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I think I got an STD….

Because check it out I found out today that Gym Bro was sick with the flu and he’s been laid up in bed for the last few days.
I have the flu too and I’ve been laid up the last few days.
I must have gotten it from having sex with him! When I was having sex with the both of them.
A disease you catch while having sex makes it sexually transmitted right?
Oh my God!
I can’t believe this.

Of course Lana is trying to convince me that I don’t have an STD and that the flu doesn’t count.

she’s like you guys didn’t get the flu by exchanging bodily fluids and I’m like “oh yeah, well one of them spit on my face and I licked it up! So there”

At which point Lana just looks at me strange.

And I’m like….”well I told them to because I wanted to be all slutty” and she’s like you told them to and I’m like what? I just wanted to see what it was like and she’s like wow I need to get out more.

But then I tell Daphne as we’re working (Lana is there too) that I have beaten back an STD and the debate starts all over again!!!

I mean, like come on. Just go with me on this right?

Only Natalie is with me on this. She’s like ya girl you totally have an STD and Daphne and Lana are like “ahem the flu is not an STD”

I’m like yeah okay it totally isn’t if you like get it from the guy at the corner store but if you get it while having sex it becomes an STD.

This isn’t to make getting STDs less significant. Thankfully I’ve always practiced safe sex and recommend that everyone do so. I’ve been very clean with all my sex toys and everything I put inside me. I clean my sex toys more than I do dishes or laundry as Lana will attest.

It’s very important to be healthy and safe, Angels. Because at the end of the day, as I found out from my own fighting back the flu-STD that when you’re lying in bed shivering and having delirious dreams about purple unicorns killing mean people that you are at the end of the day responsible for your own safety and health. No matter what anyone says – be it husband, boyfriend, lover, girlfriend, or just booty call – you need to make sure that you’re safe and you take care of yourself first. Because the trick to being an independent and strong woman who stands up for herself is not letting what someone else dictates sway you when it comes to your own safety.

So a bar seems sketchy? Don’t go in. One of your boyfriends friends seems off? Let your man know and tell him that you aren’t going to be in the same room together if there’s alcohol involved. It’s a dark parking garage? Then call a friend to have them accompany you.

It may seem inconvenient, but like my momma always said – it’s better to be a few minutes late if you’re driving than speeding and getting into an accident. Because then you’re really late.

Anyways, I dunno if this rambling made any sense but I’m going back to bed bc I have the flu. Love you angels

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Lucky Underwear

So Alexis and I have published books together before and with me coming to the store, we decided that we would do it again. It’s a lot of fun collaborating with Alexis and she has some great ideas.

But yesterday was one for the history books. Here’s a sample of our conversation – I borrowed the format Lana used to stay uniform.

So Alexis and I are on the phone and the conversation went like this:

Daphne: So the book, (Name Redacted), is going to be a menage then. Just two guys?
Alexis: Yeah, hey, I have a question.
Daphne: Yes, of course. What is it dear?
Alexis: You’re pretty good at writing menage and multiple guys.
Daphne: Why, thank you. I try.
Alexis: You think you can give me some tips on how I can get both guys to do me at once?
Daphne: What?
Alexis: Yeah. I met two guys at the gym and I don’t know if either is really boyfriend potential, but they’re both hot. And I wanna be in the middle of a sandwich like that.
Daphne: Uhmm…I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask.
Alexis: Oh, please. I read 3 Men of the House. And 4 Men of the House. You are like me. We are the Queens of Menage.
Daphne: Yeah but those are fantasies, babe.
Alexis: Yeah, but I’ve had it once (sorta by accident) but I want to attract them both.
Daphne: Maybe just hold up a sign?
Alexis: No. I don’t wanna give it up like that easy. I want it to be sexy.
Daphne: So texting them in a group chat and saying “Want to fuck me together” is not an option.
Alexis: Absolutely not. I want them to be like choose between us and then I’m like I don’t wanna choose I want you both.
Daphne: You think guys in real life will be like that?
Alexis: I worry. Because what if they’re like ew no.
Daphne: Maybe you need to make the situation hotter.
Alexis: You mean like seduce them?
Daphne: I bet you’re a pretty good seductress.
Alexis: Lana did move in and she’s got these panties she calls her lucky panties that she swears boosts her seduction skills.
Daphne: I don’t know. Maybe use your own underwear. You could run a La Perla store out of your closet.
Alexis: Yeah, but I wanna be a classy slut, you know? Not a trashy one. But what if none of my underwear is lucky.
Daphne: Maybe you should ask the angels.
Alexis: That’s not a bad idea. Ask the angels for help in deciding what to do.
Daphne: Although they probably want to know what happened to your dog.
Alexis: Oh. With my parents. My parents have a huge backyard and they live in the suburbs. And there’s more space to run around.
Daphne: Oh?
Alexis: I’ll cover it in my press conference.
Daphne: You won’t tell me?
Alexis: Babe. I hear you typing. You’re probably going to put this on the blog.
Daphne: Guilty.
Alexis: I’m gonna ask the angels.
Daphne: And this is going up for all posterity.
Alexis: Contemporary Romance writers. And their struggles.
Daphne: Daphne Dawn and Alexis Angel and Lana Angel.
Alexis: We’re a fun bunch. Natalie is joining soon. And another author.
Daphne: Who?
Alexis: It’s (NAME REDACTED).
Daphne: Awesome.

