t let men do this to me. I compose myself. I bet he’s laughing his ass out inwardly.

“We’ve gone off course, once again,” I tell him seriously. “The answer to your question would be both. I want to earn money and be loved at the same time. It’s possible,” I answer it. I believe that everything is possible. I’ve built my company with love and passion and it gave me back more than I ever expected.

“You’re more innocent than I thought,” he says. I raise my brows at that.

“I’m only ruthless to my enemies and I do my best to help those that are my allies,” I tell in a straight face. I have a bottom line and this is it.

“Am I considered to be your ally now?” his voice raspy as he questions me. My ear tingles. I’m really attracted to this man. I roam my eyes on him. Indeed, no one will say that they don’t like this man. He’s a very, very fine specimen. A perfect man in all standards.

He’s definitely my type.

I can’t help but glance at his crotch again.

It’s huge.

I’ve heard rumors about the CEO of Carter Jeffries, he’s a God on that department. I’m hoping that he’ll leave up to the rumors. I have high standards between the bedsheets, few can match me in it. I’m a woman who’s free with my affections. I go for what I want. There’s no point acting up like blushing virgin, I’m definitely not one.

“Well, you can be if you get this contract,” I tell him. I don’t know if he noticed my wandering eyes.

Then I see the knowledge in his eyes.

I smile mysteriously.

“We don’t seem to see eye to eye but we can work things out. Definitely,” here he comes again with his subtle seductions and I dig it. So suave.

“Tell me what’s the reason that you have these outsize benefits. I have an idea but it’s best to hear it from your mouth,” he questions me. I get him. I do have my reasons for doing this.

“I believe that employees are more productive if you give them what they need and want,” I begin to explain, “I’ve run this company with that core belief. If employees love their work, they work productively,” I explain.

“I’ve always put their interest at heart and I know that my employees deserve it. You see, we’re here today. I’m talking to a man of the world like you. All my achievements are because of them. They help me along the way.”

I don’t forget the time when I was a struggling businesswoman after I graduated. I choose to start my own company than work in an established one. It was a tough choice but it turned out to be the right one. I’m happy where I am now.

“That explains a lot but you see, in order to grow further it’s not just about the sentiments,” he answers me with a tight smile.

I actually understand him; I know that we’re going to make changes that’s why he’s here.

I sigh.

I don’t really want things to come down to this. I want to preserve what we have now. I want to disagree with him but he’s pointing in the right direction. I can’t fault him for doing his job.

“Still, I want to preserve as much as possible. I don’t want to sacrifice my company’s principles for profit,” I tell him. I want to find an alternative.

“I agree with that. That’s why we’re only going to trim them a little. We don’t have to go crazy. Just enough for Wall Street,” he smiles at me.

It startles us when a phone rings, It’s his phone.

“Can I take this call?” He asks me.

“Sure thing,” I agree and look at my watch. Wow. This meeting has gone on longer than I expected.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

And babe, I am definitely having fun.

My heart is racing.

My skin is clammy.

I am so wet.

I watch him as he talks a bit farther from me. I try not to overhear.

“Christina, I’m really sorry that we have to cut this meeting short,” he smiles apologetically. “I have an emergency,” he explains.

“It’s fine! You know, we’ll have so much more time together,” I smile at him and he looks surprised. He looks at his watch and he nods.

“Maybe we should make it sooner, rather than later,” he says.

I look at him curiously.

“What did you have in mind?” I ask.

“Tonight,” he says. “8 pm. Del Posto.”

His eyes are seducing me; I can’t possibly say no to that.

“Yes. I’ll be there,” I agree.

“It’s a business meeting,” he says, almost to reassure himself. “Not a date.”

I watch as those powerful long legs walk to the door. He turns back and I wave. He replies with a smile. My eyes are glued to the door, not leaving one second until it shuts tightly.

He’s a fucking perfect, delectable, and edible man.

And tonight I’m going to have him for dinner.