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Conversations As Per IT Guy

Hey there Angels!
So I was gonna write about the conversation I had with IT Guy and then I was like hmmmm…why not kill two birds with one stone. Now just FYI, I love birds. I don’t wanna kill them. Unless it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas then I like eating turkey or duck or a goose. Also I like chicken….
But regardless, I don’t like going around killing birds.
Anyways, so I was like to IT Guy, hey you think you could write and he looked at me and said Baby I know I could write I think. And I was like okay well then why don’t you put our conversation we had onto a piece of paper and the angels can decide if you’re a good writer. I mean you’ll probably need to do a full scene and all but this is a good way for you to figure it out.
And he was like why don’t I just write you a first chapter of a story and I was like okay.

But the reason I’m telling you this babes is because the conversation we had was so out of a book that maybe Daphne would write I guess. Like I remember I was like,
“Babe, we need to talk,” and he looked at me and said
“That’s usually what you say when you’re breaking up with someone. We aren’t even going out are we?”
And I was like no.
“So what did you want to talk about?” he asked me.
“I think you like me,” I told him.
“Yeah, you could be right,” he replied. “But for what it’s worth, I think you like me too.”
I nodded my head.
“But you know we were like we want to date other people too,” I said to him. “Does that still seem like a good idea?”
“I seem pretty happy with you right now,” he said. “Are you pretty happy with me?”
I nodded again.
“Ok but listen, Alexis,” he said. “You had a pretty turbulent time recently. With the last dude whatever his name was. Are you sure you’re ready for a real relationship again?”
I nodded, and he added, “As much as I don’t like it when you’re with other dudes, I get that you need to go stretch your wings and be free a bit.”
“My angel wings?” I chirped.
He laughed and we kissed.
“So why don’t we do this,” he asked.
“Let’s have a think about this whole thing and ruminate,” he said.
I nodded. I don’t usually like thinking. I like doing. Like too much thinking makes me lazy.
“And lets go on a date.”
“Like a real date?” I asked
“Yeah, I’ll pick you up on Thursday night and we’ll get some drinks and go to dinner and then see where the night leads us,” he told me.
I thought that was a great idea and I told him so.
“Because we’d want that normal courtship phase and to see if we click like that,” he said to me. “Considering we just started sleeping together instead.”
“So Thursday?” I asked.
“Pick you up at 7,” he said to me as I got out of bed to go write my blog.
That’s in like 8 more hours! So you see…I’m like busy getting ready and doing stuff. Hair. Nails. Shave. Clothes.


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