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Roundup For The Week And Some Irony

Ok guys.

So we had a whole bunch of new releases this week and this is probably how the store is gonna go. I don’t know if you noticed but for the past several weeks something new has been releasing everyday. This makes it very difficult to keep track of what you may or may not have bought. If you need any questions with what you’ve bought, you can always look in the My Account section to see what books you’ve purchased since the beginning of time.

That being said, some of the issue is also like what to do about this release schedule. So we’re gonna revamp the store a bit in the coming weeks. If you think about it, we’ve been working on the concept of a single page store. But we have over 200 books. We’re going to have to change that. So we’re going to a multi page bookstore.

Here’s where any suggestions from you is helpful. If you think of some things or structure you want to see, let me know! You can email me at or just drop a comment here. Right now I’m thinking that we should have pages for Standalones, Series, Filthy Fantasies, and The Other Side. Also we should have genre specific pages such as Romantic Comedy, Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Taboo Romance, Bad Boy Romance etc.

Within each of these pages we’ll have books that are sortable by author and date of publication.

Let me know your thoughts but definitely expect to see major changes next week (towards the weekend) maybe.

The second part about this post is about irony. So Hot Dentist asked me to have dinner with him yesterday when I was at the Gym. He’s no longer my dentist – someone else took over.

Of course I said yes. Like I’d be a fool not to. The only thing I have to remember to do is to floss and brush my teeth before our date. It’s on Saturday.

But then I got an email from Mr. Lana Angel this morning. It was simple. Nothing major. Just a picture of him and me when we were in Hawaii.

I hate that it happened right on the day before our date. But I’m also now conflicted. Because the picture was from happier times.

Why did he have to do that???

Today’s release is super hot and sort of darker than what we normally put out! I think you’ll love it!


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More About Hot Dentist

Hey Angels!

I just got back from the dentist! Alexis drove me and she was waiting in the car and I literally came out squealing and cooing.
So there is something I wanted to mention about Hot Dentist. I think he’s a good guy. Of course I say that and who wouldn’t say that about a guy that they’re interested in. But when I went to the dentist’s office today for my appointment he was definitely acting different.
By the way, I brushed my teeth like 10 times before I went so he wouldn’t think I was gross.
But he said things like, “I’m really glad to see you back,” and when he said that I felt like it was a good thing I was already in the chair because otherwise my knees would give way.
“I’ve really looked forward to these sessions,” he also said to me at one point. When I didn’t respond – mainly because there is this giant tube suctioning stuff out of my mouth he followed up with “I think we’re making great progress on your teeth.”
But here’s why I think he likes me. Normally he has assistants and dental hygienists do things that he handles for me on his own.
Now either he’s a hands on dentist or he’s taken an interest in me. I’m hoping it’s the latter!
Afterwards, when we went to his office for a consultation on what I needed to do, we were talking about my procedures and I was thinking about how to move the subject to more flirty areas.
But we were talking about gum disease, angels! How do you make gum disease sexy?
So I said something stupid, like, “I guess it’s just like taking care of your body, huh?”
And Hot Dentist responds, “It’s absolutely like taking care of your body.”
“So do you work out?” I asked and then in my head started kicking myself.
“I do,” he said. Then he told me the gym he worked at. And then I said I worked out there too.
“What time do you usually go?” I asked him and he told me at around 7 pm every day after work.
“Maybe I’ll see you there,” I said with a smile which I hoped was bright and shiny because I just had dental work done on it.
“If you’re there I’m sure you will,” he said back to me.
I didn’t want to say anything like ‘it’s a date’ or anything else. Because right now I’m just excited to see him at 7.
But first I need to go get a membership to the gym he talked about. Alexis has one so she’s going to get me in her plan.

I know I was going to mention what happened with Gym Dude and what I whispered. And I HATE being a tease. But this post is already so long because I wanted to talk about Hot Dentist that I’m going to take another posting day tomorrow to post what I did with Gym Dude. I promise!

