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So WineBar Called Yesterday…

Just out of the blue. I was hanging out with IT Guy and we were having a little bit of a major conversation.

I was telling him, “Listen, I just want to be upfront with you, but I’m seeing other people.”

He looks at me, and I think he’s gonna be upset. But he’s like “That’s cool. I’m not seeing anyone else right now, but if it makes you more comfortable then I can.”

And I’m like whoa.

If it makes me more comfortable? So I asked him and he was like “Yeah I don’t want you to feel like you’re not being faithful to me or whatever just because you’re seeing other people and I’m not. I don’t think that.”

And I’m like, “Wait, you just have pots on the burner you can call in?”

And he smirks and is like yeah. And I’m like no I call bullshit. We’re sitting in the park and he’s like “Fine. If you want I can just pick someone up in front of you and date them while you figure things out.”

So this is pretty fucking morbid babes but I had to see this. So I was like…uhmm….okay.

“But,” I said “I get to pick the girl.”

He shrugs and is like yeah ok.

So we go to a bar in the other side of the city and I survey the crowd and I’m like okay any female here is okay to pick up and he’s like sure whatever.

So he just walks over to this girl, apropos of nothing, and starts chatting her up lol.

I’m completely flabbergasted and he talks to her for five minutes, puts her number in his phone and walks back.

“You want me to pick up some more that way we’re even?” he asks and I’m like what the hell.

I have him pick up three more girls and ladies I swear to you IT Guy is batting 100% at this point!

I cannot believe it.

Yeah then Winebar called as this was happening. That was the title of this post right?

What did I do?

I put it on silent and let it go to voicemail because this was way too intense. I could not believe what I was seeing.

IT Guy – I gotta hand it to him. He has a way with the ladies. I had no idea because we were friends first before we did anything.

I gotta say…I’m impressed.

I mean Gym Bros have good bodies but IT Guy isn’t repulsive. And this wasn’t some trick either because these girls actually texted him when we left. I couldn’t help but scowl at them because right then I was like stop looking at my man lol.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts angels!

32 thoughts on “So WineBar Called Yesterday…

  1. Ok Quit being a tease and tell us what he said!!!!!

  2. Awww, Alexis, are you feeling him like that? You do have others to choose from so take your time.

  3. That’s too funny. Well WTG IT guy. I’m glad he was able to impress you too, and I totally get the glaring at the girls saying he’s your guy. Haha. I also agree with Lori…stop being a tease and tell us what winebar said in the VM. ?

  4. i get the feeling you might want to give him a go at something a bit more. he is obviously into you and not jealous. just see what happens naturally and don’t push.
    also so cruel not to actually tell us anything after that headline lol

  5. I think you might have met your match. Give it a go.

  6. Wait. So did winebar leave a message or anything? Or just a missed call? I’m living vicariously thru you, you can’t leave me hanging like this!! Lol

  7. I’m digging IT Guy. Seems cool and laid back. Maybe this is the type of guy you need while you figure things out. Glad he’s cool with you seeing others too. Just make sure you’re spending time with him because he seems like he may be one of the good ones. Remember he didn’t make a move because he thought you were in a relationship, so we know he’s not a creep in that sense.

  8. He’s been my favorite for a while. I think taking it slow and still seeing other people for a while is the best way right now, but I love his honesty.

  9. You really are a cruel tease !! ?

  10. I second what Jo said. We all love the tease that you are, you know how to keep your angels and men coming back for more. Ignoring Winebar’s call was a great taste of his own medicine, as much as he has ignored you. Karma can be a beautiful bitch. Lol

  11. Off to a good start for the year and at least you are honest with IT guy from the start. And you obviously need to have a bit of fun for now after last years relationship ups and downs, but if there is some jealousy there after you witnessed his interactions with other girls and you think that maybe there could be something more between you two don’t let anything/one jeopardise that. If you definitely aren’t ready for ‘one’ man at the moment, he has already told he he is happy to wait while you figure things out – what more could you ask for ?. As for Winebar I can’t help but feel that he’s suddenly on his own and that’s why he has called – don’t let him pull you back in, you deserve better than the last 12 months. Good luck!!!

  12. I agree with Jo and Ashley. Friends first is always good and he does seem like he’s a cool guy. I just don’t know if I’d push him to actually see other people if he really wasn’t leaning that direction initially. Especially if you think you might be interested in something more lasting. He obviously has game if he got that many numbers in a short amount of time, and you never know when the good ones will get snatched up. But if you’re both just looking to have fun and nothing serious in the future, then both just go for it! ?

