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So Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

So Natalie is on the phone and we’re using my account but basically this is Lana and Natalie writing this message, Angels.

We have some exciting news. I recently found out from our downstairs neighbors that they are leaving at the end of the month. Alexis and I spoke to the landlord (he has a strange attraction to the both of us) and asked him sweetly if our friend could potentially move in on a month to month basis. Natalie would still be keeping her house that she lived in with Hot Doctor until her divorce had completed but in the meantime she’d be living below us.

Our landlord agreed! And Natalie isn’t really paying the mortgage or the rent on that house so she’s got the funds to potentially move in and maybe stay a month here and a month there or however she finds is best.

Obviously we’re going to have to find a roommate for Natalie (I keep saying that there needs to be an author out there looking for a place to live but we’ll see how that goes).

However, just imagine it, Angels. Natalie Knight living in the same vicinity as Alexis Angel and Lana Angel. This townhouse would become more of a sorority than anything else.

Alexis said “sorority of smut” before she went to sleep this morning (she was up all night writing her latest project). But it would be amazing. The creative juices that would flow. The potential for collaboration.

Realistically, I know we can’t get every single author who publishes through Naughty Angel Publishing to live in the same vicinity, but this is what happens when you get a bunch of like minded people who like sex and write smut – you create a positive environment of support and camaraderie.

Natalie was talking to me about something else.

So, ever since I moved in with Alexis, I haven’t really had any sex. And Natalie hasn’t had any sex since her “husband” left. We were talking about bonding as celibate sisters until we can get some again.

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten any action recently. I think a part of me is still not sure I’m ready to let go of Mr. Lana Angel. I know it’s silly, but a part of me is also thinking I need to wait until I get my divorce to have sex with someone other than Mr. Lana Angel.

And this is why I wanted to write the update today. Because I want your advice, Angels. Do you guys think it’s silly that no sex is happening until my divorce is finalized? I spoke to Natalie about this and she mentioned that after the emotional turmoil (which you can read in DLA) sex was the last thing on her mind for a while. She’s maybe ready to get back in the game soon but she’s not in any hurry. This in contrast to Daphne or dare I say Alexis who are looking to fuck their way through 2019. Not sure if it’s just me or something I need to deal with.

Thoughts welcome!

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Author Interview

Howdy Angels!

So, Daphne Dawn is going to get credentials for the store tomorrow, but before that, Alexis and I got on a chat with her to make sure we caught all the pertinent information. This was a while ago, but I just had to share this with you guys because it was too funny. I’m going to be living with this woman, Alexis, and I’m excited!

Interview Excerpt:

Lana: Hey Daphne!
Daphne: Hey Lana!
Alexis: Hi
Daphne: Hey Alexis! Long time no speak.
Alexis: Yup.
Lana: So Daphne we just have a few questions to make sure that our store will be a good fit for you, if that’s okay.
Daphne: Sure, not a problem.
Alexis: I’ll go first!
Lana: Okay, Alexis. I mean we have a script.
Alexis: Ya, ya, whatever. Ok Daphne I gotta ask. When you cum, do you see spots?
Daphne: Uhm, what? Haha.
Alexis: You know, do you see stars? Or see spots?
Lana: Alexis dear…
Daphne: Not really?
Lana: Because that means you’re having a heart attack.
Alexis: (typing)
Lana: Let’s go with this question, instead. Daphne, what is your favorite book, if you had to choose?
Daphne: That’s a hard one. I’d have to say 4 Men of the House even though the Other Brother and Marriage Mistake are such runaway bestsellers.
Alexis: Wait. You wrote that with Natalie Knight, right?
Daphne: That’s right.
Alexis: Have you and Natalie ever….you know?
Daphne: No, I don’t. What?
Lana: Oh god.
Alexis: Have you two ever fucked?
Daphne: Oh, dear.
Lana: Oh no.
Daphne: Actually, I’m pretty conservative in my normal life. I don’t get much of a chance to do things like that.
Alexis: Ok but would you?
Lana: Alexis…
Daphne: I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it.
Alexis: Like what if you were drunk?
Daphne: I don’t usually drink
Alexis: (Typing)
Lana: Ok, lets get back on track. Daphne, how often do you think you’d release with us?
Daphne: I think once a month at least. Maybe more if it’s one of those long stories that you guys do, telling it in parts.
Alexis: Do you like get yourself off after finishing a book?
Daphne: What? haha?
Alexis: Like I usually play with my vibe to celebrate after a book is done u know?
Daphne: Don’t you do that anyways? I read your newsletter…
Alexis: Ya but this is a special one. Like I finished a book. Boom
Daphne: I usually make a pie.
Alexis: Ooooh. Do you let your hubby fuck it? Like in American Pie????
Daphne: …..

It’s a wonder Daphne Dawn ever ended up bringing her stuff to our store. I was chuckling, shaking my head, and letting my mouth hang open all at once.

But she’s Alexis. And I love her.

And I love you.

Thank you for having me in your family, Angels. I love it here.

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New Roommate?

So Angels guess what?

