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Slowly Picking Up The Pieces

Hey Angels!

We’ve added 6 books in AngelAccess!


Princely Passions, Client 5, Man Chaser, Baby Batter, Blessed, Protein Shake! We’re slowly starting to piece through everything. So this has been a long month. And the frustrating nature of everything is the way we had set up AngelAccess. It wasn’t able to handle more than 100 books or take more than 12 books added to it a month. But we knew AngelAccess was the future and it needed to handle like bajillions of books so now we had to figure out a way to keep AngelAccess and everyone in it and make sure that we expanded the back end.

Basically what that meant was keeping an environment as stable and same as possible while AngelAccess got fitted out in the back end to be able to be more robust. Oh and half way through our payment processors decided to give us trouble and then that became a thing. And then our mail platform, which was integrated to the store froze up and we couldn’t get in it for a couple weeks and that became something to add on. And then for a time I was sneaking in posts on the blog but one day Paige just came up to me and is like hey you know nothing is going on the site right? Like you may think you’re posting but its all just going in review.

I call those the “Lost Posts” lol because I can still see them but like no one else can. And then DLA had to be severed from the site in order to get the site to work so that our mail platform would work so that took some time and then something somewhere made AngelAccess not work again which we had to fix and it’s enough to make your head spin.

But the good news is that 1) we’re back 2) we’re added like 6 books a day so that in like 5 to 6 days we have all the books added we missed during the month to AngelAccess. 3) We have a huge backlist of stuff to publish.

I missed you a lot Angels! Hold on to your seats! Because we’re back!

22 thoughts on “Slowly Picking Up The Pieces

  1. So Happy you persevered 🙂
    Welcome back x

  2. Yay! So happy you’re back 💖💖 xx

  3. Whew!
    A lot of us were worried!! A lot worried!
    So, practically you’ve had to reinvent an a!axon type platform… From scratch!
    Keep up the good job!

  4. Talk about a cluster, y’all sure had your work cut out for you. So glad that you’re back and now we can hear from all of the Angels once again and I’m glad everything looks like it went smooth on our end.

    Now you’re going to have to figure out some down time from the stress. I know, have a wine party 🙂

  5. Glad y’all are back, sure did miss all of you 🙂

    1. So good to have you all back . You were all missed. 👍

  6. Welcome back Ladies

  7. Glad you’re all back, missed you all

  8. Super glad you are back!

  9. 👍🏼👏🎉

  10. Well D@mn…
    As they say, “Sometimes, When it Rains, it Pours!!”
    I guess you Angels got the Proverbial Monsoon! LOL
    Maybe, you guys can each give us a few Loonng Posts to catch us up on some deets from your lives!
    I know we’re ALL dying to hear the 411 on lots of threads… Not just the store business! Although, that update IS appreciated.
    Welcome Back… Give Me MORE pretty, Pretty Please!

  11. Glad you are back. Was waiting patiently hoping everything was okay and we would hear from you soon.

  12. Whew! That’s a lot to deal with in a month! But I’m so glad you’re back and everything is okay. A lot of us were getting worried.🤗❤️

  13. Welcome back all, you were missed.

  14. So happy that you all are back!! You were greatly missed.

  15. I was in the kitchen making dinner when I saw the email saying that y’all are back. I was So excited I was like YES!! 🙌 WOOHOO 🥳.
    My daughter ran in saying “what!!??
    What happened????”
    I guess I scared her lol.

    So glad y’all are back!!

  16. Glad you’re all back. We missed you. Everyone was so worried. Glad we can put that worry aside now.

  17. Welcome back! It seemed like you had dropped off the end of the earth, just like when you got banned from Amazon. There were all kinds of conspiracy theories starting up on DLA! Lol!

  18. You had a long month. Glad you’re back and you guys are okay. We missed you all.

  19. So glad to hear from you again! I hope and pray that all is well with all of the Naughty Angel Publishing authors! That’s the most important thing, that y’all are safe and well!

  20. Glad that things are up and running again! Prayers to keep Gremlins at bay

  21. I am sooo glad your back and everything is good.

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