  13. Alexis,

    Some friendly advice from someone who’s been there. You need to quit playing with love. I was young once too and could have any guy I wanted. There will come a day when you are older, wiser and unfortunately alone. They say hindsight is 20-20 for a reason. If I could go back and unbreak a few of the flings I had, I let a couple great guys get away because I wasn’t ready to settle down. Please don’t let this happen to you.

    1. I’m relieved you spoke up Margaret. As much as we enjoy living vicariously through Alexis, I’ve worried about the same thing.

  14. LOL! That is awesome. I am liking IT guy. I casually dated a guy like that too. He was tall blond, blue, rugged handsome and in shape, did landscaping.
    He would be like hi i’m landscaping guy and 9 out of 10 times he would have a number, no buying of drinks required. He just had that jen e sais quoi. IT guy sounds like a keeper, even if it does becomes just friends.

    On to Winebar. I have never chimed in on him, but I have found is antics entertaining, so can’t wait to hear what he had to day.
    He is like those book boyfriend lovable assholes, that you love and hate at the same time. He has done some asshole things to you. He seems to be a controlling type. The type that as long as it’s his idea it’s all good and if it’s not, it’s on his terms. Like your New Orleans get away. If your are still into him. I say let him do all the work.

  15. Alexis, I’m really glad you are being upfront with IT guy. It shows me that you aren’t ashamed of what you are doing and proud of the woman you are. I also like the way you handled WineBar’s call, you were with another guy at the time and he needs to realize you aren’t sitting at home pining after him. I don’t think this was done to be mean but if you’re on a date then you have boundaries to follow and talking to another guy during said date wouldn’t be cool.

  16. Come on girl stop teasing us all and just tells us what Winebar said in the VM.

  17. Ok the title was about wine bar calling and you leave us in suspense, we should be useto it by now but still come on Alexis what did he have to say.

  18. What did winebar say?

  19. Girl friend, you burning the candle at both guy,Humm looks like u open the door to a lot trouble ,no this one of those girls may give u a run for your back,as for the wind bar dude,move on,he was a bore.

  20. Like several others I like IT guy. He was being considerate to you and could easily pick up other women. Sooo since you felt some jealousy it sort of tells you that somewhere inside you consider him more than just a fuck buddy. Get to know him because HE may find someone else. It would’ve been rude to take the call. BTW did you listen to Winebars voicemail? You lead with Winebar called & don’t update us!!! Not cool.

  21. Lol. Since you brought it up, need WB’s message. I like IT. He’s real.

  22. IT guy had a thing for u big time. How many times have u two slept together? If it’s only once then u have magic pussy or something!!! But having that convo was good for u but if ur being all stop looking at my man then ur feeling something for him to which is amazballs!! But u didn’t say if u called douchebar back or not which u never should cuz he ain’t worth it air!!!!

  23. Wow Alexis, you’ve turned into quite a matchmaker it’s rather funny!

  24. Where did my message go???

  25. I like both gym guys and IT guy. If i were Lana and you, I would try to remain friends with IT guy in case you need help with the web store. What did Winebar say in his message? Curosity killed the cat.

  26. Wtg IT guy. That is impressive. Was a message left???

  27. Am I the only one that thought/want IT Guy to answer the phone when Winebar called.

  28. Morning Alexis,
    I am glad to hear that IT guy is still in the running! Be careful that you don’t pass him off to some other girl and lose a chance with the sexy computer dude!
    As for Winebar……girl,I know the sex was mind blowing, I read your emails! However, the way he has treated you outside of the bedroom has been awful! My simple advice would be, do not call him back. Put him in your past, because that is exactly what he does to you all the time. He has turned your relationship into an extended “booty call” and you deserve so much better! Good luck dear, I am soundly in your corner!

  29. If you are being honest with IT guy, let him know how you felt when he was texted by one of the numbers he collected. He might be as surprised as much as you were about your little “jealous” feeling. As for WB, listen to his msg. Then talk to him. Tell him straight up how you feel, how him ghosting you makes you feel, then listen. If he can’t give answers that are satisfying, cut him loose. We angels can give you all of the advice in the world, but in the end it is your life and you are the one making the ultimate decision.

  30. You can’t just leave us hanging what did Winebar say on Vm???? It agree with the other Angels. It guy may be and to consider. He sounds way chilled and is okay your other shall we say adventures ?. Please tell us about Winebar

  31. Loving IT Guy’s hidden talent! That would have been fun to watch!

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