Girls Vs. Love Reading Order

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The Girls Vs. Love Reading Order

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A lot of people have asked for the reading order on Girls Vs. Love romance series found on the Naughty Angel Store. We’re here to demystify the whole series for you!

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The Girls Vs. Love series was conceived of by Alexis Angel. The whole purpose of the series was to collaborate with other authors and write about a group of single young women in New York City who are looking for love. These women are sexy. They’re sassy. They flirt. They fall in love. They have adventures. They rely on their friends and together they help each other out as they look for love and sleep with men in the city that never sleeps. 

The books were supposed to be funny short reads. Filled with steam the stories are supposed to make us feel young again. When we didn’t have that many responsibilities and our biggest goal was to what kind of shoes to wear. What dress to wear to the party tonight. The girls aren’t billionaires. They’re not captains of industry. They didn’t claw their way to a corner office. 

They’re simply…young women. Thrust into situations with romance novel heroes. Billionaires. Bosses. Bikers. Cowboys. Professors. Princes. You name it. All told with a fun, flirty twist that gives us a chance to chuckle as well as get hot. 

That said…the reading order. 

So, actually, the books can be started in any order. But to get a really good idea of how the friendships evolve, this is the reading order that we recommend. 

#1 Alicia vs. Billionaire: Alicia is a young woman in New York City who meets a handsome stranger on a train. She gives into a moment of lust and indulges in some hijinks on the crowded subway train thinking hay, she’s never going to meet this guy again right? Wrong. He ends up being a billionaire who comes to her office where she’s a junior investment banker with piles of money he needs managing. The rest? Its a financial mystery that gets solved as well as a love story! Alicia was in the same sorority at USC and later was roommates with Ashley. 

#2 Ashley Vs. Boss: Following up on Ashley – the friend from Alicia Vs. Billionaire – this story follows Ashley as she navigates the life of working at a magazine that gets bought by a billionaire. He recognizes his attraction to her and the story that follows is a funny take on workplace romance. After Alicia moved out, Christine moved in with Ashley. 


#3: Christine vs. Professor: Christine is the friend that commiserates with Ashley during Book 2. But she gets her moment in the sun when she meets and falls for her professor. But she’s rather clumsy. So she confides in Alicia and Natalie! Natalie lived down the fall from Alicia, Ashley and Christine. 

#4: Natalie is a friend to the group and she’s up next with her Prince in Natalie Vs. Prince. After the prince literally blows her out of the water, she moves out of the apartment and in moves Carla. 

#5: Carla is friends with the girls and she gets her story in Carla vs. Cowboy. Carla grew up with Lisa in Long Island. Also Carla asked her friend Gisele to move in and become roommates. 

#6: Lisa has seen and done it all. But she gets a surprise man that she realizes is amazing in Lisa vs. Outlaw. She gets kidnapped and realizes she wants to stay there. Another fact about Lisa. She has a friend, Fiona, with whom she was a sorority sister. They met each other in college and stayed in touch when Fiona moved to New York City. 

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#7: Also introduced and up next is Becca in Becca vs. Biker. Becca and Lisa grew up together in Long Island and she’s friends with Carla as well before becoming friends with the other girls. Now Becca also has a college roommate in NYC – Kim.

#8: Kim vs. Stepbrother follows the love story of Kim and you guessed it…her stepbrother. It all starts when she goes home back to Long Island for the weekend. 

#9: Fiona vs. Football Player takes place next. Fiona is looking for love and she finds it when she goes to a football game with her good friend, Brittney. 

#10: Reaching back to the other girls, Gisele vs. Guitar hero explores Gisele’s paths at finding love with a rock god. She shares these experiences with Ashley, her sister’s best friend who moved to New York, Daphne, and Brittney. 

#11: Brittney vs. Banker explores the relationship of Brittney and Kaden and how he rescued her after a night out with Sarah, Stacy, and Alicia. And then the love that transpired. 

#12: Stacy vs. SEAL explores Stacy finding the love of her life as she walks to work and finds a protector. She shares her experiences with Daphne and Vivian and they help her through the process.

#13: Lucky number thirteen is Daphne vs. Daddy who finds love in the unlikeliest of places…Bemelman’s Bar in New York City. With? Her Daddy lol. She travels through this story with Sarah and Carla and Alicia. 

#14: Up next is Sarah vs. Stepfather. This is the first time that the girl in a Girls vs. Love book is not struggling. Sarah is actually quite well off. And her stepfather, who was married to her mother for six months comes back into her life. Also highlighted in this book is Sienna who runs a sex toy company. 

#15: Vivian vs. The Virgin Buyer. Vivian is broke. Out one night with Ashley and Alicia she runs into Victor. This is dark romance with an Alexis twist to it – which means tongue in cheek and laugh out loud funny. 

#16: Next up…Sienna vs. Stripper. Sienna is actually quite successful as a owner of a small sex toy company. She has a viral post that attracts the attention of the love of her life. 

There’s more coming in the Girls Vs. Love series but this should give a reading order for sure. The series is listed below too!


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