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So I finally told Alexis about listening to her and the two dudes….

Thank you angels for your support when I was wondering what exactly to tell Alexis.

So I told her yesterday. I basically said, “Hey, you know the other day when you were with Gym Bros, I could hear you guys from my room.”
“Did it sound hot?” she asked me.
I just nodded my head.
“Did you get yourself off, babe?” she asked me and I nodded again, sort of amazed.
Leave it to Alexis to have her head in the gutter so that’s where she went immediately.
“Did it feel good listening to me and getting off?” she asked after that and I started to blush I think and nodded my head again.
“That’s pretty hot, Lana,” she said to me. “Did you cum?”
“Oh yeah,” I answered. “A whole bunch.”
“Mmmm,” is all Alexis said and I looked at her.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I dunno, I’m just really turned on thinking of you cumming to me,” is all she said.
I just rolled my eyes. I gave her five minutes and true enough in less time than that Alexis disappeared to her room. I’m guessing I knew what she went to go do.

Let me just say that before moving in here I would have never imagined something like this would happen. It’s completely crazy. We’re turning into horny little animals – at least I am. Alexis is already a hornball.

And why do I say this?

Because just thinking about the conversation and then watching Alexis walk…no run is an appropriate word…to her room got me in the mood. So I went to my room and pulled out the wand. And went to town.

That was yesterday. Alexis is dragging me out for New Years Eve celebrations tonight so we’ll see what goes on there but life keeps getting crazier and crazier in this house. I feel like I should go to church and pray or something, you know?

Let me know what you think.

13 thoughts on “So I finally told Alexis about listening to her and the two dudes….

  1. just go with it. i live vicariously through you two so enjoy

  2. What Jo said…..I too am living vicariously through Alexis and you xx

  3. What a pair you guys are awsome I love reading your stories you two are mates yin and yang so glad you two are back together you never should have seperately. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU DESERVE IT ????

  4. What’s left to say except, keep the good times and the follow up stories coming. Keep enjoying your lives most of all.

  5. You are too funny about needing to go to church. We all deserve to just be naughty and enjoy ourselves at least every once in a while. Have fun tonight and start the year off right by being a naughty little angel.

  6. Happy New Year!
    Enjoy yourselves but stay safe.

  7. I do get a lot of enjoyment reading about your goings on since you moved in with Alexis. I hope you both have a very Happy and Safe New Year celebration tonight!

  8. All I can say is go enjoy yourselves and enjoy life. Live in the moment of it all. Have a very happy but safe and memorable New Year’s.

  9. Have a Happy Naughty but Safe New Year.. Enjoy life.

  10. Hey, if it makes you feel good and relaxed who cares what you get off to 🙂 I’m just glad the two of you are so suited to being roomies and all I can say is, just keep up the dialogue because it sure brightens my otherwise dull life when ya’ll share <3

  11. Hmmm,sounds like you two are heading for a hook up. 😉 Maybe you shouldve joined the threesome the other night.If it feels good,do it! :0

  12. How do I find the DLA blog/site? I have searched online with no results for Alexis.

    1. Hi
      That would be at the top of this page…3rd to the right.

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