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There’s A Party In Lana’s Pants (Part 2)

I LOOOOOVE this title because Lana is like omg no what are you saying and she’s blushing.
So I have some big news!
But first. Professor.
I’ve been holding out on this story for long enough. Here are the gory details.
So I had a car pick me up and take me to the North Beach bar where I was gonna meet him. I was shooting at 1000% Angels. I had my hair done. I was dressed to kill. I had makeup and perfume set up perfectly.
And Professor is already waiting for me outside and I’m like okay he’s on time so this is a good sign.
We order cocktails and he’s telling me funny stories.
“What’s the best part about being a writer?” he asks me.
“My readers and fans,” I tell him without thinking.
“How many are there?”
“Over 10,000 easy,” I say and he’s like omg and is super impressed. I show him some of my titles and he gets a kick out of the covers.
“You’re not intimidated by the fact that I write smut for a living?” I ask him and he just shakes his head.
“You know what you want in the bedroom so that makes it better for me,” he says with a grin lol
“You’re pretty presumptuous aren’t you?” is all I can ask but inside I’m like gosh wow he actually has no problem with my career choice.
We finish dinner and he tells me all about him. He’s never married. No kids. Went to school and moved out here. He holds my hand as we walk down Columbus Avenue and I’m really really feeling him.
We walk and talk forever and I steer him in one direction after another until we’re back in front of my place. we must have been walking and talking forever. I’d say close to an hour.
“This is my place,” I tell him.
He just looks at me.
“You want me to come up?” he asks.

And I’ll tell the next bit tomorrow!

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Soooo….I need your advice!

Alright angels!

The other day I did the press conference about WineBar and then I was like oh no karma is gonna bite me in the ass for writing this and guess what?

It did. lol I swear karma fucking hates me.

Guess what happened to me. I was hanging out at the Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco and I actually brought my laptop with me so I could do stuff in the store. And then all of a sudden I hear “Are you a developer?” from a voice behind me.

And I look back and its this dude. He’s holding an old fashioned and he’s got a smirk. I’m like whoa. “No, I’m actually an author.”

“An author who does websites?” he asks me.

“I sell direct to my readers,” I said.

“Are you any good?” he asks.

“I’m a USA Today Bestselling author and I’ve hit the Amazon Top 100 like 200 times,” I said to him. He’s like whoa.

“That’s impressive,” he says to me and I’m like ooooh its been so long since someone has been impressed with me.

“What do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a professor,” he says to me. “I teach poli sci over at UC Berkeley.”

So I raised my eyebrows at him because he looks like 32 and I’m like you’re a professor and he’s like yeah I’m an adjunct. I did my PhD at Harvard. And I’m like wow ok. He also does some consulting for some political campaigns. Anyways, he ends with, “I have some friends over there that I got to get to but have a drink with me at the Top of the Mark this Friday.”

I’m like oh. my. god. Someone just asked me out.

“Here’s my number. Call me,” he says, “I can’t wait to have dinner with a USA Today Bestselling author”

And I’m like sitting there speechless as this totally handsome 30 something year old who looks like he stepped out of a magazine walk away. And I’m like okay tomorrow morning I need to talk to the angels and see what to do. I’m thinking I should call WineBar and ask if its okay to go on this “date” but I dunno. I want to because he was so smooth and suave and WineBar has made it clear that we’re not a thing until we figure it out but I dunno babes. What do I do?

I was so not sure what to do that I went back and read Naughty Lil’ Angel. I also put it up on the store. It’s got a re-release special of $1.99 for the next 24 hours. You can grab it here or on the Featured Deals Page!! And please let me know what to do!

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Where In The World Is Lana Angel?

So when we put Hit & Run up for sale last night I got a whole bunch of emails from people saying shit like omg is Lana coming back too? And like I mentioned earlier in my newsletter yeah for a while there Lana was like okay Alexis I’m going to branch out and do some more dark stuff and I totally got that, you know?

But what do they say about bad habits? They always come back. But haha Lana isn’t the bad habit – I am!

No I’m serious babe. Like Lana is like a hard worker and I’m like omg I’m going to drink this bottle of wine and watch the real housewives of orange county and all of a sudden I’ve missed the deadline for my chapters and Lana is like where are they here are mine and I’m like okay I sent it. But then she’s like I don’t see it so I’m like uhmm maybe your email is all fucked up babe have you called google?

Anyways, when I said bad habits are bad, 1) I was joking and 2) I wanted to say that while I was in Europe and wondering what to even do with everything, guess who pops back in? Seriously I was in Paris and all of a sudden someone sits down next to me. And I look over and it’s Lana.

And I’m like whoa baby I must be really drunk already. But that didn’t make any sense because it was only like 10:30 am over there and I mean I’ve been drunk that early before (tailgate parties in college anyone? I mean one time I got so drunk I was doing this kegstand and I forgot I wasn’t wearing panties under this skirt I had on and that was slightly awkward.) Anyways so Lana sits down and I’m like looking at her like whoa what are you doing here. This after I pinched her a couple times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I know I know I’m supposed to pinch myself but I mean it was easier to just pinch her.

Anyways, she started to talk and tomorrow I’m gonna talk about that because the convo with Lana deserves its full story. Anyways, ttyl babe. Oh, if you haven’t yet, check out the book Hit & Run that Lana and I wrote that you can get on the book page.

Anyways, talk soon babes. I have like 11,000 emails to start to go answer and then I gotta write this book with Lana.

Hugs and Kisses and Lots of Love,