Books In Series – By Naughty Angel Publishing

Welcome to Naughty Angel Series! These stories will go through twists and turns, leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat and following up on side characters with EXTRA HOT steam way more intense than regular novels. If you’re looking for a story to follow through time and characters you’ll be invested in, well babe…you’re home!

The Wild Cards Reverse Harem Series (Ongoing)

Enter a world of seduction, betrayal and glamour…
A beautiful thief. She’s the perfect example of an alpha female…
Pursued and countered by three very alpha males….
She’ll steal their money. 
But will they steal her heart?

The One Love To Give Series (Ongoing)

Step into a book from the golden age of romance novels…
A billionaire heir.
Cocky. Arrogant. Handsome.
He thinks he has it all, until he comes close to losing everything.
The one person who can save him
Is the one person he’ll hurt…

The Wicked Women In The Workplace Series (Complete)

These women may be at work…
But they treat it like play.
And what delicious games they engage in.
Dominant bosses.
Wealth. Power. Money.
This series will punch your clock.
These standalone novels will…
Make you beg for overtime…

The Max Bid Series (Complete)

An MFMM Romance series you won’t want to put down…
Three billionaires who try to buy a woman
Except they all put in the max bid.
What happens when three people want to buy you?
Like a Black Friday deal…but filthy!

They All Love Me Series (Complete)

Come into the world of the Maxwell Family…
From the mind of Lana Angel, comes a story of one woman, two stepbrothers, and their stepfather…
They all have her. They adore her. They put her on a pedestal.
Before they defile her.
Filled with drama, intrigue and passion, this series will have you breathless till the end!

The Girl’s Best Friend Series (Complete)

A dirty, dirty MMF romance!
Some of the most sizzling scenes you’ll find.
A diamond thief.
Two investigators that hate each other.
And a story that will make you take a cold shower.

The Dirty Brother Series (Complete)

A woman trapped in a sham of a marriage…
The brother she wanted to marry out of her reach…
He’s strong. Alpha. And so tantalizing.
Come enter the taboo world of Alexis and Lana as they introduce you to…
The Dirty Brother!

The Mile High Harem Series (Complete)

From the mind of Lana Angel comes a MFMM that will have you flying 50,000 feet in the air. Filled with intrigue and drama, this series will keep the pages flying as you try and keep up with the lives of a heiress running from her past and three hot as sin pilots that know how to shoot a woman into orbit!

The Queen of Hearts Series (Complete)

One woman who is so badass she can make the devil cry.
The only true competition for her are two of Wall Street’s baddest alpha males.
Introducing classic Alexis Angel in all her glory. 
Filled with steam that will fog your windows and a story that will have you turning the pages!

The Stuff Me Stepbrother Series (Complete)

A stepbrother that’s lewd, crude, and completely gorgeous…
Prince Silas – the heir to the throne of St. Penares is her stepbrother.
He’s got a body made for sin. 
And she’s got a body he wants to squeeze.
Come into this taboo royal romance…and get your halo dirty!

My Son’s Best Friend Series (Complete)

The strapping young man next door…
A lonely wife whose husband has left her.
Her panties are wet when she looks at him.
His thick throbbing cock beats for her.
Put them together and what do you get?

The Girl’s Versus Love Series (Complete)

Conceived from the mind of Alexis Angel…
Come follow a group of single women in the city…
They’re young. Flirty. Sexy. Sassy. 
Living in the city, these friends rely on each other as they look for love!
Hilarious and sweet. Sexy as sin.
These stories will make you young again…