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So I’m Interrupting Nat’s Story

To give you this fantastic piece of news.
After a lot of back and forth and a wonderful trip in Vegas and basically a week and half of hanging out, IT Guy took me to dinner yesterday and then on a walk through the park, looked at me.
I looked at him. I had done my hair and I was wearing my sexy pants (these fake leather pants that make my ass look a-mazing!) and he looks at me and kisses me.
The weather is actually pretty nice now so we were able to walk for a little bit and enjoy everything.
“Alexis,” he said.
“IT Guy,” I said back and stared into his eyes. Was this it?
“I want you to know that you’re amazing,” he said to me.
“You’re not bad yourself buddy,” I grinned at him.
“You make me fucking happy when you’re around” he said to me.
“And I love it when you’re inside me,” I finished for him.
He laughed at that.
“And you’re so smart and irreverent and funny and silly,” he continued.
“And you’re smarter, more interesting than anyone I could ever think of, and you make me so happy,” I finished.
“If it weren’t for your store we wouldn’t have really begun to hang out as much,” he said.
“You remember when I was trying to seduce you that day? Eeek!” I said.
“I know I said that you seeing other guys was ok because we were single,” he said to me.
I didn’t say anything.
But I waited.
This might be the moment.
This might be it.
“I don’t think it’s okay anymore, Alexis,” he said to me. “I want you all to myself.”
I nodded.
“I want to introduce you as my girlfriend,” he said to me.
“And I am super ready to introduce you as my boyfriend,” I told him. “Are you okay with that?”
He nodded.
“Seriously, I’ve dated guys who had commitment issues, and I need to know that you’re not like that.”
“I’m not. But I need to know if you have unfinished business you need to sort out,” he said to me.
“I have some but I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for us. I like you a lot.”
“And I really like you too, Alexis. You’re amazing. I think I–” he was saying but stopped. I realized he was ringing.
No. That was me.
My phone was ringing.
I frowned. He looked at me. I figured it could be an emergency. It could be my mom.
so I pulled out my phone.
And guess who is calling?
Just guess who could ruin my perfect fucking evening.
I swear to god.
IT Guy looks at me.
“I think you need to sort that out before we go do this together,” he tells me. “Because once I go in, I go all the way and it’s no holds barred. I don’t have a lot of relationships in my past and I don’t date long term because once I’m committed and in there is nothing else in my fucking life that matters more. I am going to be in for the long haul.”
“Is that why you just see people casually and don’t have girlfriends? The girls and I were wondering why you weren’t already taken.”
“Because it’s not fair to them if I’m not feeling it. But I’m feeling it with you. And you need to be sure you are too, baby.”
Then he looked at the phone ringing. It ended.
But I knew I needed to answer it.
Because why the fuck was he calling me.
We walked back home.
And I called Winebar.

34 thoughts on “So I’m Interrupting Nat’s Story

  1. OMG!!! Just leave us hanging!!!! Screw Winebar – he blew it. Stick with IT Guy though he’s right, we do need closure with the Winebar situation…..

  2. Perfect fucking timing!!! What a dick!!! I can’t wait to hear how the conversation went with Winebar…

  3. YOU are the CEO of your life and Winebar is a delinquent employee you’ve let hang around out of some twisted sense of loyalty. Woman up and make the decision you know you should have made long ago: terminate Winebar with notice that reemployment is not a option. Your heart appears to have finally caught up with your head so be the smart, fearless, empowered, kickass woman we adore and SEAL THE DEAL with IT Guy.

  4. Omg!!!! What was he going to say before Winebar almost ruined your moment because IT Guy just put it all out there so happy for you. And I hope you told Winebar to buy himself a boat and sink himself in it because he totally blew it and IT Guy just sound too amazing to let go. Omg now I want to why Winebar called?!

  5. Gahhhhhh. Omg it’s like Winebar has an “I’m losing Alexis radar”.

    IT Guy is A freaking keeper.