Till then, take a look at Liz’s new book that came out today!

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Hot Dentist and New Author

Hey Angels!!!

Yay it’s my posting day! I love it! Also the thing is though that I have so much to tell you guys about I also have a new author announcement!

This is fast becoming a problem in a good way. Because we have right now Alexis, me, Daphne, Natalie, Liz, and Paige. That’s six authors. And we say we are going to post on the blog once a day so that means authors only get 1 day a week usually to post. Now with our new author, we have seven which means that if we add another one some authors will go a whole week without being able to post and they’ll not be able to reach out to readers and/or showcase their books if they want to. So we’re thinking of a solution.

And that’s a great segue to introducing our newest Naughty Angel author. Please join me in welcoming Hannah Dane. Hannah and I are great friends and we used to know each other from author circles in the past. She writes exclusively menage. She gave up writing MF a while ago and she does all sorts of menage. MMF. MFM. MFMM. Reverse Harem. Even MM. So we’re very compatible.

Unlike the rest of us, she actually has a stable boyfriend too that she sees pretty frequently so hopefully on one of her trips to California we all get to hang out together.

Please check out Hannah’s section on the Our Author’s Page and drop questions you want Hannah to answer below.

A lot of you have been asking who Hot Dentist is. So I was going to post but again, because there’s a traffic jam of sorts for posting to the blog I had to wait.

So a few weeks ago I started some dental work. I had some deep cleaning done over two visits and then had some crowns put in. Alexis had to take me every time because I was a big baby and told her I didn’t know if I’d be able to drive back. She’s such a great friend she just drops everything to take me.

Anyways….my new dentist with my new dental plan after coming to California is…oh my god.
He’s got brown eyes. He’s taller than me. He’s got a rugged face like out of our books. I haven’t seen him shirtless but he looks so amazingly good in a suit.

And he’s a dentist. Which is a steady good job. He always flirts with me a little bit. Tells me that he’ll protect me when I say I’m worried about the procedure he’s about to do. He even gave my hand a squeeze the other day.

He’s so serious looking but he makes dry jokes and I love it. When he talks its like he’s taking care of me. And he gives me good advice and tells me what to do. The other day he said to me, “Take this tooth paste and brush three times a day. Floss three times a day. And floss.”

The way he said it I almost responded with “Yes, Daddy”.

No man has ever told me step by step what to do in the moment. I mean He Who Shall Not Be Named has told me, “no you’ll do this” and was controlling but never actually said how to go about doing that. Also I was so much more successful than him that it confounded me how he could stand to tell me what to do and what not to do.

Anyways, so the best part about Hot Dentist is that I know he likes me. But he’s been really good about giving me space when I sometimes don’t respond back to his flirtations. I don’t want to lead him on but I definitely want him in my life for when I’m ready to lead him to somewhere. I have another Dentist appointment tomorrow and aside from brushing my teeth a million times I just hope he sticks around long enough.

I’ll be back tomorrow Angels to talk about what I whispered to Gym Dude haha because people have been asking about that too!

In the meantime, check out Hannah’s new book!


mmf bisexual romance Send Nudes by Hannah Dane

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Day 2 of visiting Alexis Angel and Lana Angel

Hello Angels!

Thanks for all your comments yesterday! The fun continued on Saturday. I have no idea how we got to this. But let me give you a recap.

Also, just to note…today is Daphne’s day to post but she’s got Max Bid 8 coming out so she traded me. And I need to write about the events to put it into perspective. So there.

Yesterday after I posted, Alexis and Lana took me shopping. It’s a whole different shopping experience doing it with Alexis. Whatever store she goes into, she finds someone that works there and gives them exactly what she wants. Then she basically trusts herself to their judgment.

The benefit? You end up spending a lot more time trying stuff on than hunting for it. So based on this approach, we hit Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Macys.

That’s when Gym Dudes called us.

“Ooooh, this should be fun!” Alexis cooed as she invited them to meet us at her place. They brought three bottles of wine and we started drinking on the balcony. It was cold, but we managed.

