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So Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

So Natalie is on the phone and we’re using my account but basically this is Lana and Natalie writing this message, Angels.

We have some exciting news. I recently found out from our downstairs neighbors that they are leaving at the end of the month. Alexis and I spoke to the landlord (he has a strange attraction to the both of us) and asked him sweetly if our friend could potentially move in on a month to month basis. Natalie would still be keeping her house that she lived in with Hot Doctor until her divorce had completed but in the meantime she’d be living below us.

Our landlord agreed! And Natalie isn’t really paying the mortgage or the rent on that house so she’s got the funds to potentially move in and maybe stay a month here and a month there or however she finds is best.

Obviously we’re going to have to find a roommate for Natalie (I keep saying that there needs to be an author out there looking for a place to live but we’ll see how that goes).

However, just imagine it, Angels. Natalie Knight living in the same vicinity as Alexis Angel and Lana Angel. This townhouse would become more of a sorority than anything else.

Alexis said “sorority of smut” before she went to sleep this morning (she was up all night writing her latest project). But it would be amazing. The creative juices that would flow. The potential for collaboration.

Realistically, I know we can’t get every single author who publishes through Naughty Angel Publishing to live in the same vicinity, but this is what happens when you get a bunch of like minded people who like sex and write smut – you create a positive environment of support and camaraderie.

Natalie was talking to me about something else.

So, ever since I moved in with Alexis, I haven’t really had any sex. And Natalie hasn’t had any sex since her “husband” left. We were talking about bonding as celibate sisters until we can get some again.

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten any action recently. I think a part of me is still not sure I’m ready to let go of Mr. Lana Angel. I know it’s silly, but a part of me is also thinking I need to wait until I get my divorce to have sex with someone other than Mr. Lana Angel.

And this is why I wanted to write the update today. Because I want your advice, Angels. Do you guys think it’s silly that no sex is happening until my divorce is finalized? I spoke to Natalie about this and she mentioned that after the emotional turmoil (which you can read in DLA) sex was the last thing on her mind for a while. She’s maybe ready to get back in the game soon but she’s not in any hurry. This in contrast to Daphne or dare I say Alexis who are looking to fuck their way through 2019. Not sure if it’s just me or something I need to deal with.

Thoughts welcome!

14 thoughts on “So Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

  1. You need to do what feels right for you.

    1. Totally agree- you do what feels right for you. 😘

  2. Do what feels right to you. If you are not sure if you are ready to have sex with anyone else except your soon to be ex-husband that is your right. Do not let anyone else tell you that you are ready for sex. Only you know what is on your mind and in your heart. Who knows, you and Mr. Lana Angel may get back together in the future. No one knows what the future holds for them. I am 58 years old, never married, and still a virgin. I am overweight and most people look at my outer person not my heart. I now know I will never get married or have sex. I would just like a male person to go out with every once in a while.

  3. Well if it’s official and you are getting a divorce then there is no reason except how you feel about it. Do what makes you happy. That’s all that matters.

  4. I think since you aren’t sure what’s truly going to happen with your hubby then not having sex is probably the best choice. When my ex-husband and I split up, I knew it was over because of everything that had happened and then I caught him cheating. But I still didn’t date anyone (or have sex) for almost a year after we broke up. It wasn’t that I didn’t want sex… it just took me that long to trust someone again. But that was me and you have to do what feels right for you.

  5. I waited.. until me soon to ex proposed to someone else. ( the reason he was a soon to be ex). I felt that after that the field was open . Do what your head and heart agree on.

  6. Lana, I don’t think it’s silly at all. When you said your vows, you obviously felt very strongly about them, which you should or they’re meaningless. I think that everyone has to go at their own speed and there are no two exact situations the same because we are individuals. Some people feel the freedom that comes from saying divorce and there are those of us that feel until the ink is dry we are still emotionally and legally bound to the other person. I wish you and Daphne the best and hope that you find the peace you need. Oh yeah, I think it’s great that Daphne is moving into the apartment below ya’ll, I can just imagine some of the late night collaboration that will go on with ya’ll.

  7. You don’t have to compete with Alexis and Natalie in the sexual escapades department. Lolz. You could allow yourself time to recover from this recent emotional upheaval with MLA. It’s only fair and healthy to give yourself that space mentally and physically. Flirt your shoes off in the meantime- no harm no foul in that.

  8. Only you know what is right for you. If things are still unresolved with Mr Lana Angel maybe it would be better to wait a bit, as it may add another complication. If you know it is definitely over, then it is whenever you feel ready.. and love your comment that Alexis is going to fuck her way through 2019 – Go Alexis 😂😂

  9. We were raised to belief ”no sex without marriage” and no sex with someone not your spouse “until the divorce is final”. That’s bunk that we are finally getting over those docial mores.

    But when it feels right for you then you will know. So don’t pressure yourself or let anybody else do it either.

  10. Having sex is more overrated than we realize. Yeah, I can understand that living and breathing around Alexis could be something that would make you want something to happen for you, and writing all these super hot stories can up the urge, but…
    It’s not something vital for survival. It’s not like you’ll waste away and die of malnutrition or dehydration (no specific sexual reference there… 😛😁)!
    Toys are made for just these circumstances. When you feel ready, you’ll go for it. If you don’t, don’t force things, or you’ll be in for a really depressing experience.
    No false morals or social mores should be involved, just you.
    Be you.

  11. I know this isn’t going to actually help but, I agree with all of the previous ladies. Follow your heart and conscience and you can’t go wrong. Blessings

  12. Lana,

    Only you can be the judge of that. Follow your heart and do what will make you happy.

  13. To the both of you beautiful ladies, I agree with the rest, you have to do what is going to best for you. I went thru some domestic abuse and after that was over I put a lock on my good stuff😉. Now though it has been 5 maybe 6 years now (lack of sex makes me forget😂) and although I am itching for the connection I still waiting for the right connection.

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