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Roundup For The Week And Some Irony

Ok guys.

So we had a whole bunch of new releases this week and this is probably how the store is gonna go. I don’t know if you noticed but for the past several weeks something new has been releasing everyday. This makes it very difficult to keep track of what you may or may not have bought. If you need any questions with what you’ve bought, you can always look in the My Account section to see what books you’ve purchased since the beginning of time.

That being said, some of the issue is also like what to do about this release schedule. So we’re gonna revamp the store a bit in the coming weeks. If you think about it, we’ve been working on the concept of a single page store. But we have over 200 books. We’re going to have to change that. So we’re going to a multi page bookstore.

Here’s where any suggestions from you is helpful. If you think of some things or structure you want to see, let me know! You can email me at or just drop a comment here. Right now I’m thinking that we should have pages for Standalones, Series, Filthy Fantasies, and The Other Side. Also we should have genre specific pages such as Romantic Comedy, Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Taboo Romance, Bad Boy Romance etc.

Within each of these pages we’ll have books that are sortable by author and date of publication.

Let me know your thoughts but definitely expect to see major changes next week (towards the weekend) maybe.

The second part about this post is about irony. So Hot Dentist asked me to have dinner with him yesterday when I was at the Gym. He’s no longer my dentist – someone else took over.

Of course I said yes. Like I’d be a fool not to. The only thing I have to remember to do is to floss and brush my teeth before our date. It’s on Saturday.

But then I got an email from Mr. Lana Angel this morning. It was simple. Nothing major. Just a picture of him and me when we were in Hawaii.

I hate that it happened right on the day before our date. But I’m also now conflicted. Because the picture was from happier times.

Why did he have to do that???

Today’s release is super hot and sort of darker than what we normally put out! I think you’ll love it!


20 thoughts on “Roundup For The Week And Some Irony

  1. Right now I’m thinking what you are that the store should have pages for Standalones, Series, Filthy Fantasies, and The Other Side. Also we should have genre specific pages such as Romantic Comedy, Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Taboo Romance, Bad Boy Romance etc.

  2. Well, you asked why did Mr. Lana Angel write. The answer is this. He knows you’re moving on and he wants you to know he knows. When I was in a relationship years ago that lasted more than it should have, every time when I was ready to call it quits he always knew it and lured me in as a fish on a stick. The worst part was I didn’t even tell him what I was thinking. He just somehow knew. Since your blog is public and you’ve been talking about the Dentist he is probably jealous. My advice is reply with: Nice pic. It will send a clear message; yes we had a good time and we looked good.
    I hope you have a great time on your date and don’t think about the Ex. There will be time and place for that but this weekend is not the time for that.


    1. Yup. He is probably watching the blog, taking notes, and possibly building a case for himself as the injured partner if causes and terms of your separation/divorce have not been defined by your attorney. A good attorney will tell you to be very careful about using social media until after the dust has settled and the mud has been slung.

      Yeah, call me cynical but, been there, done that, and found the T-shirt to be awfully ugly and extremely expensive. If you are making more money alone than you did when you were with him, please watch out.

      So, tell him, “Nice pic. Wish you had wanted me to be as happy at the end as you did at the beginning.”

    2. This is exactly what I was going to say!

  3. Mr. Lana Angel is playing you. He is trying to control you from afar from moving on. Ignore him and have a fantastic date with Mr. Dentist.

  4. That’s a good news Lana I really like the idea, it’s time and Enjoy your date just don’t mind the other person past is past you already have your closure.It’ means your single ready to mingle, time to take and look up for the future. Be happy for once that kind of love that never took you granted and very compatible with you so on with the compromise, trust and faithful.My prayers for both of you.

  5. I hope their edit for comments when you make mistake I forgot the (for) DLA thrill to see more changes your website and improve more…

  6. I agree with Mirna and Joset, he’s just trying to mess with your heart and mind. Please ignore him totally. Delete him from your contacts and block him. Otherwise be will continue to try to manipulate and control you. Relax and completely enjoy the date with Mr Dentist.

  7. If it were me, I would have a page for each author, and then categorize each author’s books. That makes sense to me because that’s how I file all of my own books: by author first, then by series and, if the books are stand-alones, by title. For me, it would be much easier to see if I had all of your books, for instance, if all of your books were on the same page.