  6. Way to ruin the perfect moment!!! Screw wine bar his a dick an IT guy is perfect.

  7. Aaahhhh you can’t leave us hanging!! Not cool…have IT guy call him back or answer your phone when he calls! Just have IT guy let him know the Angel he’s called is off the market and taken! That should do it. Winebar needs an old-fashioned kick in the pants

  8. Compare, girl. Compare.
    How were you, I mean honestly, I mean in a real full out self questioning way, with douchebar… I mean winebar?
    You weren’t committed, and you know it, and you probably know why, down deep inside. We angels don’t, even though a lot of us can sort of guess. Only you know.
    Are you feeling this thing you keep telling us about, now, with IT guy? I mean, feel it, look inside yourself and see what good it’s doing you. Feel the good.
    Now compare.
    Yeah, think on it.
    And be nice to that wonderful man loving on you and ACCEPTING who you are!!!
    But do what you want, what you really want, not what you think others might expect.
    Such a great lady you are!
    Remember that!

  9. OK….as was said earlier you (and we!) need closure on the Winebar situation….sigh
    Please don’t let him disrupt the wonderful relationship you have with IT guy…he’s a keeper….and he appreciates us Angels…he understands you so much better than you know who ever did xx

  10. OMG!!!!!! What is with Winebar nuw he knows you have someone else and he’s calling so not right. IT Guy us definitely a keeper Alexis and you have the feelings for him to don’t lose him he is such a sweetheart giving you all the space you need. IT Guy wants more and I think you guys should be exclusive and see where this goes. I can’t believe you left us all hanging about Winebar. Get back here asap and fill us in we all look forward to your blog and you always put a smile on our face listening to your stories. Can’t wait to hear what happens.

  11. Winebar just does not want to take NO for an answer. I say block him from ever calling you again and move on with your life. He has had more than ample chances to quit being an A$$hole and he hasn’t learned yet. I really think I would consider changing my phone number and letting those who need it have the new number. Maybe then he will get the hint that it is OVER AND DONE WITH. He lost out on a good thing, a relationship with a woman who was willing to go the extra step with him.

  12. It’s time for you to tell Winebar he needs to move on. Now he knows there is another guy on the scene he starts to call you. To little to late he had you before and blew that chance by barely contacting you and seeing other women ( and there is no way there was only one). He is on the other side of the country it’s time to let go and close this chapter of your life. You have a great guy waiting patiently for you, don’t let Winebar ruin that. And for god sake tell us the rest 😉😉

  13. I think I want to date IT Guy after that little heart to heart! ❤️❤️❤️

    Winebar’s ego is involved and he doesn’t like being told no. What a jerk.

  14. I agree with the other ladies, Alexis. Wine bar and his awful timing need to be part of your past. He may have had some attractive attributes and qualities, but he also treated you like a doormat and with very little respect. But only you know the whole situation there. IT Guy sounds like a keeper. But you need to be honest with yourself…are you ready for the committed relationship it sounds like he wants? If so, it a no-brainer to block Winebar and not have him be part of you life going forward. But if not (even if it isn’t because of Winebar), you need to let IT Guy know. It sounds like he’s been so mature and understanding of the WB situation and your fun lifestyle, that you owe him the respect you weren’t shown yourself. Be honest with yourself first, then with him. If you are ready for commitment, he sounds like a keeper. #teamITGuy😉

    1. I’m with you bcherry27 ,do what’s best for you and still rooting IT Guy all the way my prayers for both of you.

  15. No no no. Like I said before, I was a huge fan of Winebar but he screwed up. He’s gone there’s nothing he can do to fix this. He blew you off because it wasn’t convenient, he was even around and close but it still wasn’t convenient. For the love of all that is holy, make him stop ruining the good in your life. He always pops up at the worst time!
    IT Guy has been amazing and has endured Winebar’s antics a few times now. Don’t let Winebar screw up a good thing with IT Guy.