You guys sent so many well wishes and comments to Lana about being an angel that we went out this evening and this is what the convo kinda went like:

Lana: Shouldn’t we be writing chapters for the next book?
Alexis: Babe let your hair down okay?
Lana: I can’t. We need to finish up these books we started
Alexis: Ya ya hey is that guy staring at me?
Lana: What guy?
Alexis: Turn around and look at him, but do it without turning around, okay?
Lana: WTF
Alexis: Anyways, so are you more comfortable now? You get that we never really broke up as a team right?
Lana: Yeah listen I’m sorry…but what guy? What happened to Technology Man?
Alexis: It’s IT Guy and he’s amazing and I might put out next time.
Lana: Already?
Alexis: Hello, I was trying to seduce him remember? Besides its gonna be Date number 3
Lana: Yeah, listen…what do you think now that Mr. Lana Angel and I are separated and my 4 month lease is expiring that I…
Alexis: Why don;t you move in? I have two bedrooms!!
Lana: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say
Alexis: Except I said it first! Hey that dude is staring at me
Lana: Let me look (turning around)
Alexis: OMG! You turned around
Lana: He’s not staring at you
(Dude walks over to our table)
Dude: Hello
Lana: (To Alexis) So what do you say?
Alexis: Yes
Dude: That’s a yes?

And that’s a whole new story I think.

Check out my new series on the Featured Deals page!!! My release. All me.

I’ve been working on this ALL BY MYSELF. NOT ME AND LANA! Finally I have my own release oh my god it feels so good. Oh man.

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Hey Angels! Sorry I’ve Been AWOL

Dear Angels,

Thank you so much for all the love and support. From all the emails and the comments I want you to know that I truly am loved. And yes, our little Angel family has gone through a lot and we stick together.

It’s just been rough for me the last few months.

As a few of you have guessed…Mr. Lana Angel and I are separated. It happened right about the time that Alexis and I decided to go our separate ways. That was basically the underlying reason. He wanted to move away from the city and then he felt that I was becoming too dependent on Alexis and writing all the time with her. That I needed to be my own person.

What I didn’t realize is that Alexis brings out the best in me. She makes me laugh and makes me cry and makes me think. So did Ex.

I tried it his way. I tried to please him. I really did.

But then my account got shut down at Amazon and my books started to get pulled and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I suggested to him that I reach out to Alexis. But he wouldn’t have it. See…I think Ex (who used to be Mr. Lana Angel) and Alexis never got along. Actually, truth be told, he was always a bit intimidated of Alexis I think. Not that he usually gets intimidated – but you know how Alexis is. She once told him he was an idiot and when he kept doing something wrong she threw her shoe at him. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except he was eating a cheeseburger and he almost choked to death when the heel hit him in the head.

So there wasn’t any love lost between them. And he wanted me separate from her. But not just her. All of our author friends we’d made along the way.

I know Alexis told you guys about Daphne and Nat coming on board, but we made so many other friends and he wanted me to just write on my own. And then cook dinner and be a wife.

But I know I can do so much more.

We fought until he agreed that I could go to Paris. And then it took one whole day talking with Alexis making plans and I realized where I was missing things.

Alexis is silly. She’s got the temperament of a 12 year old. She’s vain (it’s true). She’s flighty. But she’s my best friend. And she’ll walk over fire to make sure I’m okay. I was missing that.

Anyways, putting my career first and my life first made him give me an ultimatum. Choose him or my life that I had always wanted.

I haven’t decided yet. But we are separated. And that’s what I’m dealing with.

Anyways this has gone on for a long post but I wanna share something with you guys to just say thank you.

Now we had a whole bunch of downloads and buys for our newest series that came out but Alexis is off on a date with…is it Tech Guy? IT Man? I forget whatever she calls him but he got home early and she hadn’t put the Featured Deal. So I did. As a founding member of the store, I’m putting it at more than 50% off for everyone who works on a budget. For the next 3 days, go ahead and grab it. Once it becomes a Featured Deal it stays so it’s my way of saying thanks to all you Angels.

Love you all


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Where In The World Is Lana Angel?

So when we put Hit & Run up for sale last night I got a whole bunch of emails from people saying shit like omg is Lana coming back too? And like I mentioned earlier in my newsletter yeah for a while there Lana was like okay Alexis I’m going to branch out and do some more dark stuff and I totally got that, you know?

But what do they say about bad habits? They always come back. But haha Lana isn’t the bad habit – I am!

No I’m serious babe. Like Lana is like a hard worker and I’m like omg I’m going to drink this bottle of wine and watch the real housewives of orange county and all of a sudden I’ve missed the deadline for my chapters and Lana is like where are they here are mine and I’m like okay I sent it. But then she’s like I don’t see it so I’m like uhmm maybe your email is all fucked up babe have you called google?

Anyways, when I said bad habits are bad, 1) I was joking and 2) I wanted to say that while I was in Europe and wondering what to even do with everything, guess who pops back in? Seriously I was in Paris and all of a sudden someone sits down next to me. And I look over and it’s Lana.

And I’m like whoa baby I must be really drunk already. But that didn’t make any sense because it was only like 10:30 am over there and I mean I’ve been drunk that early before (tailgate parties in college anyone? I mean one time I got so drunk I was doing this kegstand and I forgot I wasn’t wearing panties under this skirt I had on and that was slightly awkward.) Anyways so Lana sits down and I’m like looking at her like whoa what are you doing here. This after I pinched her a couple times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I know I know I’m supposed to pinch myself but I mean it was easier to just pinch her.

Anyways, she started to talk and tomorrow I’m gonna talk about that because the convo with Lana deserves its full story. Anyways, ttyl babe. Oh, if you haven’t yet, check out the book Hit & Run that Lana and I wrote that you can get on the book page.

Anyways, talk soon babes. I have like 11,000 emails to start to go answer and then I gotta write this book with Lana.

Hugs and Kisses and Lots of Love,