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So something crazy…

Hey Angels!

So do I have a story for you!
Basically, I’ve been telling a lot of my friends that I’m now a full fledged writer because hey I have two books published. One by myself and one with Daphne. Anyways, so I keep in touch with my old high school English Lit teacher and I shared the good news. I told her that I am now a contemporary romance writer and I write for a lot of contemporary romance readers. My English teacher was rightly proud and considering she reads romance a lot too, came onto and looked up my work as well as my blog post and interviews.

In case you’re reading, Hey Mrs. C!!

So all is well, right? Sure, I guess. Except then my English teacher ran into my mom in the grocery store yesterday. And she’s gushing about how proud she is that I’m an author now and my mom is asking what she’s talking about. And so my English teacher shows my mom this website and is telling her that Paige Teller is her daughter. And my mom keeps reading.

So then yesterday evening I’m at the gym and I get 14 calls from my mom. I thought something was wrong so I call her back after the gym.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Did someone die?”
“No,” my mom replied. “Except I’m going to kill you.”

What happened is that my mom went through the naughty angel store and just got offended completely. Thank God she didn’t go to Dirty Lil’ Angels. Although I’m still trying to get on there myself. But she was looking through all the books and then my interview and the posts about me and is completely disgusted.

“Paige, how can you be like that loose woman Alexis?” my mom asked me. “Have you seen the way she talks? So vulgar.”

I didn’t have any comment. Instead I asked my mom to take a read through of some of Alexis’ books.

Let me explain a little bit about my mom. She’s Southern Baptist and has a very strict set of rules about what is right and what isn’t. But I asked my mom to read some books. I sent her Head Hunter, Sevensome, DILF, and 12 Days.

That was yesterday. My mom has since then discovered that she has a really great affinity for reverse harem. Now she’s asking me if I have a friends and family discount so she can buy everything in the store. She’s even telling my dad about it and he just ignores her and lets her do whatever she wants to.

Anyways. Hi Mom!! LOL.

Moral of the story I think is not to knock something till you try it. And with that I give you guys my latest work with Daphne Dawn…Double Play.

I hope you enjoy it. Daphne and I started writing this a while ago and finished but because I wasn’t releasing my first book yet we held off on it. Then the thing with my mom happened and we figured this would be a good time to release it. Because who doesn’t like MMF?

Stay safe Angels!

5 thoughts on “So something crazy…

  1. I ❤️ Your Mom!
    Mine would never have been persuaded to read the books. Xx

  2. Hi Paige, and welcome!
    I’ve been away for a little bit and I’m still trying to catch up with all the blog and DLA posts and all the new authors. I’m way behind! I just wanted to say I know where your mama is coming from. We worry and only want the very best for our kids. I have 6 girls myself and I worry about some of the choices they make. My youngest daughter got involved with a guy who was a drug addict and soon became one herself. She ended up living in the streets and then went missing before Thanksgiving. We didn’t find her till just recently. I spent the holidays wondering if she was dead or alive…would I get a call asking me to go identify her?( I didn’t read books or posts during this time).She stayed with me for a few days after she was found but ultimately decided to stay in a shelter. She calls me at least once a wk to let me know she’s ok and still alive. It’s the only way I would let her go. So, again, Welcome and I’m glad to know you and your mama are ok. Looking forward to reading your books😊

  3. Paige may I know please if their something wrong with your freebie of Locker Room Lust because I can’t get it and I’m very interested to read your story with your co-author Daphne? btw its accidentally go to Max Bid now I got two copies, Oh well.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it… LOL. I’m in the same boat except my Mom won’t try reading the books and just lets me read what I want. I do have my Kindle locked so little nosey kids don’t get into it 🙂 And, I agree about the MMF books and the reverse harem books, I enjoy them.

  5. I could see my stepmom loving any of the books in this bookstore. If I had the nerve to tell her about y’all. Blushing

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