    1. I am wholeheartedly with Ashley….. Winebar screwed you over too many times. He’s had time to reflect since you walked out on him. Too Bad. Too Late. He gave you very little respect… everything was on his terms. NO MORE. IT Guy has the great potential to be an equal partner, my guess is he’s had you in his sights for a while, but, you were unavailable because of ‘dirtbag’. I really hope you give Winebar some home truths and tell him to you’re done, and to leave you alone. Then give IT Guy the time he deserves, he makes you happy, you make him happy…… give this fuzzy feeling a chance. We love you Alexis and want you happy. Winebar won’t give you that. I personally doubt he was exclusive to you when he was AWAY. Does he know what it means…… IT Guy does, you’re choice…….we’re all behind you 😘

      1. Me too Winebar closure it’s time to say goodbye now before I like him but he didn’t treat you the right way with respect and I’m not even sure if he knows what’s it means to be stick to one. We will all support you I hope you pick your happiness because you both deserve more so give it a chance on IT Guy…

  16. ☝🏼 They’re not wrong, you know. Douchebar needs to be gone. Tell him so & then block his #!!! IT guy is AWESOME & mature & really cares for you! Please give it a go with him! I bet you won’t be sorry!! We love you & want you happy! 😘

  17. Gotta be honest- it makes no difference why WB called- DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! It doesn’t matter if he begs, pleads and promises his undying love. He will NEVER change! You have a wonderful, smart, sexy guy who is beyond honest and upfront with you.
    Text WB and tell him to loose your #!!! This is showing and knowing you’re all in with IT guy.

  18. You know I was team wine bar from the beginning, however after the way he has treated you as if you are just a fun time and dispensable and that your not worth his time. You were all in with him and he treated you like shit, bottom line is he keeps coming back and screwing up the good stuff you have going because he is a masagonistic asshole, he will never change no matter what he says. He is only going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear and appease you so he can get what he wants and then he will be gone again, leaving you in the wind.
    I believe you are so ready for some permeance and stability and I think IT guy is just the man for the job. He will treat you like the queen that you are and respect you. I believe his track record speaks for itself, I mean he dropped everything to be with you in Vegas. When did wine bar every drop anything for you. I don’t want to compare the two since they are galaxies apart. But IT guy is real and he is a keeper. Love you bunches and want you to be happy.. xoxo

  19. Team ITguy!!!!

  20. Winebar is old news. Get rid of him, he had his chance.
    You deserve IT Guy. He told you he is in it for the long run.

  21. Put that tool back in the shed!! Dirty bugger shows up at the most in opportune times! He had his chance, and IT guy is it! Move on once and for all. I don’t think you will be disappointed Alexis.

  22. What. The. Fuck. Block whineybar already. I am so over him so I can only imagine how over him you must be. He must have some sort of Alexis-radar to know when you are happy just so he can call and try to screw it all up for you. I hope you got rid of him once and for all because – damn, it really does sound like IT Guy is the one.

    1. Do not call Winebar back. In fact, block his number. IT Guy seems like the real deal. Please don’t screw up with him.

  23. Alexis, I am so happy for you and IT guy. He has turned out to be so much better then winebar ever could be. I hope you will finally get the happiness and love that you deserve.

  24. Ve IT Guy’s girlfriend, he more than proved himself to you. I swear I swoon.
    Screwed Winebar and his effing timing! He deserves nothing from you. I hope you put him in his place.
    And yes, don’t leave us hanging!!

  25. Three cheers for IT Guy’s openness, honesty, and willingness to be vulnerable. Sounds like he will give you time to figure out if what he offers is what you need. No pushing, no demands, no drama.

    OTOH, sounds like wb is reading your blog and using it to shovel shit your way whenever you start to get happy.

