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Hey Angels

This is a quick post today because I am so hungry. Seriously we have like no food in the fridge. It’s not like we’re broke or anything but that we’re just all so busy that we haven’t gone to the grocery store to buy food to make it. I mean there is like pasta and rice and beans in the pantry and we have a bunch of meat but its all frozen. And every time I’m like I’m going to cook something there is something that comes up and takes all the motivation away. Like oh I need salt. Yeah we have no salt in the apartment either. We also don’t have any sugar in the apartment unless you count sugar as sex then we get enough of that I guess haha. 

Anyways, whenever one of our parents visits one of the things we do is go grocery shopping and not because they’re buying it lol but because it just seems like such a wonderful thing to do with your parents. 

Although Lana’s mom or my mom is always like are you eating right or getting enough to eat and I’m like yes yes don’t worry. 

And we are. Its just that sometimes food consists of Carls Jr or In N Out or Hawaiian Barbecue lol. Or sometimes its salads too or poke. 

But my new favorite is Panera with the bowls they have. 

Anyways so that means there is very little snacking in this apartment. 

Breakfast consists of Starbucks but we never get a chance to snack and other times we’re like all starving. 

And once I start to starve its like Lana is starving too.