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Something new this way comes…

So re-introducing Sinful Selections!
It’s called Pick Your Pleasure romance. You all may have remembered this book from back in the day when I Tried it out. Some people loved it! Some people didn’t like it! And that’s okay!

But based on how Urban Cowgirl did and how this book did, I think going forward we are gonna give it a shot. See we’ll be selling regular standalone stories with no cliffhangers and a HEA. But we’ll also have stories where you can decide the ending! Like Sinful Selections! And then there are serials! And then there are quick short stories!

The end result is that people are able to choose exactly what they want. So if someone wants a book that finishes in one shot then you can pick standalone! Or if you want multiple endings you can pick Sinful Selections! Or if you want a super long story that’s the equivalent of three or four novels by the time it’s done and creates a world in itself you can go serials!

At the end of the day, the store will have something for everyone! But don’t worry about the cost, because we have are gonna put something together that will lower the cost of all our products drastically! It’s still in the works so give us like a few days.

But you ever wonder how fast things change around here? Like it was just in October that we were just starting out on Payhip. And now we’re creating separate classes of products!

It would never have been possible without you, Angels!

My hope in the future is that our store serves as many different types of romance readers as there are. Not just one subset either. Like not just one genre or followers of one author. But be a place where it has something for anyone. If someone wants to indulge in something particular we have it! And it becomes more than just a store – but a place people visit on the regular to get all sorts of things on any given day.

For that I need your ideas too! We’ve talked about what you would want in a store. But what would you want in a site?

Because from my Wall Street days I know this angels! We have to keep evolving. Or we’ll be dead.

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3 thoughts on “Something new this way comes…

  1. Woo hoo!! Loving the evolution. Also, estactic that I can get Sinful Selections. It’s only been on my wish list since I became a Naughty Angel fan about 2 yrs ago but sadly it wasn’t & had not been available. I feel like I found a Unicorn 🦄 😂

  2. Improve Enhance your website The List and Ideas

    So I won’t hold back for it I want the best for you Author of Naughty Angels…

    *Customer Edit because when we do comment and feedback sometimes we make mistakes.
    *Showcase What we bought of so we wont double buy the product that we already have and alerts of that we already do the review.

    *Games of Activities for specially events forum like New Year, Valentines Day, Woman’s Day, Friendship Day, Fan’s Day, Heroes Day, Family Day, Mother’s Day,Father’s Day, Halloween Day and Christmas. QA for readers not to much spoilers game of knowing the Characters of your leads and cast of your book stories and Criteria example Music, Food and Hobbies of the characters their. It’s more fun that way to know who can remember the most your fellow fan readers.
    *A little prizes for those of Top 10 and the 1st Grand winner. Like Souvenir to remember by you and put a signature also. Example Mugs,Key chains, Pens, Stationary Letters,Stickers,Posters,Simple Letters you write by hand special dedication that would be mean the most for your fans or filthy toys etc…
    You can also share recipes if anyone of you cooked authors that will be great taste buddies delicious food recipes you can provide broaden your horizons to reach your fans.
    Creativity like a blog put some touch with personalities show us some pictures places you go even though no need to show your identity if you don’t want to glimpse to spice up example the scenery or clubs you been to the food you eat the glam your clothes or lingerie you wear no need to see yourself if you want to keep it private.
    Music background is very advance I don’t know if you can do it if IT Guy can and that expensive to install website if his that good no offense peace just saying graphic design.By the way I’m not challenging anyone just saying if you do it the music should be sexy allure and captivate the listeners and readers not rock like soothing example at Youtube this lady 25 up her voice so teasing nature and sexier the so was My Funny Valentine by Alice Freedman or A put a spell on you just shiver when you listen desire and amazing dreams after etc..

    I’ll be back for the others need to think about it more to come and I hope this help..

  3. I love the fact that each time you improve the store you always make it better for all. The only thing I would like to see change is the way the categories and sub-categories are listed to make it easier to keep up with what I’ve seen/commented on. I’m not a computer genius but it seems like between all of you ladies and IT Guy maybe there is an easier way for those of us who are kinda slow 🙂 That being said, I love the entire site and look forward to anything you do because I know it will be exciting. Ya’ll rock.

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