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So the sky is orange but…the website is getting upgraded!

Hey Angels,
The site has been dragging ass lately, to borrow a southern phrase from Lana (I think that is southern, right?) butttt there will be a big upgrade coming!
Here is San Francisco the sky has been orange. My phone camera keeps autocorrecting it so I can’t show a picture but they’re all over the news!
I keep telling my parents in Fresno to stop gardening because the air is so toxic!
We’ve been getting these huge headaches and it put a damper on our book releases but new stories are coming after our upgrade this week.

Thanks for your patience Angels and I hope you’re staying safe


4 thoughts on “So the sky is orange but…the website is getting upgraded!

  1. Just so glad to see y’all are doing okay. Yes, dragging ass is a Southern thang 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s coming next for us. Y’all stay safe and tell your parents I totally agree with you (not that it makes a hill of beans what I think) they need to stay inside as much as possible. Love and hugs to all, stay safe.

  2. Yeah, stay inside and don’t breath the Toxic air.

  3. Happy to hear all is well. Just thinking maybe when you were real sick with your respiratory stuff it was actually early COVID like before it became a big thing- ya never know. I was talkjj in no to a bunch of people at work and they were sick like that in the fall of last year and were saying that maybe that’s what it actually was. Who knows, but if it was now you’ve got antibodies so that’s a plus. Stay well and be safe.

    1. That is crazy. I’m going to look into that.

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