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So here’s the thing about having the store…

I guess also getting banned from Amazon.
We have a wonderful group of gals (and hopefully a dude soon) and I love spending my days with them.
And sometimes there are things that put it all into stark contrast.
For example, the other day, I saw an application to join a group of authors who were doing an anthology. It was for a good charitable cause that I believe in. I put my name in there.
They contacted me saying they’d like to have me.
And that’s when I realized that oops…Amazon banned me.
Sure, it was hard. And sure, I started the store. And the store has been a blessing.
I mean I’m happier now than I ever was on Amazon.
But I told the author that hey listen I actually don’t know if it’s the best idea if I do this.
I’m not mentioning the author or the anthology because I don’t want to drag them into it.
But there is a very real consideration nowadays when asked to do stuff that like oh, how is this going to affect those around me.
It’s hard.
But I figure it like this.
This store is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life. It’s amazing. And the Angels that we have are some of the best blessings I could have. I’m talking about you. Together we form something stronger than anything I could ever conceive, babe.
I was trying to talk to IT Guy about it this morning.
We were up till 3 am yesterday doing work related stuff. Lana was up writing. And so we slept in this morning and then I was like hmmm…IT Guy gets to poke his cock against my ass in the morning so I’m gonna do what I like to do best. I’m gonna talk about stuff going through my head.
To be fair…he listened to me.
And he didn’t fall asleep. He just held me in his arms and squeezed me from time to time.
And when I wasn’t getting squeezed enough I would turn my head and be like “squeeze” and he would squeeze me with his strong arms.
Then when I wanted a kiss, I’d move the hair covering my neck and point and be like “kiss” and he’d kiss my neck.
I’d reward him by wiggling my ass against his cock.
Oh and he was hard so I used my hands at some point …. by the way anyone with me that spit serves as the best lube?
And then IT Guy was moaning and I was like cool I like giving hand jobs. Its also aerobic exercise so I’m totally into it.
I was whispering filthy things into his ear and I must have some good game because IT Guy was like “oh my God” and he just exploded.
Like his cock exploded.
And like his head almost exploded
Because he came so much.
Now IT Guy comes a lot. Normally, he comes insane amounts.
But this level of cum was just something else.
It coated me. I felt like a wax figure.
It hit my TV on the other side of the bed.
If he shot this into me as he was fucking me, it would probably come out of my mouth.
I’m serious.
So. Much. Cum.
I’m totally gonna go write a filthy fantasy about it because…omg.

Happy Saturday Angels!


Check out my newest installment of the Wild Hearts Reverse Harem. It’s getting pretty twisty. It may be the darkest and most supenseful thing I’ve ever written! You can bet your ass IT Guy’s skills are gonna show up in here.

11 thoughts on “So here’s the thing about having the store…

  1. You could do the anthology still but see if they’re willing to put a non deplumb for you on it then see if their willing to have a other copies sold in the store with your name on it Amazon won’t know it’s you not unless you do what got you banned. Just spitballing an idea out there 👸🐝.

  2. Isn’t it nice when a man actually listens to you and pays attention to your needs!!! I think he’s a keeper 😊

  3. That’s a great idea from Jenmae. I know of several male authors who were banned…they have new noms de plume, and some have banded together (like you and the girls). They seem to be having no problems with Amazon. And I agree with Donaji…IT guy is a keeper!

  4. Those are the best snuggles moments. I’m so glad you have that in your life 🙂

  5. IT guy is such a keeper!! (can’t get much better than that!)
    Yes, for charity anthologies, a pen name (not gonna risk trying to say the nom de plume thing, in case I get the writing wrong) is the best way to go. That way you can help, feel good for having contributed, say who you are elsewhere, and technically the ‘zon or other prudes can’t do a (legal) thing about it.
    You are very considerate when thinking about your fellow authors and eventual consequences!
    Keep up the great work!

  6. IT Guy rocks..seems like a keeper.

  7. A guy that listens to you!! Keep him!! A pen name sounds like a good way around the anthology problem.

  8. I know it has to be hard for you when making choices to support a charity along with other authors being published on Amazon because you don’t want to get them in trouble. You probably made the best decision since we all know they have their little spies everywhere. I’m also happy to hear that IT guy listens to you and gives you much needed support. Have to admit, I got a little bit of that green guy going on with this 🙂

  9. My computers have been sown so I was unaware Amazon banned you. There loss I like the store.

  10. Just remember anything they can do you can do better as you have proved…Instead of risking the authors, perhaps thinking outside the box you could have your really talented authors write an anthology or some other type of product for sale for whatever charity and have the readers not only decide to buy the product let’s say also have a chance to donate separately if the readers choose to do so. Good luck.
    Also loving the IT Guy.

    Nancy Castor

  11. I’m LOVIN’ IT Guy More & MORE EVERY DAY!

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