And that’s when at around 11 pm, Lana…not Alexis…came up with a game that will change my way I look at her forever.

You need to understand that Lana is the responsible one. But when Lana has a few drinks and lets her hair down, she’s pretty wild.

So she came up with this idea (the Gym Dudes had been drinking beer pretty steadily) where she got them naked.

The three of us girls were in our lingerie.

Gym Rat faced Gym Dude. Like I said they were naked. And they were maybe 6 inches away from each other, facing each other.

“Now, Natalie, you can use your hands and body and wrap yourself around Gym Dude. You need to whisper in his ear as you touch him but you can’t touch any of his junk. He has to jerk off on his own. No touching below the waist,” Lana said, telling us the rules.

Same for Alexis.

The contest was to see who could say dirtier words. Whoever had the dirtiest words and filthiest mind would get their man jerking off and cumming faster. And it was in the best interest of them to cum as fast they could because once one guy came the other had to stop. And they were six inches away from each other and they wanted to be the first to cum because the loser is the one that would get cummed on and the winner would be the one that would only be cumming.


At the time it seemed like a good idea.

It was actually pretty funny. We started the contest and Alexis draped her arm around Gym Rat and started whispering in his ear. I did the same to Gym Rat.

Both guys started jerking off furiously.

“I wanna suck your cock,” I whispered. “I want you to fuck me in the bed I slept in as a little girl.”

I could tell it was having an effect but Alexis was doing a good job too.

“I want you to fuck both of us,” I whispered and he started breathing heavy.

I could tell Alexis was saying some dirty stuff because Gym Rat’s dick was hard as a rock.

But they weren’t cumming.

After about 5 minutes, Lana who had been moderating walked over to me.

“Let me show you how it’s done,” she said and I stepped back. She brought her mouth to Gym Dude’s ear. And she whispered something. It was only like 10 seconds.

Then she stepped back and he shouted. Because he came.

So. Hard.

All over Gym Rat.

We all asked Lana what she said but she smiled and said it was a secret. It’s always the quiet ones I guess.

Afterwards we were all so turned on we kept going. So Lana’s next contest built on that.
But that’s one that Alexis has said she wants to write about. So watch for it tomorrow!

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Finally…I Published Something!!

After finishing up They All Love Me and getting ready for Brothers Who Brandy I’ve been also working with Paige on a romantic comedy. Knowing me though, I had to make it an MMF. And boy, was it fun. I wanted to drop the first chapter here for you all to read. Hope you like it!


The hotel room is surely opulent and luxurious, but I don’t really take notice in my surroundings. My client didn’t allow it. He instantly takes off his pants and underwear, showing his erection. He makes a ‘come hither’ motion, and of course, I comply.

I put his cock in my mouth, running  my tongue on the underside.

“Shit, yes,” the man above me groans, holding my hair in a limp grip. I hum, the vibrations making him moan more.

But wait! Record scratch, freeze frame. You probably wonder how I got here, on a hotel room, sucking some old man’s dick. So yeah, I should greet you. Drum roll, please!

Welcome to the life of Foxy, the world’s most bored hooker.

No, don’t give me that look. Sex workers deserve respect, too. Don’t give me that bullshit.

It’s not like I actually love doing to this. But hell, we can’t all come from affluent families, okay? Some of us need to do the nitty and gritty to earn money, feed themselves, and put themselves through school.

Like me.

You can say that my family is not the richest family out there. We can barely buy food, let alone pay for rent, utilities, and my university tuition fee.

My parents aren’t doing much to change our situation. They are hilariously chaotic at best, and devastatingly toxic at worst. When they’re not all shacked up and lovey-dovey, they’re out there almost ruining each other’s lives.

The only thing they got going for them is that I know that, in their own way, they love and care for me. But that’s not enough. I have dreams I want to achieve, and I know that I won’t get any help from them.

