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So the the professor called on Sunday

That’s right!
He called back!
He didn’t call on Saturday but he did call on Sunday.
Whoa. That’s like four days ago? Ok so there is obviously a four day lag between what happens and when I’m telling you about this.
Anyways, the reason it was odd when he called on Sunday is because uhmm…well I was in the middle of doing something.

What was I in the middle of?

I was sorta seducing someone.

So there’s this guy that lives down the hall. He works in IT and I was talking to him once that I have my own store but there are a lot of things that neither me nor Lana know how to do and he was like oh, let me know if you ever want any help.

Have I mentioned that this dude is super duper sexy? His eyes alone. I could get lost in his eyes forever.

Anyways so if WineBar and I are seeing other people and stuff then I’m going to indulge is what I thought.

So I texted him and I’m like help me on my website. Now the thing is, I’m pretty good at website stuff. If I don’t know it I can usually figure it out by using the google.

But for the purposes of sex I was like uhmm, how do I do this and that can you help me? So he came over Sunday because it was the weekend for him and he was like oh let me show you what to do and I like put on something sexy which in this case was like yoga pants, tank top and heels because I was thinking hmm I want to make sure he gets the message.

But the guy was so focused on teaching me that the seduction was just not going well.

I wasn’t gonna give up so easy though. And don’t worry, I’ll tell you when Professor calls. Anyways, so I was like okay how am I gonna seduce someone. Because the one thing I did not want to do was fail at seduction. What kind of romance author would I be then?

Have you guys ever tried to unsuccessfully seduce? Drop your comments below and I’ll gift a surprise book to a lucky winner (new type of giveaway!)

And I’ll tell you more about Sunday with WebDeveloper!

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22 thoughts on “So the the professor called on Sunday

  1. I seriously love reading your blog posts!! I look for your email every day and open it as soon as I have free time. I suppose I’m somewhat living vicariously through you ?
    I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  2. Sounds like you may be you’ll be telling us something sexy?? ?

  3. i regularly try to seduce and fail lol

  4. Yeah…we were in college, and he ended up being gay. But it was all good…we ended up best friends!

  5. Recently dumped and cheated on here. Not feeling so great about my seduction game. I did have this one guy that I was flirting with, but ended the night without even getting a kiss. 🙁

  6. I’m a toucher, so I guess I flirt a lot, BUT as far as seduction goes I’ve been alone for 12 years without one date, so I guess you can can say my seduction skills are nil.

    1. It’s been almost 9 for me. I’ve two failed marriages and I’m now too afraid to put myself out there. I think probably I’ll be alone forever… So I get ya!

  7. It wasn’t so much a seduction as flat out stating “I want you”. He would not break the bro code though….I guess one of his good friends called dibs or something when we all were at the same party months earlier. I like to think it was his loss!

  8. My big failure at seduction was making him his favorite meal wearing these ridiculously high heels that he wanted me to wear (but I’m a clutz) and sure enough, I went to put the meal on the table and it ended up in his lap. Oh yeah, did I mention it was a HOT meal? Oh well 🙂

    1. Girl, I’d say you’re just too HOT to Handle!!! LoL;)
      I hope that Failure didn’t keep you from Trying again!

  9. There was a guy that was friends with my bestie’s ex I tried my best to tempt him but he wouldn’t have anything to do with me because of my friend.

  10. Sorry,never did learn how to seduce & now I’m just to old (getting close to 70). Love reading your blog too. Forget about Winebar,live your life to the fullest, he’s not good enough for, you deserve far better.

    1. Is it EVER too old…
      What about those Elders in Nursing Homes chasing each other around into their 90s & beyond?!
      Live, Laugh, & LOVE like it’s your last day, because it just might be; after all, nobody knows what the future brings! Tomorrow, I might be hit by a Truck or die while having a Great F*¢|<! LoL

  11. I talked to a guy for 4 months and things always came up when we was suppose to hook up. I later learned that he was married before we finally hooked up because he slipped up on a text message,and he also tried to convince me that he told me up front that he was married.

  12. When I was a teenager, I tried to seduce a few of my stepbrother’s friends, mostly unsuccessfully. After that, I was either more skillful or chose better targets, because I can’t recall any other failed attempts.

  13. Have to admit I’ve never tried seduction. I’m 60yo. That’s sad.
    I love your blogs. You have the best and worse luck when it come to hooking up. Can’t wait to hear about the phone call from the professor and if you had any luck with IT guy.

  14. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Hope the IT guy picks up the signal but isn’t it difficult with someone in your building?

  15. I really love reading your posts. I was cheated on and I’ve been busy raising my kids to honk about dating right now…ill judt keep reading your blog and living vicariously through you ❤

  16. I love your posts. Any time I try to seduce is unsuccessful.

  17. Yes, but only once that I can remember. It was hot and I was horny and on a little wine. He was tired and sleepy then he told me NO rolled over and went to sleep. Smh. So payback was a m**fuc*%$fun the next night.

  18. When I was in college, I tried seducing an IT guy (because I majored in IT) so I thought that would help. He always seemed so into the computers. After failing at my seduction, we became friends. He admitted he was “Married to computers.” I didn’t try anymore lol. I hope you had better luck.

  19. Me trying to seduce someone, hah!
    Good thing guys somehow always seem to accept me that way…at least the few I did get it on with, in my younger years.
    I went through 4 years of high school sort of gravitating around this cute hunk (yeah, I said hunk, like how well does that just show my age, heh?) and we never even said one word to each other, despite the sneeked peeks at each other in classes, the fact that our lockers were side by side for four years (alphabetical assignment and all that), and I had no problems speaking to anyone else. Neither of us dated others for four years, but we certainly get the seduction thing down right!
    After high school, out with the girls, we were all sitting at a tiny table next to the dance floor, and this cute at the bar looks us all over and starts really looking at me, like real interested. So I tried the coy glance come hither look over my coke and schnapps (told ya I’m old). He gave a sort of gulping motion, stretched his forearm back to the bar behind him and grabbed the beer mug just given to him. So, here he’s going to come over and we’ll dance or something, I think, so I lower NY glass and really smile. He gets this panicked look and glugs down a quart mug in one swallow! Then turns back to the bar and gets hold of another. So, o start getting bolder, and openly grinning and inviting, and he keeps chugging every time he looks at me…seduction didn’t really work for me that time, either. Hahhahhah!

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