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So there I am, just trying to be a seductress…

What else are you supposed to do on the day (or two) after a dude tries to lick your feet on a date? And you let him and end up kicking him on the face?
So I’m sitting there and (I’m summarizing over the computer talk, so it doesn’t bore you) he’s looking at me and he’s like, “yeah I have to do this and this and this,” and I’m like wearing these yoga pants that I had to lay down to get into and thinking ‘alright dude I know what you’re trying to do because I could do it if I really wanted’ but instead I’m trying to look interested and nodding my head.

Tell me more, Mr. Hot IT Guy. You wanna clear my cache? You wanna reboot my server? Why don’t you get on top of my server and insert your hard drive? Take my floppy drive for a ride that will take me to system failure for a while?

But I don’t say any of that. Instead I’m sitting there trying to smile. I think I even touch him on the arm a couple times. And….nothing.

That’s okay, I’m not daunted. Plan B.

I go over to the stack of books I have next to the table and bend over to pick them up. This should work. I’m wearing yoga pants. The ones that people got all upset about when they found out Lululemon was selling see through sheer yoga pants.

And…nothing. He’s super fucking interested in the screen. On my website. Not me.

I glance over. And he’s staring at the store page. Now you’ve seen the main store page I hope, Angels. There’s a lot of covers on there.

He’s staring at the cover for First Comes Love. And staring hard.

He’s staring at her ass! Not mine!

I’ve never been so jealous of one of my books in my life but at that moment I’m super jealous of the girl on the cover. Have you ever been jealous of the girl in a book? I mean, I get jealous of my characters, sure. But this is a primal sort of anger I’m feeling.

Okay, this can’t get any worse.

“I think your phone is ringing,” he tells me and I look over. It’s the Professor.
I come back and sit down.
I pick up.

Sometime the night before, I must have turned up the volume settings on my iphone because its super loud. You know when you’re sitting next to someone and you can hear what the person on the other side of the line is saying? That’s me.

“I’m sorry I weirded you out by trying to lick your feet!” is the first thing that Professor says.
And IT guy swivels his head and looks at me as I go red.


Bet that chick on the cover of First Comes Love was never in a situation like this…

Wait till you hear what happens next!

Today, we have a new release!

Lana and I have just dropped a BRAND NEW SERIES on the store. It’s My Son’s Best Friend Series. Never before released on Amazon. You will love this story. I know sometimes I go a bit over the top, but Lana really held us together and made this a very believable story I think. It’s still fun. But its DIRTY. It’s so nasty in parts that I am just getting goosebumps thinking about it. The good kind of goosebumps.

Episode 1 is free. Check out Featured Deals or check out the main store!

Download the freebie. And see you tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “So there I am, just trying to be a seductress…

  1. Well. Hmm. Does IT guy know that this is what you do for a living? He must, otherwise would you have an online store, etc.
    Maybe he’s like some other guys and doesn’t mess around where he lives. If something bad were to happen, you’d both have to live at the same place! That’s what I think, because I’m sure your seductress skills are on point!

    1. Hmm my comment that I just posted says 12:59… It’s 7am in OK lol. Unless you’re in another country…which I know you aren’t haha.

      1. Yeah something is up with the settings I’m still trying to fix somewhere. Like it’s 8:37 am now (I’m going back to bed) but is puts on a different time

        1. Alexis, if your time stamp keeps changing or is incorrect from where you’re actually located you need to replace your CMOS battery. (IT guy should know how to do this.)

        2. You need a Thumbs Up button, so people can just like your posts or other people’s!!!
          Most the time I don’t wanna comment, but I’d love to add a H€LL Y€@h Thumbs Up or Heart ❤ to someone’s tidbit!

          1. Leah,good point! I was thinking the same thing.

  2. Haven’t heard any more from Lana and no mention of Mr. LH. What happened?

    And please don’t tease in you blogs?. We need more than a couple of lines!

    1. Yeah, I’ve been wondering what’s going on too. Maybe Lana just isn’t ready to talk yet and needs more time. Sure hope everything is okay with her.

  3. Hmm, seems like to me IT guy still needs a bit convincing if you know what I mean… but Professor calling you just to apologize to you for how he weirded you out by “licking your feet” threw me though a loop.

  4. I swear, I love your life! It is such a whirlwind and completely unpredictable and fun. Love reading your blog, along with your books of course.

  5. LOLOLOLOL… I have missed your hilarious antics! Welcome back Alexis

  6. I agree with Tonnie and Ramona. I too would like to know more about Lana and what is going on in her little part of the world (besides cranking out kick ass books with you).

  7. I’m in Chicagoland and it is 9:50 p.m. On my end, the blog is 8 hours ahead of my time zone. Central Standard Time.

  8. You’re killing me Smalls!!!!…what happened next????

  9. Agree with the heart and or thumbs up! I’ve wanted to “like” several peoples comments but there’s no way to do that currently.

    Also hoping Lana is ok. I have bad feeling in my belly though… and it’s usually right 🙁

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