  26. Gah!
    I hate it when you Angels leave us Hang’n… It’s the Absolute WORST!
    Personally, IDK why you haven’t B!locked WhineyBar looong before NOW; to be honest, after that last interaction, I thought you had. I know I woulda!
    Now, if you’re still sitt’n on the Fence, think’n you’ve got some Residual Feel’ns for HIM; then, I’d say it’s time for the Proverbial Pro/Con list to get to the HEART of the Matter!
    And NO, I’m NOT talk’n about comparing WB to IT Guy, Cuz he (IT Guy) deserves HIS OWN consideration! No, I mean take a look at WB, & see what/how he made you feel on/during/after each of your encounters. Also consider the Times he let you down, made you feel great, treated you like a piece of @$$, etc…. You get the drill!
    If, when you’re DONE, there’s MORE in the Con vs. Pro side or vice versa… Well, I guess you’re HEART is telling you something you NEED to listen to.
    Now, IDK what THAT is, as ONLY you are privy to the TRUTH about EveryThing that went on during your WB relationship!
    But, there’s also another thing to consider when DONE…
    How does WB compare to IT Guy (& NO… I’m NOT talk’n about S€X)!?! Yeah, I know they’re Apples & Oranges, but I’m talk’n about fundamentals here.
    How do they each TREAT you, RESPECT you, show they CARE, SUPPORT you (professionally, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.)… All these things are great considerations to decide whose door to keep Open & whose to CLOSE, maybe Forever!I
    I could Give you an opinion, but it’d be biased & based on partial info, Sooo I’m NOT gonna root for either Guy today! But Rather, I’m gonna root for YOU, Angel, to get to the HEART of the Matter…
    Then, if WB is OUT… Kick HIS @$$ to the curb for the LAST Time (which includes blocking OFF ALL forms of Communication), Cuz HIS constant interruptions aren’t GOOD for ya; although, if you’re keep’n HIM, get some resolution & progress, Cuz either way, LIMBO ain’t good for Anyone. If you’re going this Route, you’ve got a lot of work ahead to rebuild TRUST & heal HURTs!
    If it’s IT Guy for the Win, you’ve still gotta break it OFF with WB; then, RUN that MAN to ground & finish the convo you were Sooo Rudely interrupted before jumping HIS bones!
    Good Luck either way, Angel~ We’ll Stand Behind ya ALL the way!

    Relationships Take work… with BOTH people giving 100%, not just 1 person giving 100%, or Even 2 people giving 50%; NO, IT takes 2 people giving 100% Nearly 100% of the Time!

  27. Hi.
    Well I only have one thing to say. When you called the IT guy he came the next day to Vegas. When you called WineBar he had another woman while he was FaceTiming you. And he didn’t have time for a relationship talk in December.
    You do the math.

    P. S. Hi is not Mr. Big from Sex and the city. And let’s face it. Are you prepared to wait 10 years for WineBar to be ready? Because that’s how long Carrie waited.

  28. Ok I don’t know what Winebar wants but whatever it is tell him to do one, other words, get lost, stick with It Guy

  29. In my humble opinion, you need to tell Winebar to move on, stop calling, never show up again and to lose your number. Then block him everywhere it’s possible to block him. He is a player and he’s always going to be a player. I was a big fan of his for a while, he puts on a good act for a while. Then he showed his true colors. I feel sorry for the next woman who falls for his lies. I really hope IT guy is showing his true colors right now and doesn’t turn out to be another scum bag. Winebar didn’t even have the decency or brain power to get rid of his hookup before face timing you. That’s how much he actually cares. That’s my two cents worth.

  30. Preach on Amy K, I agree with you. Alexis at one time you were seriously considering moving with “winey below the bar”. He has and still does think about himself first. He saw your lips moving but did not hear any of the dreams you had for the store, blog, etc. He reminds me of Lana’s thankfully soon to be ex ! Both of them have NEVER believed you could make your dream a reality. IT (It’s Time) guy has always put you and your dream before himself. You seem like you are finally having all the pieces in your life slowly coming together to make a beautiful picture all because of your trust and “strong like” of your IT (It’s Time) Guy !!! 💕🥰💖

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