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So it took us a while to post on Monday and Tuesday…

So it took us a little bit of time to post on Monday and then on Tuesday because while it was Lana’s day to post she was sort of upset. And the reason she was upset was simple.

On Monday morning, even though we were all hung over, we got this message from someone who visited the store I guess, took a look at the products and read our blog and I guess was on my email list. I dunno why they joined or stayed in the first place. But the text of the message they sent was this:

“You ladies don’t even deserve to be called ladies. Sluts is too good a word for you. Honestly, have you no shame? Does your whore friend Lana have no shame? You’re celebrating the fact that you live a completely debauched life and what your peddling reflects that. You’re a disgrace and an embarrassment to your parents. I can’t believe that you think of yourselves as anything more than lowly, common, whores. You seem to be of the illusion that you provide some sort of sacred service. Well I have news for you. When people realize that all you produce are trash no one will come to your store ever again to buy anything from you. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as you and your filthy friends. Go ahead and have your fun, just know that you’re wallowing like pigs in mud.”

So Lana was really upset. And Paige and Daphne and I spent the day finding this woman. I’m not gonna out her or anything because I’m gonna be the better person. That’s not what we do. But we did ban her from the store through something Paige did (way more technical savvy than I have) and we made sure she’d never be able to join Dirty Lil’ Angels and she would never be on our email lists. It’s the first time we’ve had to do that because in the past we’ve always wanted people to come to the store but this was just something else.

I think what the problem was is that Lana actually let loose and is having fun with Natalie here. And she’s not used to people being mean to her. I mean for me, I’m from NYC. I used to work in cutthroat environments. And people have sent me hate mail as an author A LOT. But this isn’t the first time for Lana. And I feel so bad for her.

So we’re done being coy and bashful or whatever. If people have a problem with us then you know we’ve dealt with this as a group before. They can just go away. But if they wanna be mean about it, then guess what, I’m gonna block them from ever coming here again. Natalie said something key. She said this woman or man or whatever probably wanted to read the things we have but felt guilty inside and was taking it out on us. I dunno if that’s it but I’m not having that. The well being of my angels, both authors and readers is the most important thing.

Anyways, so that was with the radio silence. We’re back now. And in honor of this woman, we’ve taken all our filthy fantasies and put them in one big boxed set. Also Daphne released Max Bid 7! So…she can take that lol. Because we’re not stopping!


26 thoughts on “So it took us a while to post on Monday and Tuesday…

  1. Huh! This sounds a lot like someone specific who was targeting Lana, and, based on the wording, it sounds very much like the stuff a certain guy who was in her life for a while would spew. Perhaps through a fake or “borrowed” woman’s name. NOT COOL!!!

    There are so many of us who are very glad there’s this possibility to get together and enjoy our fantasies, and we thank you, Alexis, and you, Lana, and you, Daphne, and you, Natalie, and all of the others who may join the store and share yourselves with us.
    And thank you, fellow readers, just because.

    1. Spot on sisterLindaC!!! I think that is a good point and if not him then his mother!

  2. Lana you need to overlook the judgmental people. If they are tearing into others its because they aren’t satisfied with their own loves. This is a place where we can explore a side of ourselves that we wouldn’t normally do. I hope you don’t let this person change you because I’ve enjoyed this new side to you. I think all of you LADIES yes I said ladies because she because you enjoy sex doesn’t make you a whore or slut. I think all of you make a bright spot for the rest of us and I hope you stick around for a long time to come 🙂

  3. I completely agree with Linda C and Amber. Also haters are gonna hate. That says more about Them than anyone else and anything else. Chin up! As long as no one is getting hurt,enjoy yourselves.

  4. I am so sorry that happened. I mean seriously uncalled for. If someone doesn’t like what goes on here, nobody is making them stay and read and look at the site. That really pisses me off that someone would say those things to any of you.. I really enjoy your blogs. Don’t stop being who you are because of someone else’s thoughts. You ladies soar above that.. 💋 xoxo

  5. Frankly, it’s no one’s business how you ladies choose to live your lives. You are all adults and you are hurting no one, so who cares what some narrow-minded, judgmental person thinks? What that person said says more about that person than it does about any of you Angels. You all know that you are liked, respected and appreciated by all of us and by each other. So, no worries. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are all living, and that’s what matters! 🙂

    1. I agree with Lori. And know that we love you and your books.

  6. Ignore her/him, they need to get a life…keep on enjoying yourselves. As long as no-one gets hurt how you live your life is up to you….have some extra fun for me…I’m living vicariously through you ❤️❤️Xx

  7. Like Linda C, my first thought after reading the message was of the ex Mr Lana Angel, or someone acting on his behalf. Sound like a hidden jealous rant, since it named Lana specifically, and that it happened after Lana’s game with the Gym Bros. The 26 and 27 year old Gym Bros. Even if she was largely hand off. Not gonna a lie, a little jealous my self! ;D
    While Lana has said little about her divorce, it was clearly difficult. Never sounded like a lack of love, but we have gown, changed and want different things, and couldn’t come to agreement on how that worked it their marriage.
    You did what needed to be done. Removed from e-mail and blocked access to DLA, and comments.
    Lana, while being a target is hard, those were some ugly words, shrug it off, you are entitled to explore your sexuality any way you want. Continue to follow your dream with the rest of your girls. They got your back. We do to. After all, how many time did we break the store, LOL! Hugs!