    As for Mr. Lana Angel, ignore him. You are no longer together, so what he does or does not do isn’t important. You and your happiness are what’s important.

  8. This is the first time you have mentioned going on a date.

    Maybe something similar is happening to him and it’s making him nostalgic.

    He hasn’t offered to make the changes he needs to make.

  9. You all decided it was over. I’m sure there may be times when you’ll both have moments to look back on but it shouldn’t interfere with your upcoming date. If he didn’t realiZe how good he had it when you were around that’s his own fault.
    Enjoy Hot Dentist!

  10. I like the ideas for the store. I wish the account page was easier to look at which books we have ordered without clicking on each order.
    For people who love what they are doing for a living , which you all seem to do , stopping would be like stopping breathing. It is a part of your very being, your creative outlet. Mr L.A. was happy telling you what to do, not what was best for you. He tried to smother that part and then got mad when that didn’t happen. You tried and were miserable. You deserve someone who will love you for who you are, warts and nutty friends and all.
    I leave you with two quotes
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.
    Bill Keane

    A room without books is like a body without a soul.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Live in today.

  11. That’s it?
    Just a picture ?
    No I’m Sorry?
    No I miss us?
    No I’m sorry I was such an Ass?
    No I never should have treated you like Shit?
    And how convenient it’s right before your date🤔

    Anyway… your ideas for the store sound great! I couldn’t always sign in when I purchased a book so My Account only show 2 books purchased. I would like to see All my purchases so I’m not buying books twice. You gals have so many new releases and great deals, it’s hard to resist!😊

  12. I think Mr. Lana Angel is trying to get you back because he is jealous that you are moving on. I believe he is now thinking he should have not been jealous of your relationship with Alexis and the other Naughty Angels. Keep going out with other men. Your heart will tell you if Mr Lana Angel is your true love.

  13. Hope you enjoy your date and all goes well! As to why he sent you that picture he might be watching the blog and must know you are moving on and doing well. He might be trying to guilt you in a way because you are moving on and because he might have secretly through you might come back to him but nothing has changed and he hasn’t changed. Those might have been the good times but that is the past and no longer what your relationship is and what it became in the end I say go on your date and enjoy it because there was a chance for him to change and he still wanted things to stay the same and keep you from your dream.

  14. Sounds like Mr. Lana Angel is having 2nd thoughts. He had his chance and blew it. Go on your date with Dentist and remember, you are a good person that deserves to be happy. I always say, “would have, should have, could have, doesn’t change a thing,so move on and make the best of it.” Do not look back, only forward to your bright future.

  15. Lana, I love the idea of having separate pages for the different genres, standalone, series and possibly pages by author with release dates. I do still like having the new releases on a page so we will be able to find them easier because I try to get all of them :).

    As for Mr. Lana, he’s waking up to what he tossed away and has lost. He seems to love these remember when games and if he wasn’t being such an ass he would realize how much confusion and hurt he is causing you. I wouldn’t doubt that he has heard, or even seen you, out with other guys and he expected you to be sitting at home eating your heart out. If you choose to open that door again, please know that all of the Angels will be with you and I hope things work out for what is best for you.

  16. Please don’t fall for the Mr’s stuff! Go enjoy your date…enjoy life. This is from somebody who was there…to many times! Finally I got smart and moved on. Don’t wait just go for it.

  17. Misery LOVES Company…
    My Guess, The Almost Ex-Mr. is Very Miserable, & He wants YOU to be too! Don’t fall for that Trap of CR@P…
    File 69 the Loser straight into the TrashCan! That means Blocking ALL Avenues he can GET TO YOU! If he NEEDS to Communicate, he can send a Comunicay through your Lawyers…
    Also, if you haven’t done it yet, a Legal Separation~ it’s a safe bet to Protect yourself, your assets, & your Credit while in divorce limbo (at least in most states). Not all people know about this step, or how it works. It’s like an insiders secret… Li’l known & Li’l used, but it can protect you from many things during that separation, like being labeled a cheater, abandonment, & such! Look into it, as it protects you from whatever he’s wracking up in debt in the interim too!

  18. MLA is just jealous! Playing control games as per usual. Forget him and move on and enjoy your date with Hot Dentist.

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