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So Alexis, Lana and I had a company meeting today…

I’ve been meaning to post for some time and I’ll be sure to do so because I have some things that I need to share with the angels.

So Alexis and Lana are both hungover and hopefully still sleeping. I did see Alexis puttering around on the site for a little bit this morning and she said she had to send her emails out.

Somehow, believe it or not before that, we had a company meeting. So a company meeting is simply that. The administrators of this store get together and go over current projects and future plans. They’re great fun…except today, Alexis and Lana were both so very hung over.

See, Alexis had a release yesterday and she dragged Lana out to celebrate. So our conversation went a little like this as I sat there with my coffee and Lana and Alexis on videophone sat near comatose.

Daphne: How are we doing on the secret project?

Lana: What did Alexis do to me last night? OMG

Alexis: blah

Daphne: Lana, did you build the project? Alexis, you were supposed to get first level volunteers, no?

Alexis: I think I posted something in Alexis’ Angels yesterday but I’ll get on it.

Lana: Alexis, did you…

Alexis: My head hurts

Lana: Oh god. You thought it would be a great idea to make out to get those free drinks!

Alexis: Did it work?

Lana: They were $5 for two drinks! We can afford it! Why did we do it?

Alexis: My head is killing me! I need greasy food

Lana: You should have eaten dinner that I made before you went out!

Alexis: You didn’t have any corndogs. I wanted corndogs.

Daphne: So…the Choose Your Own Romance is coming across nicely. And Lana, I have your chapters for you. And Alexis, my chapters on our co-write are done too.

Lana: I wasn’t like this. I used to be a good girl. I don’t usually go out like that and get so drunk. Alexis this is your fault!

Daphne: right. So you guys I’m releasing Double Feature again on the store.

Alexis: I want to work on the Secret Project!

Daphne: When is the secret project going live?

Lana: It’s ready to go. But it needs a small group to work out the kinks

Alexis: I feel nauseous

Daphne: Because of the secret project?

Alexis: No. Booze.

Daphne: What did you drink last night?

Lana: I remember beer. Vodka. Cosmos. Tequila. Whiskey. And then I can’t remember. I think Alexis poured gin in my pants.

Alexis: No. That was tequila and I poured it on my shirt.

Daphne: Were there guys?

Lana: Oh my God!

Alexis: What?

Lana: I remember the evening! I don’t dance like that. Eeeeee! What do people think of me?

Alexis: Dance like what?

Lana: Like rubbing your butt against guys. I’m an author. I write stuff.

Alexis: Well now you’re living it.

Daphne: Ok, Alexis, lets work on the Secret Project.

Alexis: I’m going to sleep.

Lana: Me too.

So moral of the story is next time there is a night out, I need to be there too! Because that sounded like too much fun to have missed. So much so that I’m thinking of taking a trip to San Francisco for a few weeks.

but then there’s my ex boyfriend Greg. And that means leaving him. Which is a whole can of worms as it is…

3 thoughts on “So Alexis, Lana and I had a company meeting today…

  1. We need to know about ex boyfriend Greg!! If he’s been a dick we’ll sort him out

  2. An ex you haven’t left yet Daphne? Sounds like an interesting

  3. Daphne love the name by the way sounds so sensual and sexual!!! Anyways I love the fact that uve joined the team and I’m looking forward to reading ur books i know u have a few out already but in my mist of reading other authors i will be getting to urs!! And yes to agree with peeps above we must hear about the ex mom ex greg. If he’s a dick we will take care of him since we take care of our own!!!

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