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Professor Story – Part THREE

Ok so to all of you who were like wow you attract the strangest guys I have two words for you!
Anyways, I guess this is dating for the modern life, huh? I read this article the other day that American younger adults were having less sex than ever. Like less sex than their parents or grandparents at their age before them. In fact like 60% of ppl graduating high school still hadn’t had sex. So for the first time ever more people hadn’t had sex than had sex when turning 18.

Anyways, to the people who were like oh I hope you tried something new all I have to say is that like Professor says again to me, “I want to lick your feet,” and in my head some reason he sounds like Dracula. Like I give him a Russian accent and he’s saying in my head…”I vaant to leeeck your feet” and I’m like giggling.

He’s like “is that a yes?” and I’m like okay what the hell so I nod yes, and I’m like okay someone is literally gonna suck my feet.
So he tells me to sit down and I sit down and lean back on my sofa and the dude gets on his knees in front of me and takes off my heels. He starts sniffing my feet and I’m like oh boy I’m not kissing you after this.
He sticks his tongue out and licks my big toe and….I giggle.

Seriously it tickles. He keeps licking and now he’s licking the base of my foot and there’s something at this point that I should tell you.
I am seriously very very very very VERY ticklish.
He’s holding on leg and putting my foot to his mouth and licking it and I’m trying to hold it in but I can’t.
I laugh.
And jerk and twich.
And my other foot spasms.
And shoots up. Like you know, when you’re ticklish? You have spasming movements?
My foot shoots up.
And it…uhmm
Hits him in the face.
Like on the nose.
But it just goes up there I didn’t have any control.
“OW!” he goes and he falls back and he’s gripping his nose. I mean I had heels on that leg still and I’m like omg! Oh no!
I jump out of my chair and go to him and he’s gripping his nose and I’m apologizing and he just looks at me.
“If you didn’t like it you could have just said something!” he yells and I’m like NOOO! I didn’t hit you on purpose. It was weird but I would never hit you!
He’s like bouncing up and down in pain and he grabs his coat and runs out of my apartment.
And that was it.
But this isn’t the last part of the story. Because I didn’t hear from him on Saturday but I did on Sunday but that was an odd situation by itself too. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!

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15 thoughts on “Professor Story – Part THREE

  1. I’m glad you went for the toe suck… But you should have warned the dude you were super ticklish… LOL… Only you Alexis

    1. I know! I didn’t realize at first because it was so strange that I sort of forgot I was ticklish until you know, toe in mouth and all

  2. Always be up front we someone with foot fetish that your severely ticklish…. ????

  3. Oh my heavens! You have simply GOT to write that scene into a book. Maybe create a heroine with a series of outstandingly bad dates. You would hit the top of everybody’s rom-com ratings.

    And he called you back? …the beat goes on!

  4. Wow! You had me laughing out loud- my husband was like what’s so funny? So I read it to him- now we’re both laughing… Shhh my son is wow nosy and if we don’t reign it in then he’ll want to know too- not appropriate for a 14 yr old?

  5. Love Cat’s idea.


  7. OMG. I’m at the gate waiting for my flight back home and I can’t stop laughing. People are giving me strange looks and I just continue to laugh.

    Can’t wait to read part IV

  8. Thanks for the laugh this made my day. I agree with Cat.

  9. Lololol !!!

    You stole an episode from I Love Lucy.


    Lucy and Ricky.

  10. Goodness, I sure wish this blog had likes and emojis! I’m laughing so hard and loving the comments even more! LOL!

  11. ?????????????

  12. Oh my gosh, my 89 year old dad was sitting beside me playing his game when I busted out laughing and did I come up with a quick story. I told him a friend was telling me about her boyfriend tickling her feet and she jerked and kicked him in the nose…..LOL. He just kinda laughed and said that’ll teach him. Oh my gosh, this is what I have missed so much with the NL, you get us to a certain point and then tease us because you know I now have a picture burned in my brain where Professor is jumping up and down and runs out of the apartment holding his nose. Love having ya’ll back in circulation 🙂 <3

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