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So I think my cover designer quit lol

LOLOLOL I got this back from the designer who stopped answering emails. I think she quit. What u think Angels?

12 thoughts on “So I think my cover designer quit lol

  1. Looks like I signed up to publish at Naughty Angel at just the right time lol
    Can’t wait to see my next cover lololol

  2. I would say that is very eye catching! Lolol.

    1. HAHAHA yeah that’s true

  3. Well it”s bright but I would venture to say she is telling you she doesn’t want the job anymore.

  4. Maybe she just lost inspiration?? Or maybe she is side tracked?? But seriously, if you are going to quit your job, you should use your lady balls and say it straight out and NOT by email!

    1. I don’t want to say Alexis is a totally demanding client…umm but Alexis is totally a demanding client. I think this new project’s covers were making her a little wonky so haha yeah she picked an interesting way to showcase that…

  5. I would say that being subtle is NOT her strong suit.

    1. Haha Belinda you make a good point!

  6. Wow! I need my sunglasses! Perhaps the designer is jealous of Alexis’ talent for writing HOT stories!

  7. LOL… Guess she made a statement without making a statement or at least without words. Subtlety isn’t her strong suit either 🙂

  8. That’s to freaking funny.
    I’d read a book with cover like that out of curiosity.

  9. Maybe she’s giving back the headaches (color choice) Alexis has given her apparent!y. lol

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