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So you know when like you have 5 girls and 1 bathroom?

And like you need to get ready to go out for the evening?

That’s what its like right now.

I’m like, “I need to publish!” and Lana and Daphne and Nat and Paige and Sophie are all like yeah we need to publish too! But Paige is like wait we can’t publish till we add the books that are a deficit to AngelAccess so we need to add 30 books. So we add like 6 books a day and in like 6 days we’re gonna have AngelAccess all filled up to where it needs to be. Because otherwise apparently the system will randomly go around giving discounts to people when they buy books because it will think its part of AngelAccess because it’s looking for these books or something. I dunno.

So today’s books that are going into AngelAccess are: Buyer’s Market, Red & Blue, The Biggest Licker, Gambling For The Virgin, DILF. and Mountain Muse. They’re all FREE for AngelAccess members.

Also sometime next week, because of the backend changes that took so long to make the new look and feel of the whole store will change. Don’t worry it won’t be like ok we’re gone again. But we’re just able to make a faster store with smoother service so you aren’t waiting like 4 seconds when loading the store.

One good thing about having to wait a month is that IT Guy finished his book with me. We did a lot of research on this, mainly the sex kind lol. And so now he’s thinking of a pen name. I personally like “IT Guy” but he’s like telling me people who like the blog will be like IT Guy but what about other people who come into the store for the first time? So we’re going back and forth on that. I mean the longer he takes figuring out a pen name the less traffic there is waiting to publish lol. See I’m sneaky. I mean right now with the systems being restarted (like for example in DLA we had a birthday list) but it was so hard to figure out whose birthday was when that we made an automated thing that we’re trying out that will give reminders. Plus we’re doing new categories on the books too so people will be able to search better. So these things take time. But people are like “lemme publish!” and it’s like waiting to get in the Holland Tunnel at 8 am in the morning (if you’ve ever lived in NYC you know what I’m talking about) or its like being at a theme park and having to go to the bathroom and waiting in line that’s like 40 people long while dudes just saunter in and out of their restroom. Like excuse me??

Anyways, more books are coming into AngelAccess, but for now, we’ve added 12 out of the 34 we need. Comment below for ones you want!

10 thoughts on “So you know when like you have 5 girls and 1 bathroom?


  2. Oh gosh, so excited for IT Guy and the book he co-authored with you, I bet it’s going to be great.

    Again, it’s really great catching up with all of you.

    I’m trying now to go back through my list (6 pages) of my books from ya’ll and it’s blowing my mind. Thank goodness they are in alphabetical order and marked as a bonus in another book if that’s the case 🙂

  3. Wow, excited to have y’all back and looking forward to IT Guy’s book. What ever happened to the other guy that was making an attempt at writing? Did he give up?

  4. Glad to have you all back. Can’t wait to see if IT Guy has the writing chops to keep up with you all.

  5. So glad to have you guys back. we missed you. <3

  6. Anxious to read IT Guy’s book! Glad you’re all back and thanks for adding bunches of books per day. It actually makes it pretty easy to add them to our library that way!😁

    1. Really miss your blog and I am glad for you to be back.

  7. Happy to have you guys back- you were missed😇Also tell IT Guy that we’re looking forward to checking out what he’s written.

  8. Welcome back to all and good luck to IT guy…everyone was going crazy wanting to know what happened to you all. I figured you’d all come back when things were good. Glad to hear you and IT guy are still together…

  9. Glad you’re back!
    So how about Ian Thomas for IT Guy’s nom de plume or some other names that start with I and T?
    We need an update on you two.

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