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So What Happened Next?

So Lana had just sat down when BakerMan came out.

Before I continue, let me talk a bit about BakerMan. See I knew this guy from back in the day when I was on Wall Street. He worked on the European equities desk and we used to banter back and forth. But all the time when we ever met each other at work he was always making googly eyes at me but he never ever did anything about it. I mean I had like every idea that he was way into me but he never ever fucking tried anything. Even one night when I was all drunk and all over him he was like trying to play it cool. So I was like okay this dude is trying to be a martyr.

But the problem? He always looked pained when I was with other dudes. Like gimme a break, if you want something go for it. Am I right?

Anyways, he lived in Paris and I was hanging out with him and Lana had just come over and sat down next to me.

And BakerMan is like “who are you?” to Lana and she’s like “who are you?”

Then she looks over at me and she’s like, “Babe…what happened to WineBar?”

And BakerMan looks at me and he’s like…”wait…who is WineBar?”

So…I may have not mentioned WineBar to my old friend. But I don’t think I did anything bad because its not like I was doing BakerMan. I knew he wanted to. When we went out dancing I could tell he was into me. But we didn’t do anything. Was I wrong??

10 thoughts on “So What Happened Next?

  1. Okay let’s back up a minute I missed something. But before i start let me just say i missed your emails every day and your posts. That being said is there still an Alexis and winebar? You were both in decision mode last email I read about the relationship.

    Anywho, kisses glad your back.;-)?

    1. Yeah there is a lot that has happened so I’m gonna have to figure out how to tell it lol

  2. You’re killing me, Smalls!! You gotta give us a little more, please?!

  3. I can’t wait to hear about winebar.

  4. OMFG! What the hell is going on with Alexis and Winebar already!? This is better then a book any day but dayum! Give us the lo down already, don’t think about how, just be straight forward!

  5. So happy you’re back, Alexis! I was one of those who thought I’d somehow unsubscribed from your NL at first…
    Anyhow, DO tell all about you and winebar, please!! I was so sad with the state of things in your last few newsletters before Europe…
    All the best,

  6. I’m very impatiently waiting to hear about what is going on or what happened with winebar.

  7. Alexis,
    Take your time and make the right choice for you and not because of the pressure from the fans or Wine bar. Remember you are the one who has to live with the final decision. Love your work and missed you when you were gone. Happy Holidays

  8. I’m with Lana, what was the final outcome with WineBar? Did he get his head out of his butt? And, I’m with you. If BakerMan had wanted to get together with you then he should have at least manned up and asked.

  9. Don’t forget to be true to you. Your happiness matters. If it is meant for you and wine bar then it will all fall into place.

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