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So I did in fact reward IT Guy – and then we had a talk

So to all the people who were talking about rewarding IT Guy for defending my honor…rest easy!
Yesterday morning as soon as I got up I showered and shaved parts of me and put on something really slutty casual. If you’re wondering what slutty casual is babe it’s easy – it’s like black yoga pants that I know are see through because I bought them back in the day from lululemon when they were selling see through yoga pants accidentally. Everyone else in America was like uhmm no but I was like YES!! And I bought a few more lol.

Anyways that with a shiny tank top and a black slutty bra (slutty bra is one that has lots of mesh and lace) and I knock on his door.

He’s in the middle of a conference call with some people and but he finishes like five minutes after I get there. I’m actually really impressed with IT Guy because he has this natural hustle to him. Like he knows how to do a lot of things but no one really knows how to do everything.

But IT Guy will sit and learn what he doesn’t know and he’ll ask people a bunch of questions and they’ll teach him and he won’t get like egotistical about it and he’ll learn whatever they know and then go learn everything else about it and then be like the authority.

Anyways, so I’m like OMG I would come over last night but it was 4 am but I just wanted to say thank you.

Then I pushed him to the couch and gave him a lap dance. Then I sucked his cock. Like one of those times where you tease the guy and I got him close to cumming but then I stopped. And then I sucked some more lol. And he’s like oh fuck I’m gonna cum and I’m like nope not now. This went on for a while and IT Guy was pretty on edge the whole time and only then did I get on top of him and begin the process of fucking him. I did so many degrading things to service him that he knew how much I was into him.

When we got done…I was sticky. Like you could put a piece of paper on my skin and it would hold up through a wind tunnel type of sticky.

And IT Guy was panting and exhausted. So he took a nap and I took a shower.

And then he talked.

See the first part is about sex. And that’s great. But we did that. But we got like the animal vibes out of our system, you know?

Now we had to sit down and talk about ourselves.

We had both said that we wanted to date other people. And he was comfortable with that. He wasn’t jealous or crazy. He wasn’t asking me to suck my feet or wearing women’s lingerie. He seemed to not have commitment issues.

So the biggest question I had is, how is someone who is so smart, funny, protective, charming, handsome, competent, with great attention to detail and good personal hygiene and a great hustle – how is someone single?

More on this tomorrow Angels!

Today our big release is just one book…not four lol. We’re releasing Dr. Single Dad by Lana Angel, aka Dark Angel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover! And the story is pretty good too!


8 thoughts on “So I did in fact reward IT Guy – and then we had a talk

  1. TEASE! I need the rest!

  2. You go girl! Can’t wait to see what he said.

  3. Kudos, Angel, for Taking Care of YOUR Guy! They ALL NEED to be told, & feel appreciated, When they get IT RIGHT in such a GREAT WAY!
    As for IT Guy, Maybe he’s taking his TIME because he’s been BURNED B4…
    Or maybe he’s learned it’s easier to Reel a Fish in Nice & Slow, so they don’t know they’re being Caught…
    What’s the best way to keep a Cagey Gal on the Line other than to say it’s okay to Date others if you want, especially when YOU, Angel, put IT OUT There 1st… Hmmm sounds like a good plan for taming a Wild Filly! Especially when he’s making himself available with seriously HOT S€X WHENever, WHEREevere, & HOWever ya want IT & He’s making himself indispensable to YOU in lots of other ways too (i.e. Bedtime Cuddles, Talking, The Business, & such), which isn’t BAD… it’s forward thinking~ Smart MAN!
    IDK, but whatever’s going ON, it’s definitely working for you BOTH RIGHT Now! So, I say, GO with IT as long as it feels GOOD & He’s Treatin’ YOU RIGHT~ you could DO & have DONE a H€LLUV@ lot Worse (WhinnyBar comes to Mind!)…I
    For ONCE, you’re so someone who’s just as GOOD at Giving in a Relationship as TAKING… That’s a FIRST!
    That’s MY 2¢ & MY Unsolicited Advice!!

  4. I can’t wait for the rest of the story. So far so good. I’m rooting for the two of you.

  5. He’s smart- this is a definite plus since he seems to many other positive attributes as well 😉 Maybe he’s been waiting for you longer than you know and didn’t want to be the rebound guy- so let you have your fun and control your single status without him chancing being taken out of the game. He’s revealing his sense of worth to you in small increments- it’s really kinda sweet. I think he wants you to THINK/FEEL your in control of the situation between the two of you- that’s a very special (and may I say extremely smart) approach on his part since it’s super rare to find a male who would actually care enough to make that effort. Can’t wait to read of what your conversation entailed!

  6. You do like to keep us on edge (like IT Guy) Can’t wait to hear what this talk turned up.

  7. Wow, can’t wait to hear the rest of the story 🙂 IT Guy sounds really special and you two obviously have it going on. Good luck.

  8. Arise Sir IT Guy!

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