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So IT Guy Punched Gym Bro In The Face…

Hey Angels!

So you’ll have seen that we’ve added another section to our store, which is called The Other Side. It’s all about the side characters and the side people that get into stories when main characters are doing their thing in our novels. So these Other Side stories explore the side characters and also give us a peek into what the main characters are doing!
So we were building this yesterday and also it was a big day! Max Bid 11 was coming out from Daphne so she submitted that. Natalie and Paige wrote a hilarious enemies to lovers romance and that was coming out. Filthy Fantasies were coming out. And the first Other Side stories were coming out.
That’s a lot of releases. Which means that Natalie, Lana, and I were all working in our apartment.
In case I forgot to mention, Natalie is still here! Anyways, so IT Guy was helping me as I was getting stuff ready and Natalie and Gym Dude have been spending a lot of time together. It turns out they love watching movies together. And fucking, of course. But So Gym Dude and IT Guy have always sort of eyed each other warily. IT Guy has never really come out and been mean to him but I did tell him just to be honest that I still am seeing other guys and Gym Bro and Gym Dude and I had our little thing back in the day. IT Guy was okay with that back then, he was like okay yeah that’s fine. We’re single.
But after WineBar, he’s been really protective of me. He makes sure I’m doing okay and all that. He’s also been okay with Gym Dude because Gym Dude has been focused on Natalie.
But yesterday, IT Guy is sitting there helping with store stuff and Gym Dude is working on his laptop for work and I’m like omg I wanna fuck IT Guy so I’m trying to finish early.
This is around 9 pm.
So then out of nowhere comes Gym Bro. I guess he got lonely after the gym and wanted to see where his other half was so he came by our apartment.
Right away IT Guy is watching him but Gym Bro is like hey everyone and he has nothing to do so he’s trying to amuse himself and he’s getting in the way.
At some point I went to the bathroom and when I came out I saw IT Guy on his iPad and I see him reading Queen of Hearts.
“You’re reading my shit!” I exclaimed happily.
“You know how you were telling me you’re looking for male authors, I could write,” he just says back to me and I’m like whoa.
Like IT Guy is now gonna write books too?!
“Not everyone can write,” I tell him taking a step closer. I’m horny just thinking of him reading my books and I rub my body against him. He squeezes my ass and I like massage his cock through his pants but work calls and eventually we have to disengage and go back.
But then Gym Bro is getting bored. So when Lana and Natalie and Gym Dude (who is now reading over Natalie’s draft) are like sorry bro I’m busy he comes to me.
“Hey, we should do another night,” he says to me and everyone can hear.
This is like the nightmare scenario.
I don’t respond. Just smile and try and play it off.
“You were really hot,” he says and now I’m like getting ready to say okay shut up but IT Guy steps in.
“Lady is trying to work,” he says, clearly seeing that I’m getting exasperated at getting bothered.
“What’s it to you?” Gym Bro says back.
“The sooner she’s done, the sooner we can go to bed.” It Guy says.
And this is where it happens.
“Oh don’t worry, I can tell you exactly what she’s like.” Gym Bro says.
“Dude, not cool,” Gym Dude says.
I see IT Guy tense up.
“Don’t talk about her like that,” he says.
“Why?” Gym Bro asks.
“Because I will fuck you up,” IT Guy says.
“Like I fucked her before you got here,” Gym Bro asks.
And IT Guy just pulls back and punches him in the face.
It was a hard punch.
Gym Bro called him crazy. Insane. Gym Dude separated him and took him away. IT Guy went back to his apartment. And finally when things got settled we got back to work.
Gym Bro was being a douche. And I wasn’t mad at IT Guy, but by the time I was done, I know he told me to call him but it was 3 so I just went to sleep.
So much for keeping them separate, huh Angels?
Looks like I got a cleanup in Aisle 5.

42 thoughts on “So IT Guy Punched Gym Bro In The Face…

  1. Admittedly I totally read that wrong the first time and thought he punched winebar.

    1. So did I.

      1. Wishful thinking…

    2. I did too.

    3. I like winebar still.

  2. Go IT guy! The other guy was way out of line….

  3. Gym bro deserved it!!! I missed what happened with Winebar☹️ I know he came to see you. There seems to never be a dull moment😊. Thanks for always sharing!!

  4. Let’s hear it for IT guy. I think you might want to rethink the “dating other guys” thing and just stick with IT guy. See what his feelings are because he sounds like a winner to me.

    1. Definitely rethink the seeing other people thing. IT Guy is a keeper!

    2. I so agree with you. 💘 IT Guy.

  5. I hope you crawled into IT’s bed today & gave him some loving for sticking up for you!! That was true swoon worthiness right there!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    Perhaps Gym Bro has outlived his ‘usefulness’, especially if he’s gonna act that douchey!!!

  6. Yeah ITGuy is a keeper- go surprise and thank him😉

  7. That comment was uncalled for. Well deserved that punch in the face.

  8. Wow, I think I like IT Guy even more than before (always have liked the guy). I mean he stood up for you when the douche basically bad mouthed you and that’s got to stand for something. Gym Bro deserved a lot more than what he got and that’s for sure. I wish you had called IT Guy though and hope he doesn’t think you’re mad at him.

  9. IT Guy is so swoonworthy! You may be seeing other people but he has the feels! Gym Bro is lucky he didn’t get more than one punch, that was a douche comment.

  10. I am liking IT guy the best now. Gym bro had no right to talk to anyone , especially you like that, Alexis. Np matter how you live your life, no one should talk to you like gym bro did. That is just wrong.

