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Reverse Harem Saturday on Angel Access

Books that are out on AngelAccess today:

Plaything at the Royal Wedding, Men of the House, Show & Sell, Goldicox, Sevensome, and His Slut.

That’s a lot of dudes! And guess what? It’s Saturday.

So yesterday I’m in IT Guy’s car without any panties and he has leather seats and he’s touching my thighs and I’m like oooh and I’m telling him I’m getting sticky and that his leather seats are going to pool. But we had a great Friday. Today it’s gonna be 88 degrees and I’m thinking its time to wear as few clothes as possible because its gonna start getting hot!

I got quite a few comments yesterday from you guys who are still in the 50s or in rain or snow or inclement weather so I’m sorry! Although people in Cali, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. People getting the warm weather, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it too.

Today is all about fixing up the apartment and cleaning up the store. We have put out 24 books in AngelAccess and that means one or two more days and we’re all set and caught up! And then boy do we have a plan for everyone. in AngelAccess. Some old friends coming back. Some new friends joining us. Does that sound cryptic? Haha good because its supposed to.

Anyways, today is a short blog post Angels because I got locked out of DLA and its not taking my password and I keep trying to reset it but its not working so I gotta go fix that with Lana and Paige.

Have a fantastic Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Reverse Harem Saturday on Angel Access

  1. All y’all are sure having a large dose of Murphy’s Law.

  2. 🙂 Now I have my copy of Royal Wedding, thanks.

    Hope y’all are having a great weekend too.

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