So as soon as I graduated high school, I packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and headed for the city. That summer, aside from admission exams, I worked hard for my tuition and other necessities. Waited tables, worked as a temp, maid–you name it, I did it.

But most of the time, the income from all those jobs was just not enough. Then someone approached me, and offered me this job. It’s not the most “clean” job, but who gives a shit about clean jobs if you’re struggling to support yourself?

The first night being a hooker earned me triple of what I earned in my previous jobs combined, so I said to myself that I’m seeing this through.

Foxy was born one night in a seedy motel, taking it hard from an old lonely man who paid me more cash than I’ve held in my hands my whole life.

Well, the name’s Caroline Fox, really. But these men know me as Foxy, the girl who gets them off real good, as long as they give me good cash–and fuck me good.

Speaking of fucking me good. This is not the definition of fucking me good. I haven’t even unleashed the full potential of my tongue. Just one deep swallow, and he grips my hair too tightly and comes down my throat.

He comes too soon, not even ten minutes into our session. He didn’t even warn me, that fucker.

I pull away from his cock and having no other choice, swallow the bitter cum. I stand up, wipe my hands on my jeans, and fix my hair a bit. My client tucks his flaccid dick into pants and leans back into bed, sated.

“Wanna go for round two soon, honey?” I ask, sitting down on the edge of the bed. I just hope that he would say no–I need to get ready for class soon.

“No, Foxy, no need for that. I just wanna ask something, before the session ends,” he asks, looking part-serious and part-embarrassed.

I just nod and motion for him to ask away. What is it that my client wants to ask? I bet you today’s pay that he’s gonna be asking for advice.

He has that look on him, the lonely facade. He’s giving off the my-marriage-is-dying vibe. I just wait for him to finally voice out his marriage woes. It’s good practice anyway.

My client finally opens his mouth, to ask me for advice about his wife, who according to him, has been going out more and more these days. I answer with the usual: treat her with dates, flowers and the like, compliment her, and be consistent.

Seriously, if these old geezers just treat their wives well even though they’re not in the prime of youth anymore, they wouldn’t have problems. On the other hand, I won’t have income if not for lonely old geezers, so whatever.

This type of thing–my clients asking for advice, be it sex tips, marriage advice, or just life shit–has been a normal. I don’t know what’s going on in these men’s heads, asking advice from a hooker, but hey, I’m not complaining.

My client mulls over my words, nods, and gets off the bed. He gives me the agreed amount, with some extra, because of the advice I gave him earlier, I guess. With that, I say goodbye to him, get out of the hotel, and go back to my dorm before my classes.

I am a Psychology major, already in my junior year. One year in school, still more years in med school to go. But like I said, it’s been my dream since I was in high school, so fuck if I’m not gonna fight and persevere for this degree.

I arrive at my dorm, fucking finally. I still need to change my clothes and get my things from my room. Fuck, class starts in 15 minutes! I hurry back to my room, wash my face and brush my teeth (duh, I don’t wanna smell like jizz all day), put on fresh clothes, and grab my books.

I make it to class with a few minutes to spare. I go to the back row, where my friend Faith sits. I sit beside her and greet with a smile. “Heya, Faith.”

“Hi, Caroline,” she greets back. We hear the professor come in, but we don’t give him much thought.

Faith is not just some other classmate. She’s like me, a hooker–goes in the name Baby Ruth. We’ve met through our handler, and found out that she’s studying in the same university and the same major. So we became friends.

“So how’s the client?” Faith whispers to me. Aside from being classmates, we’re also roommates, so we know each other’s schedules.

“Mediocre as fuck. Didn’t even last the whole session. Asked for my advice as well,” I say, snickering under my breath. Faith almost laughs out loud, but smothers it in time. “How about you?”

The professor is droning on and on in the background. We’re currently in the Abnormal Psychology class. The subject could be fun, if not for the professor from hell. He hates all of our guts, but I swear to God he hates me the most, maybe because I look like a dumb bimbo in his class, but bitch, that is never the case.