  11. Wow that’s not cool on Gym Bros part and he totally deserved it 👏 Go IT Guy for looking out for your feelings and being your hero might have to reward him for that. But it might be time to have a conversation with IT Guy just to see if you guys are still ok to see other ppl and what his feelings are on the subject to me he sounds like a winner. Also agree it might be time to drop Gym Bro if he’s just going to act like douche bag.

  12. So, is this making it into a new book? IT guy was cool about it, but u better call him. Dont leave him hanging in more ways then one.😉

  13. Never a dull moment! Love IT Guy for standing up for you Gym Bro was totally out of line…agree with others you may want to rethink the whole seeing other people thing. Remember how you felt when you face timed what’s his name and his “cousin” made an appearance?

  14. I’m liking IT Guy more & more…

  15. Looks like “Daddy” knows how to take care of just about Everything for his Angel…
    That’s definitely a KEEPer in MY Book, cuz it’s HOT as H€LL when your MAN Stands Up for YOU & Goes Toe-to-Toe with another Dude OVER your Honour!
    Now, S€X¥ Angel, Time to Slither into some La Perla & let IT Guy give you a Pearl Necklace, or a N@UGHT¥ Cream Pie, for being such a Good “Daddy” & Always Takin’ CARE of Business!

    1. Wow great idea Leah, you go greet your man some TLC Alexis IT Guy deserve it…

  16. Yey IT Guy!!! He’s most assuassuredly a keeper. Gym Bro’s comment was so not cool. I hope Gym Dude set him straight and told him what a douche he was being. And l like othhope you fucked IT Guy’s brains out for that punch.

  17. I know your single but so far I like IT guy & he shows he respects you AND your work. I hate it when guys from the “past” intentionally try to upset the “present” dude. I’m still with IT guy Gym dude was Way out of line and he pushed IT guy. Make sure IT guys hand is ok you “need” it for more than just work. 😊

  18. Hun, just grab IT guy. He’s just about perfect.

  19. Just got to say I bloody love IT Guy
    I am swooning, he is so protective of you and that is super sweet. You need to keep hold of him.. Xxx
    No comment on gym guy he needs to wash his mouth out
    There is NO Need to be talking about any woman like that dickhead.

  20. I think IT Guy is done dating other people! His actions spoke Volumes about his feelings for you!

    (I’m so doing a Happy dance for you right now!💃🏻)

  21. Glad IT Guy defended your honor. Guy Bro is an assignment and deserved to be punched by IT Guy and kicked by you. Hopefully, he will think twice before being an ass to another woman.

  22. Boy, autocorrect really ruined my comment. Gym Bro was an ass, not an assignment.

  23. Yay for IT Guy. Those comments were totally uncalled for. IT Guy is a keeper. I was waiting to see if you did something too. Gym Bro was a big arse and deserved what he got and he deserved some more.

  24. Looks to me like Gym Bro was so bored he was itching for a fight. IT guy clearly has feelings for you,it’s up to you what you want to do about that. I do love that he defended your honor!

  25. As one who has always had a soft, warm, and wet spot for nerds, I gotta say 3 cheers to IT Guy for not allowing unnecessary rudeness! He deserves a thank you, a cupcake with sprinkles, a bj, AND a creampie.

    The only possible problem is that he may be heading rather swiftly in a direction you’re not ready to go. You might have to slow him down just a bit. But however it goes, I just wish he had done that to wb.

  26. Go IT Guy! Sounds like a keeper

  27. OMG I love IT Guy! I so hope you rocked his world this morning. I know you wanna date other guys, but man oh man I think he’s a keeper.

  28. I agree with Tammy. Gym Bro was probably feeling left out. Probably feels deserted by his besty spending time with Natalie instead of him. Bot to mention that Gym Dude is probably getting laid while Gym Bro peobably isn’t. So he thought he could pump up his deflated ego by picking a fight. Still not an excuse for disrespecting you like that, but we all know guys can be childish. Lay down the law with Gym Bro and tell him if he can’t be respectful then he’s not welcome even as a friend.
    But gotta love IT guy for standing up for your honor!

  29. Way to go IT guy!! We could only hope he punched WineBar! You got a keeper there with IT guy…don’t let him slip away. And that douch bro deserved it! Just cause he was bored didn’t give him the right to speak to you that way!

  30. IT Guy shows us chivalry isn’t dead! Gym Bro needs to find some new friends of at least understand work time and play time. And if IT Guy wants to try to write let him give it a try, he can’t be as bad as the first guy. He might just surprise you, and don’t think he’ll be another WineBar because he was just a well rounded jackass!

  31. I never really commented before but I got give props to IT guy for not letting gym bro get away with talking shit. He’s very lucky he only got one punch. Even gym dude knew he crossed the line. Being bored is one thing but being a dick because no one has time for you is childish, and ain’t no one got time for that.

  32. That a boy IT guy,,,,, he sounds like a keeper,,,, thanks are to be given to IT guy,,, Gym Bro was WAAYYYYYY outta line,,,,

  33. I really, really, really like IT Guy. He’s a keeper.

  34. IT guy is awesome!! I think maybe you should rethink about you dating other guys. IT guys is so sweet he knows a lot about you and still is okay with things..I agree with Angels gym rat just got bored his best friend is busy with Natalie and he has no one but that is not okay the say those things about you.xox

  35. Go IT Guy!!!!!! He’s a keeper!!!!

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