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Starts to go downhill

Hey Angels!

So yeah the last thing I was talking about is that Lana and I basically pushed IT Guy away when he thought we were having a threesome and it sorta because a twosome with him now sitting there watching us with his cock like all hard because I mean come on you got two women going at it. 

I think at this point our clothes are all off and Lana and I are going at it and part of it is really hot because IT Guy is sitting there slowly jerking off (since we didn’t really let him participate because I think we were just exploring this together). 

Anyways I do know that at one point IT Guy has seen something pretty crazy that Lana and I are doing and he’s about to cum and that’s when Lana and I get on all fours and go suck him off and then just because we saw it in porn so many times and wrote about it a lot we swap the cum. 

And I think like IT Guy passes out while Lana and I keep fucking. 

And like it was crazy. I don’t know when we finally collapsed but I’ll tell you I couldn’t feel my legs. It all felt really really dirty and naughty in a good way. I think we went to her room and collapsed while he was sleeping on the couch. 

Anyways so the next morning I woke up and Lana was still there but we weren’t spooning or anything but we figured hey why not do it again and this time we sorta tried different things. Like I tried things that really get me off and they worked on Lana too.

And then we got up and showered separately. IT Guy was already gone. 

And Lana came outside because I was sitting there trying to come up with the schedule for the day and I looked at her. 

And it felt super awkward. 

And that’s how this whole absence started. 

This is the basis for the big freak out we had. 

Anyways, if you haven’t emailed us for your gift cards yet for either being an AngelAccess member or buying something from the store make sure you do so!

Talk soon Angels!

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  1. Wow, sounds like y’all really enjoyed it 🙂

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