Case in point: he gives both Faith and I a stink eye for chatting, before going back to the board again.

Faith answers when the professor’s attention is away from us.

“He’s okay. Hung enough. The bad breath, though!” she says. I can’t help myself, I snicker loudly. Faith softly giggles.

Prof then calls me out, looking sour. “Ms. Fox, would you and Ms. Michaels like to share something to the class?”

“No, sir, we don’t,” I answer nonchalantly.

“Well then, Ms. Fox, please tell us what delirium is, if you’ve even opened the textbook to study,” the professor spits. He thinks that he’d get me with the sudden question? Joke’s on him, though.

“Sure, sir, no problem. Delirium, a serious disturbance in a person’s mental abilities, often results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of their environment,” I say without breaking a sweat.

“Well, then. You do open your book sometimes. So, what are the contributing factors of delirium?” he fires away, obviously still hoping to intimidate me. Ha, as if that would happen.

“There can be several factors that contribute to delirium: surgery, severe or chronic medical illness, changes in metabolic balance, alcohol or drug withdrawal, medication, or infection,” I say confidently. I look at the professor straight in the eyes.

Leave me the fuck alone, you old hag, I say in my head.

Once he hears my answer, he turns away, looking pissed and teaching rest of the class. Some of my classmates look at me but I stare straight ahead. I hear Faith giggle.

I look at her, and she gives me a thumbs up. I give a smug grin and finger guns back. I don’t even care if the professor sees. I’m done giving a shit.

My phone suddenly vibrates, signaling a message. I take it out of my pocket and hide it under the armrest–I don’t wanna give old prof any more headache today. I see a text from my handler.

New client. Go to the usual hotel at 1715. Code D.

Dollah dollah bills, y’all.



You can get the book here:


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So something crazy…

Hey Angels!

So do I have a story for you!
Basically, I’ve been telling a lot of my friends that I’m now a full fledged writer because hey I have two books published. One by myself and one with Daphne. Anyways, so I keep in touch with my old high school English Lit teacher and I shared the good news. I told her that I am now a contemporary romance writer and I write for a lot of contemporary romance readers. My English teacher was rightly proud and considering she reads romance a lot too, came onto and looked up my work as well as my blog post and interviews.

In case you’re reading, Hey Mrs. C!!

So all is well, right? Sure, I guess. Except then my English teacher ran into my mom in the grocery store yesterday. And she’s gushing about how proud she is that I’m an author now and my mom is asking what she’s talking about. And so my English teacher shows my mom this website and is telling her that Paige Teller is her daughter. And my mom keeps reading.

So then yesterday evening I’m at the gym and I get 14 calls from my mom. I thought something was wrong so I call her back after the gym.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Did someone die?”
“No,” my mom replied. “Except I’m going to kill you.”

What happened is that my mom went through the naughty angel store and just got offended completely. Thank God she didn’t go to Dirty Lil’ Angels. Although I’m still trying to get on there myself. But she was looking through all the books and then my interview and the posts about me and is completely disgusted.

“Paige, how can you be like that loose woman Alexis?” my mom asked me. “Have you seen the way she talks? So vulgar.”

I didn’t have any comment. Instead I asked my mom to take a read through of some of Alexis’ books.

Let me explain a little bit about my mom. She’s Southern Baptist and has a very strict set of rules about what is right and what isn’t. But I asked my mom to read some books. I sent her Head Hunter, Sevensome, DILF, and 12 Days.

That was yesterday. My mom has since then discovered that she has a really great affinity for reverse harem. Now she’s asking me if I have a friends and family discount so she can buy everything in the store. She’s even telling my dad about it and he just ignores her and lets her do whatever she wants to.

Anyways. Hi Mom!! LOL.

Moral of the story I think is not to knock something till you try it. And with that I give you guys my latest work with Daphne Dawn…Double Play.