So Angels. Help Alexis come up with ways to seduce two men? Otherwise she’s never going to finish her book with me and we won’t get a chance to release!

Today’s Featured Deal is actually about 7 men. 7 Deadly Men.

7 Deadly Sinners. Check out Featured Deals. Alexis and Lana did a fabulous job on this book and it’s one of my favorite covers of all time. When it came out on Amazon it literally changed the game in how reverse harem romance books were covered.


Happy reading!

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Hello, Angels!

Hey there, Naughty Angels!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daphne Dawn. I write steamy contemporary romance – the more men the better.

But before I begin, I want to give a warm thank you to Alexis Angel for letting me join her family that she’s created here. I’m still trying to get everything sorted – including a picture on my profile and figuring out the back end stuff.

I’ve been writing for a while now and I was an Amazon author that was on Kindle Unlimited. Then I went on a cruise with my boyfriend Greg and upon coming back to dry land discovered that I was now a banned author!

All my books were taken down.

Fast forward five months and here I am. My boyfriend Greg is now my ex boyfriend. We had some issues that were at first easily covered up by having sex, but when we slowed down on the sex the issues kept bubbling up. Add to that a traumatic event like losing your source of income, and the relationship just didn’t last.

I was actually thinking of giving up writing when Alexis, who I had worked with before, reached out to me and convinced me to start going wide under the Naughty Angel Publishing group. I’ll tell you – she may sometimes come across as happy go lucky without a care in the world but that woman has an insanely good business skill. She’s also very compassionate.

What followed then were several weeks of contractual workings, and now here I am, as a contributor to the Naughty Angel group! I’m excited to be a part of this family. Like I said, I worked with Lana and Alexis in the past, and I’d marveled at the community that they had created. I was always a bit envious about it, and rest assured now that I am in it, I’ll protect it with everything I have.

I have a few books out in the store already: 3 Men of the House, 4 Men of the House, The Other Brother, The Marriage Mistake, The Proposal Problem and The Better Bride. Go check it out on the store if you haven’t already! More are coming.

In fact, today’s Featured Deal from Alexis is actually Caught on Tape, which is 35% off – to get the book for $1.99!

I’m excited to update and share in with y’all, and once again, thank you for welcoming me into your group!

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Author Interview

Howdy Angels!

So, Daphne Dawn is going to get credentials for the store tomorrow, but before that, Alexis and I got on a chat with her to make sure we caught all the pertinent information. This was a while ago, but I just had to share this with you guys because it was too funny. I’m going to be living with this woman, Alexis, and I’m excited!

Interview Excerpt:

Lana: Hey Daphne!
Daphne: Hey Lana!
Alexis: Hi
Daphne: Hey Alexis! Long time no speak.
Alexis: Yup.
Lana: So Daphne we just have a few questions to make sure that our store will be a good fit for you, if that’s okay.
Daphne: Sure, not a problem.
Alexis: I’ll go first!
Lana: Okay, Alexis. I mean we have a script.
Alexis: Ya, ya, whatever. Ok Daphne I gotta ask. When you cum, do you see spots?
Daphne: Uhm, what? Haha.
Alexis: You know, do you see stars? Or see spots?
Lana: Alexis dear…
Daphne: Not really?
Lana: Because that means you’re having a heart attack.
Alexis: (typing)
Lana: Let’s go with this question, instead. Daphne, what is your favorite book, if you had to choose?
Daphne: That’s a hard one. I’d have to say 4 Men of the House even though the Other Brother and Marriage Mistake are such runaway bestsellers.
Alexis: Wait. You wrote that with Natalie Knight, right?
Daphne: That’s right.
Alexis: Have you and Natalie ever….you know?
Daphne: No, I don’t. What?
Lana: Oh god.
Alexis: Have you two ever fucked?
Daphne: Oh, dear.
Lana: Oh no.
Daphne: Actually, I’m pretty conservative in my normal life. I don’t get much of a chance to do things like that.
Alexis: Ok but would you?
Lana: Alexis…
Daphne: I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it.
Alexis: Like what if you were drunk?
Daphne: I don’t usually drink
Alexis: (Typing)
Lana: Ok, lets get back on track. Daphne, how often do you think you’d release with us?
Daphne: I think once a month at least. Maybe more if it’s one of those long stories that you guys do, telling it in parts.
Alexis: Do you like get yourself off after finishing a book?
Daphne: What? haha?
Alexis: Like I usually play with my vibe to celebrate after a book is done u know?
Daphne: Don’t you do that anyways? I read your newsletter…
Alexis: Ya but this is a special one. Like I finished a book. Boom
Daphne: I usually make a pie.
Alexis: Ooooh. Do you let your hubby fuck it? Like in American Pie????
Daphne: …..

