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So this is the crux of the story about Vegas.

So the last two days I’ve gone on and on about men who wear skinny jeans and drink skim milk lattes as they get manicures with the money they ask other people to give them because they’re not working or taking care of themselves and can’t stand on their own two feet but somehow feel entitled to everything in the world.

Jesus. That was a long ass fucking sentence. Anyhoo, this is the reason why.

So shortly after the work meeting on the first day at Starbucks we’re all walking around aimlessly and I’m attracted by all the bright and shiny lights near a slot machine so I walk over there to see what’s going on. I have some money in my purse that’s just burning a hole and say “spend me!” and I’m thinking good, at least I didn’t give you to Gym Dude so he could go smoke them and buy movie tickets. Which, by the way, Angels, he goes to the movies by himself because he says he does his best thinking there. He works as a personal trainer so I don’t know how much thinking goes on but to each their own.

So I’m contemplating putting in $5 into the machine to start pushing the button to make the shiny lights sparkle when someone touches me on the arm.
I turn around.
“Excuse me,” he says to me. “But I need to ask you a question.”
I nod. Oh, and I smile. Because if Gym Dude was hot, this guy is much hotter. He’s like Greek God hot. With fine features and a body I can just imagine snuggling next to after filthy sex.
“This is going to sound crazy and I swear I’m not trying to punk you,” he says to me.
“What is it?” I ask.
“So, my buddy and his girl decided on a whim to get married this morning. And he asked me to be the best man. We were just here for a conference, but he brought his girl and all this shit happened. I’m wondering if you want to be my date.”
“You want me to be your date to a wedding that just started for a person I don’t know and to go with someone I just met?” I ask.
He nods.
It turns out he’s single and so he can’t really call a girlfriend and he doesn’t have anyone he knows that will drop everything and come over.
“What’s your name?” I ask him.
“I’m BestMan,” he says to me. I mean that’s not really his name but you know, protect the innocent and all. I introduce myself to him.
“Are you a serial killer, BestMan?” I ask him.
“No, ma’am, I’m a pediatrician. Just finished residency last year.”
Ooooh pediatrician means kids! Kids are so cute!
“Give me your phone number,” I tell him.
I call it a few times and see it goes to his phone and then I text the phone number to Lana. I’d text it to Alexis but she’s in the middle of sex and would be like what is this.
“When is this wedding?” I ask him.
“Tonight,” he says with a grin. “We can go shopping for dresses if you want. I’ll buy.”
Oh score!
Wanna guess what I said? Because you’ll find out tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “So this is the crux of the story about Vegas.

  1. Arghhhh don’t leave me hanging lol. I just split up with my husband after 20 years and I live through you girls.
    I know I need to get out there but I’m almost 59 years old.

    Love you girls!

  2. This kinda Shit ONLY Happens to you Lucky N@UGHT¥ Angels…
    D@mn, if I wasn’t SO Fuck’n Jealous I’d call you a B¡TCH! LOL
    Instead, I gotta live vicariously through y’all…
    What a life!

  3. Woohoo! What a pleasant surprise that he bought you a dress? Tell us more, more, more! This guy sounds like he has potential…

  4. I am guessing you said yes. It sounds like a fun night. I am 68 years old going on 59 and I am still single.

  5. What? Are you taking lessons on cliffhanger from Alexis?!? 😄 You ladies are killing us (me)!!

  6. I would probably take odds that you checked him out to see if is really a pediatrician and then met him at your favorite boutique to buy the dress and then met him at the wedding. I say this because y’all are always saying safety first 🙂 I hope you got a very expensive dress and had a blast.

  7. I hope you said yes. Especially since he offered to buy you a dress. Big change from loser that expected you to buy dinner. Can’t wait to hear all about the wedding.

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