I hope you enjoy it. Daphne and I started writing this a while ago and finished but because I wasn’t releasing my first book yet we held off on it. Then the thing with my mom happened and we figured this would be a good time to release it. Because who doesn’t like MMF?

Stay safe Angels!

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The Liz K. Lorde Author Interview

Alright Angels!
The author interview for Liz Lorde is below!
We’ve explained what happens here. Before any author joins our crew, Alexis hazes the shit out of them with her interview. I went through it. Paige went through it. Natalie went through it. Lana goes through it daily. And now its Liz.
Although, to be fair, Liz was a great sport and able to stay on message much better than any of us. Although there were a few noticeable slip ups. Brought a chuckle to everyone.

Alexis: Hey Liz! You’re on the line with Paige, Daphne, Natalie and Lana. How are you today, babe?
Liz: Good, Alexis. How are you?
Alexis: I’m meh. You know. It’s a Monday.
Liz: Well, I’m sure I can find a way to cheer you up, dear.
Alexis: Well, tell us a bit about yourself, Liz.
Liz: Sure. I’m 33 years old. I live in Florida. I’m not married….hmm what else would you like to know?
Lana: When did you first start to write?
Liz: I published my first book on December of 2015. I haven’t really stopped since then.
Alexis: And you still publish on Amazon?
Liz: Yes I do. But I don’t write fast enough for Amazon at times. Also I like to write darker books. More romantic suspense and crime.
Alexis: Have you ever committed a crime?
Liz: When I was a little girl I once took some candy from a grocery store and began to eat it before we got to the cash register.
Alexis: So you write sorta dirty I see?
Liz: I love a good sex scene. I think the sex is an emotional payoff for the characters during their twists and turns in the story.
Alexis: Is this all from experience?
Liz: Some of it.
Alexis: Has anyone ever held your arms back as they fucked you doggiestyle on a bed? So you were just hanging as they thrusted?
Liz: Oh wow. No. No they haven’t.
Lana: What about choked you during sex? Like right as you’re about to cum?
Liz: Erotic asphyxiation? No, they haven’t.
Natalie: Have you ever had a guy cum into a glass and then mix it in with something and drink it? Letting some of it fall out of your mouth? And he sees you and gets hard again?
Liz: Nope.
Daphne: What about two guys? Have two guys ever done you at the same time?
Liz: Oh. Yeah. All the time.
Alexis: (Falling out of her chair) Wait. What?
Liz: Yeah. I have two boyfriends.
Alexis: They know about each other?
Liz: Yeah. We’ve been together for 6 months now. We have sex maybe two or three times a week.
Alexis: Do they throw you around like a rag doll?
Liz: I guess. But they’re very sweet actually.
Daphne: So when we wrote Triple Threat…you actually had that experience?
Liz: Well, not with three guys. I want to use a sex toy while I’m with them to simulate three. But with a real third man, I think they’d get jealous.
Alexis: Wait…they’re not jealous about each other but for a third guy they would be?
Liz: Yeah. Go figure.
Alexis: Wow. Ok. So you’re gonna fit right in, Liz.
Liz: Thanks!
Lana: Oh Liz! Do you usually write menage?
Liz: Actually, I prefer MF.
Alexis: (laughing) Well, let’s see if we can’t change that!

Liz has a new book out today on the store! And check out her book with me from yesterday!


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Hello Angels! Time to Answer Your Questions!

Hey Angels!

Thank you for the warmest of welcomes the last few days! Just a quick note, my new email that they set me up at is I’m still getting set up with Facebook pages and the like but it’s happening slowly! I’ve never published anything before so this is a really big culture shock for me. It’s overwhelming at times. There’s so much more to being an author than just writing I’m realizing. But it’s fun. With Daphne (who has guided me a lot) and Lana, Natalie and Alexis, I’m having a blast!

So we have some questions I’m going to answer. And now that I’m finally on the site I’m going to redo my author bio with the answers to some of your questions!

Lets start!