    1. I thought the same thing when I read that!

  8. I was so happy Lana let loose and showed her wild side. She normally is the mother hen of the group guiding you all it seems and has been dealing with her own stuff. One person’s opinion is not all of our opinions. She needs to not let it change her. We love Lana and I for one was so excited to see her moving on from the past!

  9. That women is just jealous because she’s not doing it. I’m jealous too, but I’m living through you ladies.If I was single I would do the same thing

  10. I am so sorry that someone had to email such a nasty note to you Awesome Angels. If that person did not like your books, that person should have never tried to join this awesome group. That person should never have tried to join this group. I love this group.

  11. Don’t pay that person any attention. They have some serious issues.

  12. Lana, don’t pay any attention. Ladies, haters gonna hate but we still love you and enjoy your work and look forward to reading your funny blogs that bring a little more sunshine in our otherwise mundane lives. Rock on ladies

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about this woman, I’m glad you were able to ban her. I think all of you are wonderful and so full of life and love for everyone, I want you all to know that you never fail to bring a smile to my face and just joy and laughter to every day for me. Well you also bring my fantasies to life too. LOL 😂

  14. You can’t live your life worrying about other people’s opinions.Some people will agree with you,some won’t.You have to do what is best for you,as long as you are not harming others,of course.There will always be haters no matter what you do.They really just deserve our pity,because think how miserable they must be to be so hateful hateful.

  15. Sorry to hear someone said something so awful. If they don’t agree with what they are reading, they should just go away.

  16. Lana dear,
    Please do not waste your time reacting to the emotional spasms of toxic idiots who can only feel good when making others feel bad.
    Your life is your own. You have a talent for making others feel good through your writing. Nobody forces your readers to read your stories or your blog.
    Your paying audience is growing, and that is not fake news.
    Not all of us behave as you do, but we still follow you and your writing colleagues gladly. The buttonhead who attacked you insulted us all.
    You didn’t deserve it and neither do we, so fuck him/her/it and the horse they rode in on.

  17. Agree with what everyone is saying, that person isn’t worth your time or consideration.

  18. Geesh, did she at least include a picture of someone holding a gun to her judgmental head forcing her to join the group or order the books. I guess it takes all kinds of people in this world but this type of person really pisses me off. I’m glad ya’ll have blocked her from everything to do with our group and I hope that Lana gets completely over this and realizes that none of you have done anything wrong, you provide us an avenue to our fantasies when some of us will never realize them in reality and for that I say thank you. Keep up the good work and don’t let the a**holes get any of you down. I’m just sorry that Lana was so hurt by this thing. Love and hugs to all.

  19. Well that makes us all sluts and whores then lol. Good on you for ignoring them and teaching them a lesson. Granted I wouldn’t do everything you ladies do but doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading them xx

  20. Don’t listen to that awful person. We ❤ you 😊

  21. First off, all my love and hugs to you Lana. Like others have mentioned that this is someone that is clearly jealous and hating on you for the new freedoms that you have to explore and enjoy your sexuality. Girl, one day you will need to share your secret comment in getting Gym Dude to cum so quickly. There is nothing wrong with that. Like seriously, a guy can dip his dick in a different pussy innumerable (is that a word?) amount of times and get rewarded for it and if a ‘lady’ does it she is chewed out, that is such crap! Honestly, I am like many of these Angels where the opportunity to get to know the expanding group of great authors of Naughty Angels Publishing and the ability to share in your lives is a blessing. I look forward to reading your posts and books each and every day. Koodoos, to you ladies in finding a way to ‘banish’ this person as well.

  22. There is this little saying that goes something like this: treat others like you like to be treated. Something wrong with this person’s parental unit. She/he grew up banishing Satan from their souls. Very sorry,Lana. Why do people feel it’s okay to bash and bully online. If this were children from school, police would be called and they would have to find another school due to expulsion. Wonder if they know about karma.

  23. Hey Girls! I know its hurt, but, you know, this kind if people just this kind of think because they need some atention and don’t know how to it in a good way ! You’re FUN !!

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