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So IT Guy Punched Gym Bro In The Face…

Hey Angels!

So you’ll have seen that we’ve added another section to our store, which is called The Other Side. It’s all about the side characters and the side people that get into stories when main characters are doing their thing in our novels. So these Other Side stories explore the side characters and also give us a peek into what the main characters are doing!
So we were building this yesterday and also it was a big day! Max Bid 11 was coming out from Daphne so she submitted that. Natalie and Paige wrote a hilarious enemies to lovers romance and that was coming out. Filthy Fantasies were coming out. And the first Other Side stories were coming out.
That’s a lot of releases. Which means that Natalie, Lana, and I were all working in our apartment.
In case I forgot to mention, Natalie is still here! Anyways, so IT Guy was helping me as I was getting stuff ready and Natalie and Gym Dude have been spending a lot of time together. It turns out they love watching movies together. And fucking, of course. But So Gym Dude and IT Guy have always sort of eyed each other warily. IT Guy has never really come out and been mean to him but I did tell him just to be honest that I still am seeing other guys and Gym Bro and Gym Dude and I had our little thing back in the day. IT Guy was okay with that back then, he was like okay yeah that’s fine. We’re single.
But after WineBar, he’s been really protective of me. He makes sure I’m doing okay and all that. He’s also been okay with Gym Dude because Gym Dude has been focused on Natalie.
But yesterday, IT Guy is sitting there helping with store stuff and Gym Dude is working on his laptop for work and I’m like omg I wanna fuck IT Guy so I’m trying to finish early.
This is around 9 pm.
So then out of nowhere comes Gym Bro. I guess he got lonely after the gym and wanted to see where his other half was so he came by our apartment.
Right away IT Guy is watching him but Gym Bro is like hey everyone and he has nothing to do so he’s trying to amuse himself and he’s getting in the way.
At some point I went to the bathroom and when I came out I saw IT Guy on his iPad and I see him reading Queen of Hearts.
“You’re reading my shit!” I exclaimed happily.
“You know how you were telling me you’re looking for male authors, I could write,” he just says back to me and I’m like whoa.
Like IT Guy is now gonna write books too?!
“Not everyone can write,” I tell him taking a step closer. I’m horny just thinking of him reading my books and I rub my body against him. He squeezes my ass and I like massage his cock through his pants but work calls and eventually we have to disengage and go back.
But then Gym Bro is getting bored. So when Lana and Natalie and Gym Dude (who is now reading over Natalie’s draft) are like sorry bro I’m busy he comes to me.
“Hey, we should do another night,” he says to me and everyone can hear.
This is like the nightmare scenario.
I don’t respond. Just smile and try and play it off.
“You were really hot,” he says and now I’m like getting ready to say okay shut up but IT Guy steps in.
“Lady is trying to work,” he says, clearly seeing that I’m getting exasperated at getting bothered.
“What’s it to you?” Gym Bro says back.
“The sooner she’s done, the sooner we can go to bed.” It Guy says.
And this is where it happens.
“Oh don’t worry, I can tell you exactly what she’s like.” Gym Bro says.
“Dude, not cool,” Gym Dude says.
I see IT Guy tense up.
“Don’t talk about her like that,” he says.
“Why?” Gym Bro asks.
“Because I will fuck you up,” IT Guy says.
“Like I fucked her before you got here,” Gym Bro asks.
And IT Guy just pulls back and punches him in the face.
It was a hard punch.
Gym Bro called him crazy. Insane. Gym Dude separated him and took him away. IT Guy went back to his apartment. And finally when things got settled we got back to work.
Gym Bro was being a douche. And I wasn’t mad at IT Guy, but by the time I was done, I know he told me to call him but it was 3 so I just went to sleep.
So much for keeping them separate, huh Angels?
Looks like I got a cleanup in Aisle 5.

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New York Daily Journal News Story!

Hey Angels! So we got another submission from a male author and he’s basically written something hilarious I think but I wanna have you guys check it out and give me your thoughts first. His note is below:

Hey Alexis. I’ve read most of your books when you were on Amazon and breaking the charts. I saw you were taking submissions on your blog and I thought I could do a better job. I’ve never published anything yet but I put this news article together based on some of your early stuff that I read. Let me know if it’s any good or you’d want to work together. Sincerely, (NAME REDACTED)

If you’re familiar with classic Alexis Angel then this should be entertaining. If you’re not, then I’ll put the books this relates to at the end of the news story. So here we go!

Billionaire World in New York City Shaken To It’s Core!

By Mona Cox, staff writer for the New York Daily Journal

New York City – The billionaire class that works, plays, and eats in New York City was shaken to its core today when the world famous restaurant Per Se, located in the Time Warner Center, announced that they were closing their restaurant to all further bookings. A spokesperson for the restaurant announced that they had been booked solid for the next 365 days.
“It’s not even that we’ve sold all our tables for dinner,” he said. “It’s that these billionaires have come in and rented out the entire restaurant on particular nights just so they can eat alone with their dining companion.”
A typical dinner at Per Se will easily cost $1000. It’s not uncommon for the restaurant to service just one seating of guests and guide them through an 8 course tasting menu paired with wines and cocktails and followed up with dessert.
“We have no need to even have a changing menu with a booking for the whole restaurant each night,” Head Chef Joseph Conrad said. “We’re just serving a billionaire and his alpha woman. The billionaire is obviously trying to get laid. There’s no doubt about it when they come in. They have flowers and the woman comes in and then they’re all over each other as they leave and get in a limo to go to the billionaire’s apartment at One57.”
In almost a cruel twist of fate, the apartment building One57 announced today that it would not be accepting any new applicants to move in, citing that every apartment was already purchased by a billionaire.
“I didn’t even know this many billionaires lived in New York City, and that they were all trying to live here,” Mark Corocoran, property manager for One57 said. “It’s like they read about us in a book or something.and all decided that they wanted to move here.”
New York City has in recent years been beseiged by a bevy of handsome, modelesque billionaires who haved all specifically moved into One57 and/or eaten at Per Se. They’ve purchased limousines that many New Yorker’s have mentioned rock side to side when idling in traffic, as they’ve engaged in sexual relationship with similarly driven alpha females.
“You can’t throw a rock without hitting a billionaire nowadays, you know?” Joel Norman, who works in Midtown Manhattan said. “Used to be they were just a bunch of old geezers who made their money. Nowadays they’re all handsome, rich, and cut. They bench 200 pounds and love taking off their shirts randomly. I’ll be walking into Starbucks and there’s a billionaire taking off his shirt and just fucking standing there waiting for someone to take a picture. I just wanna get a cup of coffee and this dude is standing there shirtless. If he wasn’t there I’d get a fucking donut but instead I just get the rice cake.”
It remains unclear what the recent upswing in billionaire activities will do to this city, but one thing is clear. There are many more billionaires being created. And they’re all coming to the city. Only time will tell what the effects are.