It’s a wonder Daphne Dawn ever ended up bringing her stuff to our store. I was chuckling, shaking my head, and letting my mouth hang open all at once.

But she’s Alexis. And I love her.

And I love you.

Thank you for having me in your family, Angels. I love it here.

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Hey Angels! Sorry I’ve Been AWOL

Dear Angels,

Thank you so much for all the love and support. From all the emails and the comments I want you to know that I truly am loved. And yes, our little Angel family has gone through a lot and we stick together.

It’s just been rough for me the last few months.

As a few of you have guessed…Mr. Lana Angel and I are separated. It happened right about the time that Alexis and I decided to go our separate ways. That was basically the underlying reason. He wanted to move away from the city and then he felt that I was becoming too dependent on Alexis and writing all the time with her. That I needed to be my own person.

What I didn’t realize is that Alexis brings out the best in me. She makes me laugh and makes me cry and makes me think. So did Ex.

I tried it his way. I tried to please him. I really did.

But then my account got shut down at Amazon and my books started to get pulled and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I suggested to him that I reach out to Alexis. But he wouldn’t have it. See…I think Ex (who used to be Mr. Lana Angel) and Alexis never got along. Actually, truth be told, he was always a bit intimidated of Alexis I think. Not that he usually gets intimidated – but you know how Alexis is. She once told him he was an idiot and when he kept doing something wrong she threw her shoe at him. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except he was eating a cheeseburger and he almost choked to death when the heel hit him in the head.

So there wasn’t any love lost between them. And he wanted me separate from her. But not just her. All of our author friends we’d made along the way.

I know Alexis told you guys about Daphne and Nat coming on board, but we made so many other friends and he wanted me to just write on my own. And then cook dinner and be a wife.

But I know I can do so much more.

We fought until he agreed that I could go to Paris. And then it took one whole day talking with Alexis making plans and I realized where I was missing things.

Alexis is silly. She’s got the temperament of a 12 year old. She’s vain (it’s true). She’s flighty. But she’s my best friend. And she’ll walk over fire to make sure I’m okay. I was missing that.

Anyways, putting my career first and my life first made him give me an ultimatum. Choose him or my life that I had always wanted.

I haven’t decided yet. But we are separated. And that’s what I’m dealing with.

Anyways this has gone on for a long post but I wanna share something with you guys to just say thank you.

Now we had a whole bunch of downloads and buys for our newest series that came out but Alexis is off on a date with…is it Tech Guy? IT Man? I forget whatever she calls him but he got home early and she hadn’t put the Featured Deal. So I did. As a founding member of the store, I’m putting it at more than 50% off for everyone who works on a budget. For the next 3 days, go ahead and grab it. Once it becomes a Featured Deal it stays so it’s my way of saying thanks to all you Angels.

Love you all


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The First of Many Surprises

So remember when I was talking about hey Lana and I have a surprise for you?
Well I didn’t forget.

Several weeks ago I approached a dear friend of mine. I’ve collaborated with her on some books and so has Lana.

A lot of back and forth later, I’m pleased to introduce bestselling authoresses Daphne Dawn and Natalie Knight entering the Naughty Angel Publishing fold. They’ll be featuring their books exclusively on our site. In the future they’ll go wide, but we’ll do it together as a team.

Daphne and Natalie have started with The Billionaire Hangover series and will over the course of the next few weeks start uploading more books for your enjoyment as well as writing new books as well.

Check out the Buy Books page!

I’m excited! You should be too! More surprises are coming!

Check out the Buy Books page.