So someone said I remind them of Alexis. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Someone else said they’re about to go find their honey and spend the afternoon in a most enjoyable Angels way. I’m hoping they got laid really hard. Like the thrusting was so hard that the bed moved haha. That’s a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday. Because….that’s what I did. Except it wasn’t my ex-boyfriend. It was his best friend.

Yes, I’m having a bit of an affair with my ex’s friend. But it’s okay because my ex and I are broken up for several weeks now and I was getting horny. We don’t have any kids together and we never really moved in. But it’s so dirty. He pulls my hair back and is like “does Trevor know I’m here fucking you” and I’m like no and it feels exciting and dirty. I can’t describe it.

Anyways, questions. So I got a question if I use real life experiences or bucket list items for my sex scenes.

I’m using real life experiences for my sex scenes always. Here’s what I think. I can’t really write about it properly yet because I’m not a good enough writer to imagine it. The only exception is for menage. I don’t have as much experience with two or three or more dudes to write that. But the undressing, sucking cock, having the guy go down on me, or just talk is all from experiences.

So when did I want to be a writer?

I think I wanted to be a writer ever since I was in college. I got pressured to go into computer science because that’s what would pay bills and not English literature like I wanted. But after working in IT for several years it wasn’t as fulfilling. I am still doing it because I just had one book published but my goal is to quit and be a full time writer eventually.

How old am I? I am 28 years old. I’ll be 29 in August.

What’s my favorite food. I’m going to have to say anything from Whataburger.

So what got me into writing dirty? Well, I’ve always been very sexual. I used to masturbate a lot when I was 11 or 12 and never stopped. Eventually I wanted to save some of the ideas that were going through my head and I always liked writing so I put the two together and voila – that’s how I started.

When did I lose my v-card. Pretty late in life. I was 22 and the guy I lost it to was 25. We dated for a year after that but eventually he had to move away.

Have I tried the dirty with the boyfriend(now ex) of mine. I do but I’ll be honest. He can’t keep up with me. I want it constantly when I’m with him and he just does not. He does like 5 minutes of thrusting and it’s good but it’s over too fast. I didn’t always cum with him either. I had to take care of myself but he wasn’t always the best lover. He did other stuff that was good though and it made up for it but more and more I think I need a sexually compatible person.

A dirty nickname for myself is a question.

I’ll go with Filthy Angel. The girls here all call me IT Angel (and trust me I see a million places to improve the store) but Filthy Angel sounds more fun!

What kink do I like the most? I am a big fan of girl on girl. I’ve had a bunch of experiences with one other girl and a guy and nothing turns me on sometimes like another girl.

What kind of romance I do I like writing? I enjoy contemporary romance as long as there is no cheating and there is a Happily Ever After. Seriously the sex doesn’t matter unless there’s a solid and sweet ending to it.


And finally, you can find my books here:



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The Paise Teller Interview!

So before any author begins working with Naughty Angel Publishing, Alexis does an interview to make sure that their values align with ours. That’s the technical reason. The actual reason is probably to haze them a little bit before they sign on. I went through it. Natalie went through it. I’m sure Lana goes through it every day – dealing with this curious creature we know and love that’s Alexis Angel.

Only this time…Paige seemed to be prepared and turn the tables on Alexis herself.

So without further ado, we give you the Paige Teller interview.

