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Strong Angel

Hey Angels!

So today is a bit serious but not really that serious because since I’m getting my head back in the game I decided to sit down and talk to you Angels about something that’s been bothering me for a while.

So let me just start by saying that Dirty Lil’ Angels and our store and everything we do is all about having and celebrating strong women. That doesn’t mean we like hate men haha because I really love men but what it means is that we celebrate anyone and anything that is able to be strong and independent and carefree.

I don’t want anyone – and that means anyone at all – to feel excluded or left out by what they believe in from participating in forums or the store. You should never feel like just because you disagree with someone or that you hold a differing viewpoint that we don’t want you here.

It seems like everyone everywhere everyday right now is talking about how different we all are and how far apart and divided we’ve become. All I have to say is that if we don’t build and create things that we can all enjoy in then that problem only gets worse. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with people believing and doing their own thing. Like how boring would it be if we all thought and believed the same thing you know?

But lately it seems to be a flick of the switch instead of dimmer in terms of what things are. So its either oh you’re with us or against us and you know what? If you believe that that’s okay too because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Here’s what I believe.

I believe that for far too long women have been told what to believe and what to do and that women  finally have the power to now speak for ourselves if they choose. If they choose to give that power over to someone else like a man in their lives then that’s their decision but they made it because people before them fought and died so that they could make that decision.

People should be free to express themselves – even if that means they choose to not express themselves because in the end that’s their decision and their right. We shouldn’t have to agree with what everyone else around us always says and if we don’t agree that’s fine too. We can all be Angels.

I know people must be like what the fuck where did that come from but I was drinking the other night with Natalie and Lana and I just thought about that and figured I wanted to share it with the Angels and it took me some time to put it all on paper.

Go out in the world. Be strong. Be free. But if you want to be something else, that’s your choice too. You have the choice. Grab it.

5 thoughts on “Strong Angel

  1. Yes!
    The power behind choice!
    You are so right about past generations having been through so much to get us where we can freely choose!
    Glad you are feeling strong, and free!
    Yay for life!

  2. This sentiment really resonates. Make the choice that’s right for you and celebrate. Let others make their choices and let them celebrate. Just because you’re right doesn’t make others wrong.

  3. For once, I’m totally agreeing with your statements. Thank you. You do you!!!

  4. Alexis, I am so freaking far behind on everything Angel and I have just read this post. I totally agree with you that every woman and man should be free to make their own choices because that’s what our country is based on. I truly wish that everyone would look inward instead of trying to control other’s lives. Glad you shared this with all of us.

  5. So true.

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