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Semi Dark Room Secrets

Hey Angels!

So yeah before I left you with the bombshell that Lana and I were looking at Daphne starting to get it on with two strapping young men lol. I’ve always wanted to say ‘strapping young men’ lol. 

Anyways, I’m torn between looking at the lust on Lana’s face and what’s happening in front of me where White Shirt Dude’s cock literally slaps Daphne in the face (gently) and she teases it with her tongue. They’re groaning and moaning and it all sounds pretty lewd Angels. No lie I’m like pretty sure that my thong is pretty wet at this point and I’m so so so horny haha. 

“Yeah, lets join in, Lana,” I say huskily because I can’t really move. Daphne is now naked and these dudes are running their hands over her. She flashes us a wicked wicked look and its so naughty that my knees are almost buckling. She bends over and wriggles her ass at BlackShirt Dude and he’s fingering her pussy and her mouth is contorting in this lust induced haze that I’m like omg this is insane. 

Lana can’t help it but she’s running her hands up and down my thighs and I can tell she’s horny too. 

Let me paint this picture for you if will. Daphne is bent over a sofa now in a darkened room giving a lip smacking blowjob to one dude as the other dude is getting her pussy ready to put his cock into her. He puts on a condom and he’s moving it around getting her pussy all primed. Lana and I are dressed like sluts sitting on the sofa across from them and Lana is running her hands up and down my spread out thighs and hovering over the fabric covering my pussy, teasing me into a frenzy. 

It’s something out of a crazy Naughty Angel Publishing book. 

But here’s what happens that’s not out of the book. 

The door bursts open at that point. Now its semi-dark in here, and you can’t really see well at first glance and you need a moment to get your eyes adjusted. But your nose will tell you that the room smells like sex lol. 

Anyways the door bursts open and everyone sort of stops. 

And it’s the dude I was talking to downstairs. 

Cue the dramatic music lol. 

Now normally this is where I’d leave you in a cliffhanger hahahaha. But not today. Because the very first words out of his mouth are:

“They said that you guys were up here. I figured you all were doing something fun!”

I can’t help but smile. I’m so impressed! He didn’t even run away! We’re gonna call him Braveheart because of that because he did also have a sort of English accent. Anyways, Lana looks at me and then looks at him and she has an evil grin on her face. 

“You want to join us?” she asks. “You need to do the both us together though.”

Braveheart just smiles. “I should lock the door then,” he says and he locks the door preventing any other bursting of door from happening. 

Then he walks towards us and I look at Lana. 

We’re really gonna do this again? I ask with my eyes. 

She just reaches over and gives me a long, succulent kiss. 

And then we look up at Braveheart and his sandy colored brown hair. 

This is gonna be good. 

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  1. Y’all need to write a book about the upper room, I know you would sell a bunch of copies and maybe make it an AA book too 🙂

    Anyone who reads this blog and doesn’t get turned on doesn’t have any feelings anywhere…

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