Alexis: Hey Paige, you’re on the line with Lana Angel. And also Daphne and Natalie!
Paige: Heyyyy girls! How y’all doing?
Alexis: Good. So this is just an informal interview to make sure everything is squared away and we’re a good fit.
Paige: Right. You don’t want someone who writes sweet and innocent stories on your dirty word site, huh?
Alexis: Well…actually…
Paige: I want to write filthy.
Alexis: Wow…so…
Paige: I want to write about cocks cumming all over my face. Like covering me with cum. And lots of them. The more the merrier. I want to write about getting fucked hard by three guys. Getting passed around like a rag doll while I don’t even know whose fucking me.
Alexis: Like you…or your characters?
Paige: I would love to have five guys fuck me at once, but I can only find one right now and that’s not all the time. We’re on again and off again.
Alexis: So how much do you write?
Paige: Give me a bottle of whiskey and a vibrator and I can write all day. I’ll only come up for air to eat.
Alexis: Wow
Paige: And then I want to take what I write and read it. Reading hot romance gets me so horny.
Alexis: Ya…me too
Paige: I used to write stuff and read it and go to a bar and pick up guys. I’d get on the mechanical bull and ride it and then do shots of Jameson. And then I’d go dance with my girlfriends. Usually I’d take a guy home and fuck his brains out.
Alexis: Oh my God
Paige: I’m looking for a guy that will defile me when we’re in the bedroom. Or wherever we have sex. And then treat me like a princess when we’re in public. But I want him to do the nastiest things to me.
Alexis: Ya that’s the dream
Paige: I want to write raunchy. I love dirty. After I get off this interview I’m gonna go get myself off because I’m thinking of everything I want to do.
Daphne: Paige, dear…
Paige: Oh no. Alexis said to have a few drinks before the interview! Am I going too far?
Alexis: Paige…you’re…
Paige: Oh god. Did I go overboard?
Natalie: Is that how you really think? What you just said.
Paige: (pausing)…yes.
Alexis: Paige…you’re…
Alexis: perfect.

So keep asking your questions. We’re going to update Paige’s bio and she’ll answer all the questions on tomorrow’s post!

In the meantime, as we were getting ready for her launch she, Lana and Natalie put a collection in the Filthy Fantasies collection all about domination and control. Check it out!


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Check Dirty Lil’ Angels!!!

OMG Babes!

So today is my day to post on the blog and I wanna just say something real quick. We have a section in Dirty Lil’ Angels where we ask people to give us their opinions and thoughts on what would make the store and forum better.

So yesterday we got a suggestion from a member (you know who you are and it’s awesome) asking why we can’t do takeovers. And the fact of the matter is that we totally can and it’s a fantastic idea. Everyone here is excited! Daphne and Natalie are like omg yes! Lana and me are like jumping up and down. We also have two new authors but they’re secret till their books are ready and they’re like omg yes!

So we’re gonna do takeovers! It’s gonna start on Friday and be from like 7 pm EST for an hour. The best part about DLA takeovers I think is that we can do them in real time too. So it’ll actually be like a party because its either gonna be in a post or in the big chat room so we can even all listen to music that’s the same and have fun with games and prizes and giveaways and all be on the same page together!

I’m so excited because it means that our store transcends from being just a store…to a community of Angels.

If you haven’t joined DLA yet, go do so.

I think the lineup will be like a new author every week and then we’ll obviously cycle through as needed but it gives people the chance to interact more and have more contact with all the authors.

I am so excited about this. Sure I have stories of IT Guy and Gym Dudes who are back in my life now that my flu is gone. So I also had some great responses for my sinus infection.

Here are some responses I got:

Amanda writes:

In regards to your sinus headache try a room humidifier to put moisture back into the room. It may or may not work but I would try. I sleep with one every night and it helps mine some

Chelsea writes:

If you can, try taking Sudafed for your sinus issues! I swear by it!

Jeanne writes:

I use Doterra peppermint oil for my sinus headaches. I buy the roll on and roll it on my temples, across my forehead, and across the back of my head at the bottom of the skull where the sinus points are back there. It works better than any over the counter medicine I have ever used!

Maria says:

Regarding your sinus congestion, use saline nasal spray (3 times each nostril), blow your nose, then one spray of Flonase in each nostril. It’s not a steroid but you can only use Flonase once per day and you can get it over the counter. You can use the saline nasal spray as much as you need to to keep your sinuses clear and not dry.

Ramona says:

You could always try having a humidifier in your room to see if that helps, it helps me with my sinuses during the winter when everyone else needs the heat.

These are just a few of the comments. Thank you so much for all your comments!


Check out DLA!!!!!